the healing sea

healing sea

The ocean soothes and contains me. I grew up surrounded by water and can’t imagine my life without it. It is not an ‘it’, but an alive being whose consciousness I feel more and more. She feels feminine to me. Receptive, open, pulled by the moon…

Water is my conduit to the Divine, and her expansiveness holds all my hopes, dreams, prayers, fears, tears, and desires. Today I say ‘thank you’ to the healing sea, for always holding me in her loving depth.

18 thoughts on “the healing sea

  1. Beautiful words, meaning, and message. I don’t get to live by the sea, but I have always sought out water, be it streams, rivers, or lakes. There really is something divine and soothing about bodies of water. And I love swimming in it too 🙂

    Blessings to you!



    • water is in my psyche – i need to live near it, wherever i may be in this world. kinda like you and the gorgeous land and mountains of pagosa springs? 😉 mwah


  2. The ocean is really beautiful and I also love it’s divine channels. I similarly feel the same way about the mountains having grown up in the Rockies and feel whole when I am around them. THis is beautiful Aleya.


    • thank you camila. when i read your posts i really feel how connected you are to the land that surrounds you. lots of love, aleya


  3. Oh I loved this! Water is such a powerful image. I recently quoted a poem on my blog by a young Native American woman entitled “God is in the Water.” You really would appreciate reading that poem and that post is entitled “God is in the Water.” Thanks as always. You are delightful.


    • thank you so much for thinking of me, dear sister! but a while back i made my blog awards-free. know that i am in gratitude for the love, and to have connected with you. namaste, aleya xo


  4. Hey Aleya,

    Beautiful thoughts softly spoken with an appreciative heart.

    I may never have acknowledged it before I read you post, but in reality, human-kind are all island dwellers really aren’t we? Whilst some land masses may be vast, all rise from the Earth to be surrounded by the mighty oceans and seas.

    I too regard water as a feminine element and symbolic of formless potential: an emblem of all fluidity in the material and non-material realms, and of dissolution, the impermanence of life, of mingling, cohesion, birth and regeneration. Water has the ability to fill the empty vessel and mimic its exact form, and in her movement she is graceful, ebbing and flowing and like wisdom she passes through, around or over all obstacles, yet in her depths lies stillness, peace and serenity and mysteries yet to be revealed. It is little wonder that so many find themselves drawn by her seductive allure or feel such an affinity with her.

    Thank you for another inspiring post.


    DN – 27/04/14


    • thank you for your lovely comment, dewin. i think you may have also posted about water recently – perhaps your post inspired mine! your description of water makes me appreciate her all the more…i’m going to remember those words and images with me when i see her today. 🙂 namaste, aleya


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