saturn, i’m listening

Today I am living in the fifth place I’ve stayed at in the last six months.  Tomorrow will begin my last week of work before my Leave.  Next week I depart for my six-week trip to Europe, 4-5 of which will be in Italy.

I’ve barely had time to catch my breath and last week the ‘good’ stress manifested into physical and emotional haywire. Thankfully this weekend has been hugely restorative, as I’m housesitting a friend’s spa-like pad, and caring for her two very sweet and rambunctious kittens.  (These creatures have been very effective at taking me out of my own thoughts as, for example, I watch them fight over a crumpled piece of paper for half an hour.)

technicolor lakshmi, sonja picard.

technicolor lakshmi, sonja picard.

In Vedic Astrology there’s a phenomenon called ‘Saturn Transit’ (Sade Sati) in which the planet Saturn enters one’s moon sign (and the sign before and after) for a period of approximately 7½ years and, depending on who you ask, either makes your life miserable or inspires great growth and change. I’m exaggerating…but it’s essentially known to be an intense period of shift, and the best thing to do is just go with the changes with an open mind and willingness to learn what Saturn teaches.

Saturn is known to remove all that no longer serves us, whether we want it gone or not. Saturn makes those changes we’ve been dragging our heels on making ourselves. Saturn is a disciplinarian; he can seem cold and harsh, but ultimately the changes are for the better. (This by no means fully explains Sade Sati; you’d have to ask a Vedic Astrologer for the expert analysis.)

I was advised that my Saturn Transit was coming, months before it actually started a couple of years ago.  Whether I believe in Sade Sati or whether it’s the power of suggestion, I cannot deny that since that time there has been enormous change in my life, not only on an external level, but even more so internally.  Remembering the lessons of Saturn has brought me some grounding.

Saturn demands that we pare down, de-clutter, simplify, and organize. He forces us to examine: what is truly important to us?

For most of my life I’ve been on a spiritual search, and I’m sure this will continue throughout…eternity. But this search has often been a bit heavy, wrapped up in analysis and trying to understand things intellectually, or wanting to ‘heal’ things in my life (past, present, and future).  In other words, the spiritual path has often been so serious. And while this has served me perfectly in the ways it’s needed to, I’m ready for more fun.  For more lightheartedness.  For more joy.  For more beauty.

And what better place to experience and integrate the pleasures of life, than Italia?  The food, the scenery, the language, the wine, the art, the people, the…all of it.

This trip represents my intention to enjoy life without figuring out all the why’s. To let beauty absorb my senses.  To, as the kitties do, fully experience and embody what’s right in front of me without figuring out (worrying) where I’m going next.  To accept this beautiful gift from the universe without questioning my worthiness for receiving it.

Saturn is known for his heaviness, for putting pressure on us; but maybe he’s teaching me that I am the one – in fact, the only one – who can diminish the pressure and heaviness in my life, by cleaning up all my own self-imposed ‘stuff’.  I like this, and I gleefully accept Italy’s role in the metamorphosis.


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  1. I’m so excited about your trip! hasn’t it all happened fast?! It’s going to be so wonderful I’m sure and I can’t wait for your posts 🙂 I’m done with my Saturn Transit (if I’m not mistaken) and phew it was a long hard slog but I am absolutely categorically a different person than I was when it began – it’s really quite amazing! I cleaned up all my addictions (well nearly all), my relationship with every member of my family has transformed radically for the better, I’ve changed career three times, I have absolutely grown into myself and my spirituality. And all cos of one pesky planet 🙂 what an absolutely remarkable universe we live in 🙂 Sophie xxxx


    • oh it’s all happened SO fast! i can’t believe i leave in two days!! that’s so great to hear about all your transformation with saturn transit – very inspiring and i think everything you wrote about is exactly saturn’s intention when he enters our lives for those 7+ years. i don’t see the change slowing or pressure lessening for me anytime soon (i’m almost 2 yrs into it) so i’m just trying to have as much fun as possible with it – which as you know, includes exploring this remarkable world! 🙂 i’ll be in italy for 4+ weeks, then switzerland and now london for a few days at the end – a fun last-minute add-on. thank you sophie!! xo aleya


  2. Interesting, I’ve always been kind of interested in astrology. I’ll have to check that out. Also…I don’t know how people live without pets, haha. We have two dogs, and as of last Thursday, the cutest puppy on the planet. I’ve been LOVING watching him watch the big dogs and copy them, and try to play with them. And I love how pure he is. He has no concept of anything being unacceptable in the most wonderful way. Of course we’re potty training and I’m teaching him to sit and stay before we go outside. He learns so fast and he’s just like a sponge right now. And everything he does is HILARIOUS. He really loves his food so he’s got a rather round belly. We have a huge hill out back and he just throws his body around and rolls and rolls down the hill haha. He is just a nonstop fountain of hilarity, I can’t remember a time in which I was surprised into laughter by so many hilarious things in one week! Animals are so good for raising our vibration!

    Kittens are wonderful too, so I’m glad you’re enjoying them! I was watching the Dog Whisperer the other day and I love what Cesar said…something about how dogs live in the moment, they aren’t dwelling on things that happened in the past like humans, and in that respect, they are actually more evolved beings! I think that’s so true of all animals. I love it!

