LA, my birthday, Abraham, and meeting blogger #2

Last week I spent an amazing few days in warm and sunny Los Angeles, celebrating my birthday, seeing Abraham Hicks live for the first time, and meeting up with the beautiful Katherine Starseed of A Blip in Time.  This is the second blogger I’ve connected with personally and, like the Shamanic Tracker (whom I met last Fall), I know I’ve made a lifelong friend.

As some blogging friends know, I am a big fan of Abraham Hicks.  Having read their material, listened to their recordings, and watched hundreds of their Youtube clips over the years, it was totally surreal to be sitting in the conference room of L.A.’s Glendale Hilton, waiting for their seminar to start.

loving california palms...

loving those california palms…

I couldn’t stop smiling as I sat there.  The enthusiasm and energy of the crowd was infectious; we were all buzzing with excitement. The familiar intro music played; Esther Hicks came onstage; and three hours of uplifting, positive, and often hilarious messages ensued.

Say what you want about Abraham Hicks – and people have many different opinions – any philosophy that unwaveringly affirms messages of love, worthiness, expansion, joy, and appreciation, is good with me.

It’s so simple and we make it so complex – do whatever you can to stay in that feeling good, appreciative state.  Don’t beat yourself up when you slip from that state.  You are worthy of being there – it is your natural state.  I realize how many justifications I have made for not allowing myself to feel good.  Though all these explanations felt right at the time, most don’t wash anymore. (Karma is a big one.)

That’s not to say I don’t go into darker states, or that they don’t serve a purpose.  But I am fine-tuning those receptors that allow me to know, sooner and sooner, when I am going into excuse/auto-pilot mode.  I can sense when I am being attracted to the thought magnet I’ve been most familiar with, making it the ‘easiest’ place to go to.

I can therefore more easily discern alternate ways of perceiving.  I can catch when I’m able to make new emotional pathways, creating a ‘new normal’ for myself.

Being in a more consciously joyous state is not going to make me selfish (in the negative sense) – a fear I carried for some time.  It is not going to make me forget about those who are not in that state.  But it could open the channels for others to find that state of being within.  It could give me more energy, so that I operate from a place of joyful service, not fatigue or obligation. Joy powers up the world.

view of california coast sunset from pacific coast highway

view of california coast sunset from pacific coast highway

So one week later, these are the impressions I’m left with after the workshop:

Every question I wanted to ask Abraham, I already knew the answer to.  I realize that I can hear my own guidance and authority.  I am my own unique expression of Source energy – how could I not know what’s best for me? Do I really need to consult healers for the answers I already hold within?  And how can I know what’s best for others?

Why do I want what I want?  The power of creation lies not in analyzing the perceived lack or negativity in my current situation, but in imagining and visualizing what I do want. And this is often about cultivating feelings first (e.g., freedom and autonomy), rather than manifesting the physical specifics. The external ‘things’ will emanate from the feeling.

I can’t engage in conversations centered on complaining, negativity, or why things don’t work. And when I do, I feel icky.  I have previously indulged such conversations, thinking I’m not being polite or nice if I disengage.  I’ve thought that I was avoiding reality by not giving attention to certain things that other people find important. But I see now that this has drained and fragmented me. I don’t want to be sucked into a train of thought or emotional state I don’t wish to cultivate in my life, so I’m learning the balance between compassion and detachment.

Abraham often says that you have to care about how you feel more than anything.  Caring about how you feel also means not doubting or second-guessing how you feel. These days, if something feels good, I let it. I try not to analyze why it does, or why it shouldn’t.

It’s all about softening. Being hard on others means being hard on myself.  Not new information, but it’s sunk in at a deeper level.  Hardness creates rigidity and resistance, and inhibits receiving and allowing.  Cultivating more softness, ease, gentleness, and relaxation – with myself, others, and life in general – feels really good…like relief.  This past week I’ve caught myself sighing audibly (in a good way) more than a few times!

Fun is a priority. ‘Nuff said.  Driving up the coast of California was utter joy and freedom. Why do we view fun and freedom as the exception, and not the rule? Not me.  I’m going to seize the opportunity for fun whenever I can. Never too late!

I can say with confidence that I had the best birthday EVER, and I am very thankful to be ever-poised for creation – and yet know that there is nothing I have to ‘do’ to win the favour of myself, or anyone else.


