musings on blogging

Is anyone else experiencing time flying by at warp speed?  I haven’t blogged in a while, but a niggling internal voice has been reminding me daily…It’s time for your next post!

Actually, I don’t know if ‘niggling’ is the right word.  Blogging has been an awesome addition to my life these past few months. So maybe it’s time to reflect on this wonderful WordPress world, and muse on the questions it’s raised for me.

First: Why does a private person want to share their innermost thoughts so publicly?  I consider myself quite introverted, so it’s interesting that I’m relatively comfortable expressing myself so openly in this forum. Sure, there is some detachment on the web, in that it’s mostly ‘strangers’ reading my words.  But even this is changing as friends and family discover my blog, and strangers become friends. As my worlds merge, I question why I’m not very forthcoming with those supposedly closest to me. Why have I been resistant to them knowing the ‘real’ me?  I guess I can’t hide for much longer!  The word is spreading.

the blog station

the blog station

Inspiration strikes when I’m not near a computer.  And that’s ok. I like to walk.  Everywhere.  And ideas often stream through me during this time.  I’m not one to whip out my iPhone to take notes (it majorly interrupts my flow), so I’ve come to enjoy the feeling of being inspired, and allowing it to imprint upon me…trusting that I can tap into it when needed.  When I stress about losing ideas, it introduces resistance to the whole blogging process. And then it becomes less enjoyable for me.

Blogging makes me accountable.  But not too accountable. There’s something about declaring your hopes and dreams to the entire world that makes them more real.  This is a great motivator, but also requires patience and compassion for myself.  If I change my mind, or don’t follow through with something I write, it’s okay. Things are always in flux and, especially as I refine and tweak my desires, I must allow myself that flexibility.

Redefining blogging etiquette.  For example, how often should I blog?  There are lots of great blogging resources out there, many of which stress the importance of regular, frequent posting.  But I need to develop my own protocol (i.e., one with no rules).  Some weeks, the inspiration flows mightily and I have so many ideas I can barely keep up. Other times – I got nothing.  I know this is pretty common amongst bloggers…but I personally don’t have a stockpile of posts ready to draw on when my writing well runs dry (as the experts recommend)!

But there are dry spells, and there’s procrastination.  Even when I have a great idea in mind, and time to write, I’ll sit on it.  Why?  The possibility – the potential – that something amazing is within me is sometimes more preferable than attempting to articulate it, and not properly capturing its essence.    In other words, it’s the fear of failure – a pattern I see operating in other areas of my life.  Thankfully, this tendency is shifting as I shine more light on it (with some help from Abraham-Hicks, of course).  But it prompts me to ask:

Who am I writing for?  I started this blog as an avenue of self-expression.  I’m happy others have discovered, and found resonance with, my words.  But at times I’m very aware that others are reading.  And I have to remind myself of the primary reason for my writing: to authentically express myself.  Not to write what I think will make me likable, not to gain stats, not to make sure the post is the ‘right’ number of words so as to not deter readers.

this has nothing to do with this post; i'm just obsessed with taking pictures of ducks

this has nothing to do with this post; i’m just obsessed with taking pictures of ducks

I sometimes view blogging as a conversation between me and my higher self (something I read on another blog), which has its own value on my journey of self-discovery and speaking my truth.  As soon as I stray from authenticity – when I slip into ego, when I make it about others and not me – I’m not in integrity and alignment.

And yet – it is undeniable that the interaction with others is what makes blogging so great!  Which brings me to…

Why I am I doing this?  Quite simply, because it feels good. And it’s fun.  After years of over-analyzing/processing/questioning, and generally feeling very stuck, I’m learning that life is about cultivating more fun, joy, and lightness whenever and wherever I can.  And when I focus on all the amazing people I’ve ‘met’ all over the world, and the ideas that have been generated and shared, I see blogging as one creative means for achieving these positive states.


I imagine Earth as a globe with little points of light everywhere, more being lit every second, with like-minded bloggers connecting and networking and charging up the whole planet.

Consciousness is exciting.  Writing is exciting.  Connection is exciting.  Self-expression is exciting!

I’m so glad I took the plunge and wrote that first post (almost) six months ago.

Thank you for reading!

20 thoughts on “musings on blogging

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  2. “The possibility – the potential – that something amazing is within me is sometimes more preferable than attempting to articulate it, and not properly capturing its essence. In other words, it’s the fear of failure” -wow, love this! You have perfectly articulated the fear of failure! I hear ya! And I think for me blogging in a little way has allowed me to challenge this fear.


    • hi, thanks so much for your comment. i feel the same – it’s always a good thing when we can challenge our fears…and with blogging, the rewards have been so worth it as i’ve rediscovered my love for the written word and have put myself ‘out there’ in a way i couldn’t before. it’s all kinda addictive 🙂 but funny how the same fears seem to pop up with every post! i know i’m not alone with that! i enjoy reading your blog and look forward to more. sat nam, aleya


  3. Time is moving at warp speed! I have had guilt over not blogging (besides my Salad a day posts, which are far from daily) and have not had the time or creative flow- time to explore that. And yes taking pictures of ducks is always a good time!


