homage to walking

One of the simple things in life that I am truly grateful for is walking.   I walk anywhere from one to three hours every day.  Walking keeps me sane.  Walking keeps me healthy.  Walking allows solutions and inspirations to find me.


I am fortunate that I live in a beautiful city where pretty much every day I see water and mountains surrounding me.


Other walkers out there know what I mean – walking is my therapy, my meditation, my contemplation, my exercise, my connection to the earth and land.  Whenever I get too much ‘in my head’ – which is pretty much all the time – walking restores me to balance.


Walking is my gratitude.

cherry blossoms

2 thoughts on “homage to walking

  1. This mobile interface I have is the pits… Was saying I find peace and centering on my walks and treks in nature…. It is when ideas spring forth and my energy is at the best


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