italy won’t go away

I was all set to work on my resume tonight.  Last week I found a job posting within a local organization I’ve always admired, and my plan was to devote a good chunk of time to writing a brilliant cover letter that would be sure to land me an interview.

But instead I am blogging.

An innocent lunch with a dear friend has thwarted my well-intentioned plans.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about my little obsession with Italy.  I’d been taking an Italian language class at the time, and dreaming of European travels.  The idea of an overseas adventure felt amazing; a vision I could really make happen.

yup, it's italian day

yup, it’s italian day

But in the weeks following, the enthusiasm slowly dissipated.  I began to question my dream: is it really wise to travel when I don’t have the finances to do so?  Shouldn’t I just try to make things work in my city by finding a more meaningful job and fun things to do?  Am I just looking to escape some inner discomfort and boredom?

And to be honest, the unexpected happened.  I’ve started to see my city with new eyes.  I feel myself appreciating its beauty even more.  I’ve become hopeful and excited about work opportunities and forging new personal and professional connections.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve felt at peace with the idea of maintaining my roots here.  Just this past week, I’ve found a new place to live, something I was stressing about.  All this has left me feeling pretty optimistic.

Europe’s distance, geographically and otherwise, seemed fine with me.

Until I met W. for lunch.

W. informed me that she is travelling to Europe at the end of the summer, around the time I finish up my job.  Not only that, she’s going to Italy.  Not only that, she wants to be there with a friend.  Not only that, a spiritually-minded friend (who also likes to party once in a while).

All of a sudden, Italy was back.  Closer than ever.

I had chills the entire time, and so did W.  (And we both knew what that means.)

During our conversation, I remembered Abraham-Hicks’s concept of ‘the grid’, which is basically the art of coming into alignment with the essence of that which we desire.  That is, focusing more on the feeling of having/living our desire(s), rather than the details of how to acquire it.

When we overly focus on the details, things can feel forced and stressful, creating inner resistance.  It’s then challenging to find the flow in life, and we feel stuck. At that point we can choose to let it go, allowing Source/Spirit to bring it back to us when we’re more aligned (relaxed).

The desire doesn’t disappear.  It circulates.  Perhaps my dream of Italy was merely put on hold, to allow details of the grid – which I see as a ‘framework’ or ‘blueprint’ – to fill in. (In this case, through my friend W.).

I left our lunch walking a little taller, a spring in my step (though that could’ve been the green juice I’d just consumed).  But I had the thought:  if I am meant to go to Europe, why are aspects of staying in my city coming together so easily?

Maybe I need to first be at peace with where I am now, before anything else can happen.  And maybe there is no ‘meant to’ anyway.  We are masters of creation.  What we put our attention on, what we are aligned with, will come to fruition.  It’s not that one choice is more ‘right’ than the other; they are just different, and will lead to different experiences.  At this crossroads, I choose which path to travel.

So which choice feels better to me?  Which feels more exciting, more intriguing, puts a smile on my face, feels a little like magic?

It’s decision time.

Which means it’s time to be still, to breathe, to meditate, to be excited, to feel that excitement in my heart, and trust that whatever transpires will be physically aligned with that.  From that place, I win.


You know the really funny thing?  My next stop after lunch was meeting my folks in town for the city’s annual ‘Italian Days’ celebration.

Spirit has such a great sense of humour.

I am listening.

33 thoughts on “italy won’t go away

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  2. So very exciting Aleya. I can see you in Italy, and since really there is no time, you are already there. I see a handsome young man holding your hand as you walk down a narrow cobblestone street with bright yellow houses lining the way. Best learn some Italian so you can communicate with him, although he may know a little English.

    I adore Abraham-Hicks, in the Hay House World Summit interview she made something about manifesting more clear to me. As all our divine dreams are just lines up in the vortex (as you know, she calls it) we just have to match the frequency to open the gate.

    But like you said, does it even take manifesting what already is. (you didn’t exactly say that. lol)

    May all our Divine Desires be manifest in miraculous ways Now!!!

    Peace & Love


    • oh sindy, i love your visions, keep them coming!! 🙂 funny you should mention learning italian, i took a beginner’s course a couple months ago, and the next one starts soon. yes our dreams are already here and we just have to ALLOW…that’s often the hardest part…just allowing what we’ve already asked for to come into our physical reality, not forcing, not (over) doing. just relaxing into it. for me it’s a process of figuring out how to get ahead, so to speak, of old thoughts and patterns. how to catch them faster and faster, finding a way to neutralize or replace them or, in most cases, to just relax and not go there. challenging, fun, and necessary! thank you and xo aleya


    • funny you should mention that…because for a while i was going back and forth, back and forth, and i finally decided – i want to do it all! (i think i even said it out loud.) that’s when i re-fell in love with my city. and then europe came up so unexpectedly!
      and i am so glad you gave me your contact – thank you! – because i’ve been thinking about you as i know you are based in europe – and i have family there so when i come (yes, i’m coming) it’ll be for a couple of months (maybe more) and i thought it’d be so cool to meet up. yay! xo aleya


