intentions for italy

Here I am in beautiful Villasimius, Sardinia, experiencing the first semblance of calm in weeks. After two flights, two coach rides, and minimal sleep in the last 48 (or is it 72?) hours, I’m looking forward to a few days of hot beach weather and relaxation before I leave for Rome next weekend, where things will no doubt move at a very different pace.

The days leading to my departure were filled with organizing/de-cluttering all my stuff, training my temp at work, and finalizing all the last minute details of my trip. And though I’d already decided that Italy would be about absorbing the beauty of the country on its many different levels, during all this activity of preparation I felt a little voice asking me to set aside some more specific intentions for my journey…to visualize what I really wanted to come out of this trip, to make it as potent and powerful as possible.

italian meditation spot #1

italian meditation spot #1

But I realized something interesting: my intentions have often centered on some aspect of ‘improving’ myself. As though I want to fix something that’s broken. And during a long walk the day before I left home, I had a sudden flash: Maybe I don’t even have any ‘issues’!

The thought seemed to come from nowhere. It reminded me of a conversation I’d had with a co-worker/friend a few days prior. We’re so used envisioning a new-and-improved version of ourselves somewhere down the line, in the future, and we do so many things to attain that. But how often do we really appreciate our growth and evolution, since ‘the future’ is ever-inaccessible to us on any real, tangible level? We hold ourselves in a constant state of mild (or major) dissatisfaction, never fully enjoying our experiences, as (in our minds) we’re never quite where we ‘should’ be. We keep true self-appreciation at arm’s length.

Maybe, just maybe, there is nothing to improve. Maybe I’ve focused on my so-called issues for so long that they’ve grown into these big monsters which have needed constant attention, soothing, quelling, analyzing, and clearing…when really, they’ve held little, if any, inherent truth from the start.

Intentions are important, and very powerful. And I know that as the days go by, I will have more clarity surrounding how I want life to look when I return home. But I don’t want those insights to come from a place of trying to ‘fix’ myself. I want more peace and less self-critique; to have that state of being become my new normal, the springboard from which I create. That is my ultimate intention, regardless of where I am in the world. Peace with myself…allowing all else to emanate from there. I am open to whatever role Italia plays in the process!

But first things first: a solid night’s sleep and a strong espresso in the morning.

The journey begins…

28 thoughts on “intentions for italy

  1. My 2 week trip to Italy in the 1990s was life altering on so many levels. I get so excited still just seeing pictures or tasting a perfect pasta or blog post πŸ™‚ I have decided to follow you to read about your Italian adventure. Thanks or should I say graci for visiting my blog.



  2. Ahhh, you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing wrong with anyone. The only thing that’s “wrong” is the leading of our lives from something other than our Inner Being, absorbing the thoughts and issues of others and ignoring who we really are. Martha Beck calls that place of Inner Being our Core of Peace and I think that’s what all of our Inner Beings truly are, once we let all the garbage thoughts dissolve into the nothingness from which they came and the veil of crap we’ve been looking through is finally dropped haha. I’ve noticed that’s why my manifestations are happening in a snap now…I’ve attained the ability to focus like a laser on what I want and not let any other thoughts poke holes in my desire. It started very small, but now I’m moving towards things I want. It really just takes practice, as with anything. And the more you practice manifesting what you want, the better you get at it.

    You are a beautiful, wonderful, radiant spirit and integrated human being! Soak up all the joy and beauty of Italy and the joy and beauty of who you are! I hope to see you in Maui in January πŸ˜‰

    Have a Blessings-Filled Day!