    Well happy travels lady! I’m very excited for you, for the experiences you’re going to have, and I look forward to reading your evolution in Italia!



    • so true, animals really do raise our vibration. when i was watching those kitties play i really felt that state of NO RESISTANCE. and i thought, this is better than meditation. i’m not thinking anything, i’m totally focused on just watching these creatures be, as you say, in the moment. truly in the moment. i think i need a pet of my own! 🙂 abe talks about animals – how they’re here for balance on the planet. (on an abe note, i never did make it to seattle last wkd to see them, but definitely next year. and maybe you and wayne dyer on maui too! 🙂

      tomorrow is my last day of work and then i can focus more on italia. i’ve done all the major planning but in some ways it still seems like a far-off dream. thank you my dear, can’t wait to read your next post! xo aleya


  3. “This trip represents my intention to enjoy life without figuring out all the why’s. To let beauty absorb my senses.”

    I love this intention and I’m truly excited for you. The last few years have been much the same for me. The Universe is pushing me hard to clear out and clean up loose ends and things that no longer serve me. Once I accepted this the journey became easier less resistance and the lessons easier to absorb. You explained the process well.

    Soooo excited for you journey! xx


    • thank you, i am so glad you can relate and it will be a fun process to see where our journeys take us! it’s such a relief to feel the resistance fade. there are ups and downs of course, ebbs and flows (otherwise life would be boring) but overall i can see the road becoming more fun to travel. 🙂


  4. Oh, I so share where you are at in wanting more lightness, joy and fun instead of the ‘serious searching’. A great reminder that it is us who can make that happen for ourselves. I’m sure if there is anywhere you can tap into this it will be Italy. x


    • thank you…it’s learning to let go of the idea that life is about struggle. i’ve had a stubborn attachment to that and it’s starting to dissolve. maybe, just maybe we can learn through joy. what a relief that is. how intriguing that is! aleya 🙂


  5. Saturn has been on me. I am not an astrologer but Linda of Litebeing Chronicles, is a friend and has explained how Saturn has been on me. Saturn can take a long walk on a short pier. lol

    Fun, fun, fun…riding a vespa in Tuscany among the sunflowers. Eating a gelato and being ogled by some cute Italians boys, men. Yes mam!

    You had best blog from there. lol I will be living a Italian holiday via you. 😀

    Namaste Sister,


    • yeah saturn is like a squeeezing element that’s for sure. i wouldn’t normally consider an italian sojourn to mesh with saturn’s reputation for austerity but hey who am i to question how the planets work? maybe it’s to discover the delicious simplicity of gelatos and vespas. hah. i will blog from italy! i have my borrowed little iPad and wifi everywhere! but if i don’t it means the vespa took priority. hehehe. xoxo sister


    • thank you so much! i’m planning to blog while i’m away but you never know…i might be in a totally different mindset over there… 🙂


  6. “Saturn demands that we pare down, de-clutter, simplify, and organize. He forces us to examine: what is truly important to us?”

    I am a hoarder. A hoarder of baggage full of memories, whether they are the joyous ones or the ones I tend to grieve for like 500 years. I don’t know much about Vedric Astrology, Sade Sati; but if this is Saturn’s intent: “Saturn is known to remove all that no longer serves us, whether we want it gone or not. Saturn makes those changes we’ve been dragging our heels on making ourselves. Saturn is a disciplinarian; he can seem cold and harsh, but ultimately the changes are for the better.” … … then by all means, I sooo want his help! Seven and a half years… I don’t even recall when the baggage began feeling heavy.

    You always have a reason for everything… a reason for making me smile and believe in hope. *wipes tears* I sooo wish you well in this next journey, Aleya. Please keep in touch. xoxo


    • awwww…you are the sweetest!! i know that this heaviness is just paving the way for something big and beautiful for you. i think only when we feel it authentically, can it really transform. almost like – the deeper we feel it, the more of it can move for something else equally deep but wonderful to move into its place. but it all ebbs and flows anyway.

      i wonder if, for curiousity’s sake, you could find out when your saturn transit is (maybe on or something)? but whether it’s saturn or the shifts of our time, it is intense and i know others who are feeling them too.

      take care and yes of course i will be in touch in italia! xo


      • I am going through different websites. By the Moon/Chandra sign, I’m an Aries and oh yeah… seems like I’m one of the favourites… if I’m reading this correctly. Quite confusing really; but very curious. The more I read about Saturn, the more I love his role! I’ve gone through harsh times since 2009, but sine I’m still here, those challenges were meant to happen to make me better.

        I’m counting… about 3 – 4 more years??!!! 😥
        Perhaps that is the time I need as well – catalytic, purging times… … of excess baggage…


      • I realized after looking at my birth certificate, I was born on the pm not am and totally changed everything. I’m totally confused now! Friggin’ time difference.


        • vedic astrology is confusing…i’ve had my chart done, otherwise I wouldn’t attempt the particulars. plus the signs aren’t the same as western astrology. (i still don’t fully accept that i’m not a pisces!)


        • I’m back to Moon sign Aries. Was able to get the latitude and longitude plus my time zone of birth place. grrr
          The second time I did it turned out to be Pisces. And obviously, that didn’t last long… 😉


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