44 thoughts on “LA, my birthday, Abraham, and meeting blogger #2

  1. Ahhhhhh, I wish I could’ve been there. That sounds amazing and like everything that I’m missing here now. But change is warp speed now. I just have to catch up with myself. Glad you had an amazing birthday!


  2. Wonderful post Alohaleya , and thank you for dropping in for a visit too.. Loved this post, and Abraham /Ester are great and never falter in their messages.. Fantastic that you got to go to a live workshop… And sounds as if your birthday was just wonderful.. I think each year as we progress and get older we learn to appreciate the moment of them all the more..
    Love and Blessings and again Many thanks for clicking Like! 🙂


    • yes it was sooo cool to be there. i had wanted it to happen for a long time so it was wonderful for it to manifest in this way. thank you my dear!! aleya 🙂


  3. Hiiiiii and happy belated birthday my lifelong friend (thanks for that btw :)!
    I am soo super happy that you had the greatest bday ever and so much fun.
    Your pics are beautiful and I can feel you were inspired differently.
    I ran wild on the beaches in Thailand for a bit and it did me only good 🙂
    As for listening to people complain, I decided long time ago to listen only if I feel I can help in some way. It is not selfish but essential to conscously choose what’s the best for you. And being happy, joyous and content can only positively influence your environment. I have great respect people who are authentic and walk the talk 🙂 Love you xox


    • thank you and much love…running wild on the beaches of thailand sounds pretty wonderful too! maybe that’s next year’s bday. 😉 xo


  4. Aleya!!! Wow!!! I am honored to have meet you, your aunt and Kelly. How cool are we for making that happen? I love how every time we read each other’s blogs we say “that’s how i am feeling!” Of course that is how I feel about this blog! We are definitely soul sisters. Your writing has inspired me and reminded me of the truth we so often forget and I love how you said you know now the darkness serves its purpose. What an incredible reminder. I so often go into shame but knowing that you experience it to makes me ok with it 🙂 Shame is an auto-pilot response isn’t it? I look forward to our next meeting whether in Vancouver, Maui or Los Angeles. Always looking forward to more inspiration from you… ❤


    • yeah it is sooo cool that we created that – hey THANKS wordpress! it was awesome to meet you and am looking forward to reading more about your journey, on this our shared path. and yes, can’t wait to meet up again, somewhere warm and sunny! hawaii sounds right. 😉 thank you, soul sister 🙂 xo


  5. Inspiring! So true…it’s the happy quotient. Do what makes us happy. I need to lighted up!!
    Thank YOU. Very, very glad you had a wonderful birthday!! xoxo


  6. Oh thanks so much for sharing this wisdom and love from your heart. It was so timely for me, a “word fitly spoken” as I’m in a dark place right now. It comforts me to know that you are “here” also, that you are present in this world, and that the world has many beacons of light like yourself.


  7. no way!!! you met esther!? that’s crazy! amazing. one of her videos i listen to weekly. it still gives me chills years later…

    look what you brought into your world. the energy must have been electric.

    happy birthday aleya!


  8. Thank you x I’m so far behind I haven’t commented on your previous post x This is such a beautiful reminder and I can feel the peace in your energy x I’ve since january got two jobs (one new), a new business, a new lodger (as well as an old one) and a court case in preparation x I want to write for myself and find my centre but I’m finding myself overwhelmed and like a neurotic hamster running like mad on a wheel constantly oscillating between ‘wow exciting new opportunities!’ and ‘i’m on a low flying disk, i’m on a low flying disk’ with my thinking ha ha x work in progress x Your post reminded me of everything I keep trying to remind myself 🙂 so happy you had a great birthday and you got to go to Abraham!!!! I will one day too x much love and continued high flying discs x Sophie xx


    • wow sounds like you’ve got tons going on! i also haven’t blogged much lately. i’m not as busy as you, but i’m in two classes on top of working, and they’re taking up a lot of time. it’s been a little overwhelming and i’ve missed blogging, but the cali trip revived me. 😉 wishing you all the best for the exciting opportunities and you know abe is always, always there…your infinite intelligence, that is! 😉 xox


  9. Sounds WONDERFUL and thank you for sharing. I can feel your enthusiasm and joyous expansion. It is contagious…



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