how may i serve?

Ever since I saw the DVD The Secret years ago, the ‘Law of Attraction’ has left a somewhat bad taste in my mouth.  What I most remember is the film’s emphasis on manifesting material objects.  There may have been more to it, but I don’t recall attracting for the collective good being a significant feature.

I get that this video was a great tool to speak to the masses about the power of mind and visualization.   But the concept of manifesting in a bubble doesn’t sit right with me.

When I reflect on my personal goals, I can’t help but contemplate their impact on humanity at large.  While I appreciate having beautiful things, the thought of focusing my energy solely on the manifestation of material ‘stuff’ makes me feel a little dead on the inside.


The other day I was walking to work and I realized (not for the first time) that pretty much everything in my life is a judgment.  Being on the spiritual path for many years, this is very humbling for me to acknowledge.  My ego seems to always be at work, sizing up the people and situations I come into contact with.

While discernment is a very good thing, and in order to function in this world we need to assess and make sense of the reality around us, when the ego is involved, it can be a very fine line.

I’ve had a few isolated experiences in my life where I have been in an authentic state of non-judgment.  And I know that 99.9 percent of the time, I am not in that state.

On my walk, I thought…what would it be like to go through a day where I didn’t judge anything?  I immediately felt something loosen up inside me; there was freedom and peace.

Now that is an ultimate goal: non-judgment.  And in that moment I understood that the Law of Attraction, for me, is about accessing and cultivating states of being. Love.  Compassion.  Consciousness.  Integrity.  Patience.  Awareness.  Softness.  Discernment.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post.  Only that I’m now at a point where I’m very open to conscious creation.  And I want to find the balance in having my personal needs and desires met, and being of service to humanity.

This conjures up all kinds of questions surrounding worthiness and abundance, the individual within the collective, and sacrifice vs. service.

India, Feb. 2010. My friend Judy took this pic.

India, Feb. 2010. My friend Judy took this pic.

So what does ‘service’ mean, exactly?

I’ve always had the notion that it’s those tangible, physical, altruistic acts that people can see.  Attending protests and getting vocal.  Volunteering weekly at a community organization.  Going overseas to developing countries and building schools.  And while these acts are necessary and very noble, is it the service most appropriate for me in this lifetime?

I’ve been quite hard on myself for not physically ‘doing’ enough to improve the world.  But I can’t say that humanity at large – the bigger picture – isn’t often at the forefront of my thoughts.

Do prayer, yoga, and seeking to grow in awareness and consciousness, constitute service to humanity?

Is attempting to go through one day without judging, service?  Is smiling at a passerby when I don’t feel like it ‘enough’?

I want to travel and write and further my yoga practice and delve much deeper into my spirituality, stripping away all that is not love in my physical being. This is my lifelong work and dream, my personal dharma.

I am not against material wealth.  But my Law of Attraction is about magnetizing the most love and awareness I can in each moment, and bringing that to every interaction.  Only then will I fully enjoy any worldly success that may spring from that.

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  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!


  2. It’s been said, a rising tide lifts all ships. By you lifting your vibration, working on love and compassion and non-judgment, you’ll set an example for others. And you’ll lift them up too. As for the judgmental part…I think that is about the toughest piece to conquer. It’s been on my mind a lot lately because I see how naturally it comes to us. I don’t want to judge others or myself….I just want to take it all in.


    • i like that…a rising tide lifts all ships. the judgment can be so hard because the way i want to feel is not matching with the thoughts in my head, which seem to come so automatically! but the more i notice them, the more i see them as ‘judgmental thoughts’, as opposed to ‘i am judgmental’. so there is less of a charge, slowly but surely.
      i enjoyed reading your posts and have put brene brown’s book on hold at my library. i’m looking forward to the read! thank you for your comment. aleya


  3. Wonderful post – I so struggle with ‘serving myself’ – for years, I ran around serving others, to the detriment of my own health and well-being – your post gave me the nudge to visit this portion of myself again – – Thanks!


    • thank you! for me it’s about the ‘should’ing’ again…service must start from a genuine motivation within, in the heart…if it’s externally motivated (‘should’) it’s not really our truth, and then we become burnt out/resentful/whatever.

      since i wrote this post i have felt the desire to be of more service to the people in my own life, through deeper connection and letting them know they’re loved and appreciated and noticed. instead of just assuming they already know this about me. i want them to hear it…it’s so important.


      • I hear ya! I just passed through the lesson of better learning how to serve others in the manner they desire – tough one! There’s a book called, “Love Languages” it describes that we each experience love in a different way – some feel loved when receiving gifts or token – some feel it through acts of service, or spoken appreciation –
        My love language is acts of service and support – silly me, I finally found out that a close family member didn’t give a rap that I was willing to cook, clean, garden, but did care that I was no longer ‘hugging’ as much – (Physical touch is a love language)
        Very enlightening book – you might enjoy it.