    • amen, sister. thank you always for your inspiring, uplifting, positive, and absolutely magnetic words of wisdom and support! i love reading about how you’re making things happen, and fast. tons of amore to you! and YES to maui, omg, that will be amazing. wayne will love hearing about our adventures. xo aleya


  3. This sentence struck me… “We hold ourselves in a constant state of mild (or major) dissatisfaction,…”
    This is very true. A perpetuating state of fixing myself. I’m not good enough. I don’t know that I’ve ever really felt ‘good enough’ now to come to think of it. If I did those moments were very few and are almost lost to the other junk I’ve used to clutter our the good. I’m going to have to find those moments and relive them. Wonderful post. So glad I’m able to see you journey….
    xoxo Arifah


    • thank you arifah…i wonder what it is like to feel a lasting state of ‘good enough’ and i am excited that it seems closer than ever. there comes a point where the tired old thoughts just can’t be maintained anymore. something’s gotta give!! how free does that feel! xox aleya


  4. Yay! So glad you are still able to post from Italy – so exciting!! The first time I heard this sentiment, that we are absolutely whole exactly where we are, was on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday with Panache Desai, and then very soon after I discovered the book, Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to Be Me, which says the same thing. While this whole concept is counter how I’ve conducted my life for years (I also have focused on what needs to change), it was a huge burden lifted to settle into just being okay where I am and learning to love myself from there. Fabulous that you had this insight as you are on a trip that came about through synchronicities! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures…


    • hi!! yeah i wasn’t sure what the blogging situation would be here but there is wi-fi everywhere and though i plan to spend most of my time absorbing the sights, tastes, and sounds, i truly love being connected and sharing.

      ‘dying to be me’ is such an amazing book and it’s funny how we can hear a message over and over, then one day it penetrates on a deeper level. i’m glad i ‘got it’ more fully before i left because i will carry it with me throughout. grazie mille for your comment and support. aleya πŸ™‚


  5. Beautiful picture and beautiful words! I am in such a similar place to you – working on dropping the self critique, deepening in love for myself and others and just being at eaaasssseeeeee x many blessings on your journey πŸ™‚ Sophie xxx


  6. Aaahhh…!!! Happy you are doing all right. You are perfectly you in such a perfect spot. This is where you ned to be right now. You took the plunge… so now swim with what’s out there… swim with the Italian men, dammit!!
    I only want to make you laugh… and relax… that you may stay rooted to your intentions. Ugh, hate those monsters we create. They’re probably bigger than the Yetis or Sasquatch. They need not cloud you, sweets. Remember, you are perfectly you in such a perfect spot. Where else could you possibly be at this moment?? xo


    • hi!! ciao bella! thank you my dear…yes you are right! we’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be, and i am super happy and blessed. i’m sitting here drinking a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant – lol! a little different from my norm! all is well…it’s good that i’m getting some down time before i start my mad tour next week. i cannot wait to start really soaking up all the art and architecture and food and wine and yes, men and language and…the list goes on. trading in those monsters for all things good. hope u are doing so, so well. xo.


      • Remembering Eat, Pray, Love… Attraversiamo. Let’s crossover. That taking a leap even when the net isn’t visible, but trusting the crossover for the net to appear. That is where you are right now. Crossing over from dream to reality. Crossing over from things you need to let go that weigh us down and gives us freedom in return.

        I sense a spin off here… =)
        See how you can totally be an inspiration! Suxch a muse! xoxo


        • hey how’d you know i’m re-reading eat pray love here!? i downloaded it at the last minute and am so, so glad i did. it’s perfect. haven’t yet gotten to attraversiamo; i actually don’t remember that part well so will pay xtra attention. πŸ™‚ mucho amore to you!!!


          • What do you know?? I’m psychic! Haha!
            Love love the book. The movie is fine. But went too fast. Gist is there but one may get lost in the movie without reading it first. I could totally relate to her predicament. Sooo friggin’ similar! I only need to travel. πŸ˜‰


  7. Just be a witness to and one with nature and it’s beauty. Looking back, these will be the good ol days. Live, participate, dance..let the joy shout.


  8. Hi beautiful yoga girl,
    I just love this post. When we become more at peace with ourselves, we become more at peace with the world. Thanks for sharing this important message.


    • thank you, suzanne! ultimately peace is the most important thing. it all comes back to that, it’s so simple. how can we enjoy anything that life brings us, if we are all knotted up inside? for me it’s the habitual thoughts that tie me up, and it’s been hard to let them go…but it is happening in its perfect time and i am thankful for it to be happening in such a beautiful place. namaste, aleya


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