  3. Yay! Love this – as someone else commented you let go of the idea and that allowed it to come – brilliant! I’ve been mulling over a trip to Thailand in January as my friend is going..I’d just had a conversation with her saying I’d like to go and went into my kitchen where there was an upside down bowl on the drainer. I never normally use it but I had and then washed it up. The gold sticker on the bottom facing me said ‘Thailand’. Love those little synchronicities 🙂 Maybe we can manifest Abraham in Italy and attend the same event 🙂


    • awesome i love that synchronicity story! yup, it’s the fine art of knowing our desire and focusing on it, yet stepping back so that it can come through, unimpeded by any forms of resistance. i couldn’t ignore this conversation with my friend, esp since it happened days before i was to sign a lease!

      i am all for seeing abe in italy – can you imagine!? let’s plant that seed. and keep me posted on thailand! 🙂 aleya


  4. Ahhhh, ITALY here you come!! I’m excited for you. You just had to reach that stage of allowing. Abraham always says we get stuck in step 1, where we know what we want and what we don’t want, but we struggle to get to the ALLOWING stage. It’s relearning control… there is no control in action, only in thought and emotion, which generates the action. It’s been a hard lesson for me, which I’m still, as a novice, practicing the art of creating on purpose and not letting my mind and emotions take the wheel from my soul’s goals.

    Favorite line of the whole post, “there is no meant to be” I LOOOVE that! What’s meant to be is your own expansion in whatever way is most delicious to you… and being that I used the word delicious, Italy is most definitely the answer 😉

    I’m SO excited for you, Italy has a special place in my heart also. I will say, learn the hand gestures… the Italian language is equal parts hand gestures and words, which I’m sure you know. In college we had to do a presentation on business in Italy and there were two major things to learn if you were going there for business. 1) dress really sharp and 2) familiarize yourself with this massive chart of hand gestures, as Italians sort of have their own sign language, which fascinated me. There are a lot of funny ones too. Before I learned this I thought they just talked with their hands a lot, but it actually means something!

    Anyway, joy, joy, joy for your journey!

    As always, Namaste and lots of love,


    • hahaha i thought you might like this one! :)) yes ALLOWING allowing allowing is definitely the most challenging part of the process…getting out of my own way. there’s that urge to do and think and – ugh – worry about how it’s all going to happen. no. for now i have to chill and trust that it’s been brought into my experience and i don’t need to push. i just have to be open and allow the rest of the grid to fill in. and that means calm instead of thinking of the million things that have to happen in the next little while. 😉

      i actually had no idea there was a whole system of hand gestures in italy – that they have specific meanings. good to know! dressing sharp might take some effort though, lol. i come from the west coast where most people (women) walk around in their lululemons all day!!

      i’m going to plant the seed that i get to see abraham live this summer. i just think that would be so, so cool.

      thanks for your love and encouragement; it’s so fun watching our journeys unfold. xo aleya


      • OH, allowing is for sure the most difficult part to learn after a lifetime of action, action, action. And not worrying, also a challenge! But we have accepted that challenge!

        I may plant the see to see Abraham as well, and I’ve already planted the seed of going to Maui to see Wayne Dyer next…January I think it is. Since discovering Abraham, my entire Pinterest has become one giant manifestation station and I’ve been organizing everything I love and want on there. It’s easier to keep track of too lol.

        So, Abraham and Wayne Dyer in Maui, hope to see you along the way!


        P.S. Google Italian hand gestures, I think you'll find it interesting and fun!


  5. I adore this post. A much needed set of words to align myself with my dream, my path. My grid has been totally crooked lately, with hazy cobwebs even! I have been forcing things to happen. And have surrendered that now is not the time for it to be real.

    Until probably the Spirit of the Universe plays funny tricks on me. I’ll let you know. Namaste! =)


      • I will. =)
        Sometimes I think things get in the way, and it’s not really a bad thing. Speed bumps. And that’s just it. I’ve been rushing things to unfold. Doesn’t work that way.

        I should write this. Lol!


  6. Wow, I love this post. I have had my own murmurings of travel/adventure and had a similar path as you – enthusiasm dissipates, “realities” crop up that I don’t know how to get around, etc. Thank you for this reminder to be at peace and allow the universe to deliver wonderful coincidences.


    • the universe never gives up on us! it will keep showing us what we desire. my enthusiasm in the past has been hard to maintain and that’s why i’m so focused on keeping my thoughts in a positive place these days, even though it can be challenging at times. my mind needs new tapes to play, to override all the outworn voices. everyone’s life circumstances are different but for me personally, there’s nothing to more to wait for before i can take a leap. there is no more ‘work’ to do. thank you for your comment, aleya


  7. I like the definition of the “grind”…needed that reminder. I’m excited for you and look forward to reading about your decision.


    • thank you! my friend has given me 8 days to decide…hah. don’t know where she got that number from, but it feels right. i’m pretty sure i know what my decision will be. 😉 thank you for your support.


  8. Thanks so very much for sharing from your deep and lovely heart. You are such a sweet person and I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Good luck with the decisions you are making. And I’m going to check out Abraham-Hicks on You Tube.


    • i’m so glad you enjoyed it. yes do check out abraham-hicks and see if it resonates. i’ve found it so helpful in keeping me in a positive state – or at least a neutral state. thank you!


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