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  5. thanks for following my blog, I love this post. Many people seem too distracted by the material aspects of the law of attraction, however in my experience when you focus on love and trust in your higher power (whatever that may be) all else falls into place…and if it doesn’t, that’s because there is a vital lesson or blockage of your manifestations that hasn’t been attended to yet.
    Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of the planet, we are organisms of Earth so taking care of yourself IS taking care of the planet. Namaste


    • thank you for your thoughtful comment. yes our planet and humanity needs all our love in these times, and when atrocities happen it’s easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed or blame. all we really have control over is the amount of love (or ego) we’re projecting into the world. that is the ultimate service and it takes constant awareness. thanks again. namaste.


  6. 🙂 I’va had a similar experience of the Secret and never understood what’s the fuss all about… Law of attraction so banalized… I mean it’s not like it doesnt exist but it’s waaay more complex than that! Just keep up the hard work 🙂 Happy to connect! xox


  7. Great post thanks. I’ve been feeling similar for a long while that I wish I could do more, be more, for every little action and word counts. Like you I cam be judgemental but wish I wasn’t. The next step is for me to try to accept my tendency to judge 🙂


    • thank you for sharing…i often find myself judging myself for my judgments and i have to remind myself that, as much as it feels like it’s ‘me’, it’s not. ego, judgment, etc. can be so familiar that becomes a habitual response. identifying with it only strengthens it.
      i want to switch my default to love and am learning that this doesn’t happen overnight…


  8. This is what service to humanity is all about to me. We can never know the true impact of a smile or how we treat another. Every person that acts with loving-kindess in the world brings us a step closer to peace and bliss. Namaste


    • i so agree. a smile is so powerful. i know that receiving a smile always uplifts my spirits immediately. like it bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart. thank you for your comment…namaste.


  9. I love the reminder that ‘service’ to humanity isn’t necessarily about ‘doing’ but also about ‘being’. Being more honest, compassionate, loving, aware etc.


  10. Well this post addresses something that I questioned to self a few days ago. I was gifted with the book “The Secret” this new year, by an elevated soul I had met last year end. She said, this book would help me discover my higher self. I believe her coz, some times we have to see our needs through others’ eyes and observation, especially when that other is spiritual and senior to you in that terms. So I went on reading this book, I had already seen the video a couple of years ago which had been saved in my computer drive by my one friend. This time, since it was from a person I relate to, so I had to take it seriously. As I was going through the law of attraction and its working mentioned in the book, I felt as if achieving through this law would probably interfere with the God’s plan about my life. I believe that the bigger life meant for me is much more than achieving the material things by practising some law. Another problem is, your wanting of something could come to you at cost of something which is more relevant to you in long-term. I am not sure if I could express my feelings thru words…

    I very much relate to you on judgement. I also, even while visiting the holiest of places tend to judge about the people there, the practices, the place and don’t know what. My mentor (the same who gifted me this book) has instructed me not to do that. But, its so inherent in my nature that I can’t help. yes, I have seen achieving a better state of mind through meditation. It’s too early to reach any conclusions. Or may be it’s not even necessary to reach at the conclusion. It’s a journey where one’s personal experiences take one forward….soul becomes the guiding light and the fellow passengers like you and me become the inspiration 🙂

    Again, it’s so very difficult to detail the feelings… may be that’s why many of my posts are just in form of the deeply felt truth that I quote in few lines in my blog.

    Best Wishes and God Bless to you..!!


    • thank you for your very insightful and thoughtful comment…i think you express yourself very well. 🙂 it’s interesting, because i too was told about the secret from someone i also consider quite senior and well-travelled on the spiritual path. i do think there are some good points in the movie, but if we only use them for material things, it keeps us stuck in the world of stuff…consuming…

      i love your point about the short-term gain coming at the cost of something more relevant long-term. and i do think the most relevant thing of all is love…which ultimately is the divine plan, isn’t it? 🙂

      i think judgment is the human condition…it’s the nature of being in the material world. i find it’s so much easier to be honest with myself about it, rather than try to fight it. because i can see it as not inherently ‘me’, but conditioning. meditation does help with this. but i admit that i’m not very disciplined with meditation. 😦

      thank you again, delighted soul traveller. best wishes on your journey. namaste.


      • Dear Alohelya

        It’s very nice to see your clarity in thoughts. And many thanks for the detailed comment.

        Well, yes you’re right that love is the ultimate reality.And I very much feel that unconditional/ true love is nothing but a preparation to meet with God.

        I thank you for your interest in my thoughts and blog.

        Hope, we keep walking on the path of love and truth and keep on sharing our experiences.

        Love & Regards


  11. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I also think that material is more of a possible bi-product to manifestation. Manifesting something like love can be very powerful and lead us on an amazing journey in this life!


  12. Aleya, I love your blog. Because i relate; you write about my feelings, my states of being, my questions. Thank you for this one which has me once again pondering about me needs for service and what that may look like.


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