travelling to new places

It seems these days that the universe is presenting me with numerous opportunities to break out of my usual routine and comfort zone.  And as uncomfortable as it can be, I know that I’ve asked for it. So I’m going with it.

First, I booked my flight to Europe.  I’m still in mild shock that I made, and acted upon, the decision so quickly.  If you’d told me a week ago that I’d be planning a trip to Italy instead of applying for a great job and signing my apartment lease, I wouldn’t have believed you. (Okay, I might have believed you, but it would be with big surprise.)

My plans changed fast, but my intuition was telling me not to over-think things. I’m sure the longer I would have waited, the more reasons I’d find to talk myself out of it.

me and my co-host, who doesn't mind being on my blog

me and my co-host, who doesn’t mind being on my blog

Also, a few nights ago I really stepped out of my comfort zone in co-hosting my work’s annual Arts Gala.  This was an entirely new thing for me; my previous public speaking was limited to class presentations in university.  When I was approached in April to host this event, I immediately knew that, despite my ‘shyness’ and lack of experience, I had to say Yes.

I’m becoming more aware that if I want real growth in my life – and by ‘growth’ I mean allowing more opportunities for joy – I need to try those things that I would normally avoid doing.  I’m also learning that stretching out of my comfort zone doesn’t mean pushing myself unnecessarily hard, or having to ‘prove’ something to anyone (myself included).

It’s about breaking out of my own limiting self-perceptions, as an act of self-love.  It is allowing the possibility of more personal expansion.  And it is experiencing the amazing feeling of seeing myself in a new light.

And the gig was fun!  I was nervous going into it, but instead of over-identifying with that, I tried to channel as much of it as possible into the energy of excitement.  And though there were a few hiccups – aren’t there always? – overall it was an awesome experience, and one that I know will positively impact other aspects of my life.

Another thing I realized from this experience is that when people tell you they see something positive in you – something you don’t see – believe them.  I would not have pictured myself as an event emcee if my colleagues hadn’t asked me to do it.  It’s because I trusted their positive viewpoint that I was able to take that leap.  We all have blind spots and sometimes – often actually – we need others to show us what we can’t see in ourselves.


So, life has been a bit of a whirlwind and now that I’m not stressing about speaking in front of a large group of people, I can more fully concentrate on what’s ahead.  The trip is booked, and the details will reveal themselves as I continue to fine-tune the balance of planning and surrender – which will be especially necessary during my travels.

Mostly, I must be vigilant in not identifying with the feelings and opinions of those who don’t understand my decision.  I don’t have a job lined upon my return.  I don’t yet know how long I’ll be gone for; could be three weeks or three months.  I don’t know where I’ll live when I get back.  (I could go on…)

But so what?  Things will work out.  They always do.  There will always be jobs.  There will always be somewhere to live.  There will always be excuses to not do things.

There is nothing to wait for, and there is no more ‘work’ – internal and external – to be done.  I’m trusting the flow and am in gratitude for the ride.

13 thoughts on “travelling to new places

  1. How wonderful! So many people do not trust the universe so completely as you’re doing at this moment. Enjoy yourself! I have been to Italy and as an artist it was a true mecca for the creative spirit. Lot’s of love to you!


    • thank you, ixtara! it’s exciting and a little scary but mostly exciting :). it’s a big leap but there’s no turning back now. i’m so ready to soak up some art, culture, creativity, and beauty. much love, aleya


  2. I’m SO excited for you and you best be taking lots of pictures my dear! As an artist Italy speaks to me in so many ways (through art, food, wine, and the ways of the people!) and it is one of the most gorgeous places in the world, so, drink it all in, I’m excited for all you will experience and how you will transform in the process! On to Italy!! *high kick*


    • yaay! i start my next italian class in a few weeks. and am about to start reading a book about a woman’s love affair with italian. and totally excited to apply abe’s principles to this next journey. i’m so ready to soak it all up! xo


  3. I’m bursting with excitement for you! So glad you’re sharing this journey, I’m going to be living through you. 🙂
    The internal power you’re about to unleash will be astounding, that will take care of the naysayers, and if they get to you turn to your blog community for support. I bet we outnumber them.
    So proud of your steps.


    • awww thanks so much! i can definitely feel the support and love. i’m glad i’m doing this. i do have moments of freaking out a little…but as soon as i booked the flight, i felt the relief and it became clear that i couldn’t keep doing what i was doing. so…i’m just going with all the momentum and trusting that it’s all unfolding perfectly. and when i’m in doubt, i just need to get out of the way! 😉


  4. yayyyy for you! So excited for you to be travelling over this way 🙂 Italy is soooo beautiful as is all of Europe. And super well done for the presentation. I love what you say about stepping out of your comfort zone – I am trying to do that too – and I love what you say about it being an act of self love and I love what you say about believing what other people say of you (another one that’s been coming up for me a lot at the moment). Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts and feelings and helping me to reflect on mine. And thank you for your kind comments on my blog too 🙂 Sophie x


    • you’re more than welcome, your blog is awesome. thank you for your kind comments too…stretching the comfort zone can be scary but the rewards are so well worth it. sometimes it makes you realize that hm, this isn’t for me after all and others (as in the case of my presentation), it’s an awesome feeling of wow, this is fun and i want to do more of this! so you just never know. as for europe, i didn’t know you were over that way. 🙂 that’s awesome, a lot of amazing bloggers seem to be! i’m excited and it is another step out of the comfort zone. but one i am sure will be very fun. thanks again, aleya


      • Not so sunny England 🙂 England is amazing (if you don’t live here ha ha) but I’d prefer Italy any day.


  5. This is truly fantastic news!! I am thrilled you’re leaping. Leaping to Europe!! It’ll be an awesome experience. Your life is ahead of you. Live to make it happen. Don’t mind the others; they always have something to say, they may never understand. And that’s their loss. Not yours. (I have the urge to curse at them – haha!)
    Channel the thrill you’re feeling. But stay grounded.
    And keep us posted!!
    Bowing to your leaping light. =)


    • awww…big love to you! thank you for your wise words! yes it definitely feels like the right decision and now that i know it’s happening, i’m going to focus all my (relaxed!) energy on it. whatever unfolds will be perfect for that moment. i will keep you posted for sure. it’s still a couple months away but time is flying by faster and faster and i know it’ll be here before you know it. whew!! 🙂


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