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  1. Hello dear Alohaleya,
    I revisited this section of your blog because I am still contemplating this message. Also, because I saw another Scarab beetle zoom past me while in deepest contemplation, and since you saw the beetle too, at your family’s gathering, I thought of you. I seem to be steeped in that process of contemplation. I wonder how much of it has to do with this particular quote that you posted. Wishing you well, dear.


    • thank you, KA! ❤ the timing of your comment is very intriguing…i re-read the scarab beetle symbolism just now, and so much has happened since i saw it at my family's gathering…the symbolism just confirms it. these past couple weeks have been intense!

      i thought of the word 'surrender' today so reading your comment was such a lovely surprise and gift. i've made some decisions lately and now have to trust that they're the right ones – surrendering to what unfolds as a result.

      so very cool, all these interconnections. i hope things are well with you. i'm looking forward to catching up on your blog. that super new moon really did a number on me! much aloha to you my dear, aleya

      ps i wanted to share some of the cool symbolism i read, since this scarab beetle is obviously communicating with you very strongly…but for some reason i couldn’t cut-and-paste from that site! hmm…in any case ~ seems like a magical visitation. 🙂


  2. Reminds me of something from one of my latest Abraham-Hicks downloads: “Give in, GIVE IN, to the well being that is always there. Just GIVE IN to it!”

    So, so, so true.


  3. I had this, too!! =) In one of my posts… they are such beautiful, inspiring words. Makes you pause and ask yourself – what the heck was I doing?! 😉


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