    • i think we can learn a lot from those ducks. they just do their thing, not concerned with time, totally unfazed by the people constantly invading their space and taking pictures of them. hah. i can’t see an end to my busy-ness in the foreseeable future, but i definitely need to carve out some blog time in there. well i am wishing you lots of creative flow, and i look forward to your next post! no pressure though lol. 🙂


  4. absolutely true…now I understand why your “wearing your heart on your blog”..yes procrastination is really an irritant. will write, will write, but when….It happens to all of us alohaleya.


    • yes, it seems to be a universal blogging experience! it’s a balance between making the effort to write, and letting the process be natural (not forced). it’s nice that so many people can relate. and the thing is…the posts always shows up, sooner or later. (and it’s such a relief when it does!) thank you for your comment. aleya


  5. LOL. I agree with your thoughts about blogging. I tell myself all the time to be true to myself, write how I feel, not what I think others will accept, don’t worry if what I say will offend others whose agendas I will never know about, and most of all, have fun with my writing because when it gets to be no fun, the writing stops. I never want to stop writing.


    • i love it! the only thing we have is our authenticity and things are so much simpler, clearer, and yes more FUN if we just stick to that. there’s that judy garland quote – ‘always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else’…and though i do get caught up in all the other ‘stuff’, it’s all the beautiful path to finding one’s own true voice. i never want to stop writing either! thank you for your comment! 🙂 aleya


  6. I love that I find my own experiences echoed in your words – I am questioning why I find it so uncomfortable to share my ideas with friends – much more so than with strangers – its an interesting reflection for me on different identities and how to have the self confidence to say this is me and this is what I believe…the blogging has definitely opened up a new direction of enquiry about myself in the world. I love your image of the lights in the world – I feel that too – global connectivity because of the internet is very very exciting!


    • it’s so interesting, isn’t it? when i first started this blog i barely told anyone i know about it. though i’m a little more open now, i still won’t post it on my facebook for everyone to see. i just can’t go there yet! i figure everyone i know will know about it eventually. then again, i’m just assuming people will want to read it – there’s the ego, lol! maybe friends and family won’t even be interested!

      but it’s true…the point is not whether who finds or reads it, it’s about me coming to peace with that part of me that’s still uncomfortable expressing myself fully in all relationships. ah well – patience and compassion, right? and yes! the internet’s role in global connectivity is so exciting and one reason why it’s such an interesting time to be on this planet!! thank you, aleya


  7. I always look forward to your posting. As I’ve said before, though separate by geography and about forty years, you and I are very much alike, “cut from the same bolt of cloth.” Your “musings” here prompted me to post myself re blogging. And, I’m still working on the subject of judgment which I told you a long time ago I was going to “discourse” about. I think I’m having a hard time because it is so personal to me as I am so locked up in judgment myself, having trouble escaping its clutches even with my “awareness” of its machinations. Thanks very much. I’m glad we are spending a few years together here on this lonely old planet!


    • i’m glad you connected with this (and other) posts. judgment is a difficult subject. i wrote about it previously and it’s something that always comes up. i think that’s the nature of being human. and once you start noticing it – becoming aware of it – you see just what a hold it has on us individually and collectively. ah, but that’s the work, right? better to be aware of it than run on auto-pilot. (though sometimes it feels like ignorance would be bliss.) hah. thank you for your comment…have a wonderful day! aleya


  8. I have often asked myself the same questions you wrote about in this posting. Particularly about etiquette, frequency, content and who is the target of my words. Originally my blog was started for my family because I live in a remote Alaskan cabin, but as you know soon we have others visit our blog. I guess content to me ends up being what I hear that day on the radio or something I see or encounter out in the wilderness that spark’s some emotion within. The target and etiquette thing I do not worry much about because it is after all ‘our’ blog. However frequency does seem to matter… especially when I see daily numbers of visits rising. Maybe those numbers mean that this old man in the woods is saying something that others think worthy of investing their time.


    • it was such a pleasant surprise to me when people started to find my blog and take the time to really read and comment – it still is a pleasant surprise! and the reverse is true. i didn’t expect to discover a whole new world open up for me, in discovering the wonderful bloggers out there…more and more every day! as with everything in life, we just have to tune into our own guidance about what feels right or appropriate. i definitely have learned some great tips but at the end of the day, it’s our creation, which is what makes it so great. thank you for sharing here. all the best, aleya


  9. What do you mean the duck has nothing to do with the post?? Clearly it is in its zone… blogging!

    It took me two years to start blogging here. My very first post is dated July 2011. Wrote it. Then left it. I decided last March that it is time and made it official.
    We would be given signs what to do next; but it doesn’t always mean it needs to happen right away. Often the Universe shows the signs to prepare ourselves. Primed and ready… so here we are. xo =)


    • hahaha i love it. you’re right, the duck is perfect where s/he is. see, this is what i love about the blogosphere…sharing and generating ideas! 🙂

      i’d also had blogging on my radar for quite some time, before i just went ahead and started. and when i did i was, like you say, primed and ready because i had been preparing. it just got to a point where i couldn’t think about it anymore, and i just had to do it. (the jellyfish was about to explode lol.) but it couldn’t have happened a minute sooner, right? 😉

      well i for one am glad we are BOTH blogging and i look forward to sharing more of our adventures. namaste, aleya


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