gratitude for my morning birds

I wrote this post a couple of days ago, and even published it. But I deleted it about 10 seconds later. For some reason it just didn’t feel right. It took a couple of days to figure out why. It’s the labels! I’m not a big fan of spiritual labels and I felt a little resistance come up when I re-read the post. Regardless, here it is again. Because I do love those springtime birds. 🙂 

some of my friends

some of my neighbours

For the past few weeks the morning birds have been a saving grace. I live on the edge of a huge park and, starting at 5am, their sweet chirping melodies serve as my introduction to a brand new day.

According to the spiritually-focused posts I’ve been keeping up with, May is a month to integrate all the intense energy shifts of April. In my case, this has resulted in a lack of desire to blog or write at all (till now). My cells are flooded with information…but I’m not sure what to do with any of it.

Many channellings refer to this being a time where ‘lightworkers’, ‘divine changemakers’, and ‘wayshowers’ can finally step into their true roles as creators and leaders of a New Earth. Our efforts have paid off: we can live our dreams, we’ve ascended while still in 3D, and we are being supported like never before.

On a deep level, I’ve always been very excited by these concepts – some of these writings resonate in my soul, as truth.

But – what does it really mean, to be a divine changemaker, to lead others in this way? What does that actually look like, as we evolve?  (And to what extent is ego at play in all of this?)

I was walking home from work the other day and found myself saying aloud, ‘It’s too much pressure’. In that moment I realized that I’ve been creating some pretty grandiose ideals and visions for myself based on how my life ‘should’ look by now, given all the choices and cosmic energies available to me in these potent times.

And maybe I’m just not ready for them.

a feathered friend

a feathered friend

For example, my job. I do feel that it’s time to move on, and I know I will. But I’m so resistant to creating a similar work scenario, that I’ve felt the only acceptable option is to do something completely BIG and DIFFERENT. (Like give up my apartment and go to India and become a yoga teacher and travel indefinitely and let the universe take care of all the details.)

This desire for something completely different has created simultaneous excitement and pressure/conflict within. I love that things on this planet are so energetically charged…but I can see how this can create total resistance to the way things actually ARE, right now.

When I’m in this place of resistance, the sirens outside my window scream louder, the horns honk more aggressively, the neighbour’s floors creak relentlessly. I want to escape.

But by focusing on the need to overhaul my life completely, I magnify the negatives and miss out on the more subtle opportunities that could be right in front of me. Worse, I lose sight of my many blessings.

these guys are so cute

these guys are so cute

The morning birds help restore my sense of balance and perspective. Their faithful chirping reminds me, first thing every day, that there is such sweetness out there…and thus right here. Their hope and optimism for a new day is in me too. It is always available…and no amount of external change can substitute for finding it within.  Wherever you go, there you are.

If I am a ‘divine changemaker’, it means I am someone who can find her centre of calm within chaos and (seeming) imperfection. Someone whose actions match her words, and whose words are based in integrity. Someone who doesn’t run when things get overwhelming.

It means being real about the habitual reactions, fears, and judgments that show up throughout the day. Because they still show up for me.

And you know what? I’m ok with it. Because I’m done with putting so much pressure on myself to do outwardly ‘big’ and ‘great’ things. I know that being conscious and remembering my heart is all I can ask of myself.

And I have the birds to sweetly sing me through it all.

21 thoughts on “gratitude for my morning birds

  1. Wow, you just made my day.The last 3 paragraphs are well, me too! Thank you for being brave enough to ‘wear your heart on your blog’. Us awaking Empath’s most certainly need the moral boost! These words epitomize our struggles so closely 🙂 Leon (Cape Town, South Africa)


  2. YES, love the birds….and my dogs and horses. Immediately after April, I was so internally war-torn, I came down with strep throat for the first time in my life and it knocked me out for seven days. I’m convinced that I ONLY got sick, because April was so overwhelming. I absolutely cling to nature in times like this, probably most of all, my horses. They force me into the present moment and out of the trappings of my mind. Best. Meditation. Ever.

    And of course, the best thing to do when feeling overwhelmed or a little lost….is to return to gratitude. Love, love, love this.

    Amen Sister!

    Love ya!



    • i love that you have your horses to ground you – i can feel the love, from you to them and them to you, in all the pics i see! and the body knows, doesn’t it…i’m feeling so run down lately and today i’m going to force myself to do nothing! it feels great.

      i’m glad you are feeling better. today i am going to practice gratitude for all i experienced this weekend. what an unexpected gift. you were there my sister! actually – one of the women really reminded me of you. she has horses and dogs and chickens and she was just the coolest-ever beautiful earth mama. xox.


  3. I’m so grateful that you shared this! I’m feeling such a similar feeling to my ‘day job’. I know I want to move on and I know what I want to be doing full time. I just can’t make the leap yet. And in the meantime all of the negatives are loud and clear. I too, know that I can be peaceful in that chaos; for some reason I just haven’t yet. This is one of the big lesson I need to learn in my life. Thanks for posting this 🙂


    • you’re so welcome, reena. even though i know i want to move on, i have to be sure i’m doing it from a place of moving to something. that doesn’t necessarily mean i have another job lined up right away…it could look totally different from that…but if i am leaving from frustration and the need to escape, i might create the same thing all over again, and maybe worse.

      i just took part in a women’s circle and another woman there was (is) in the exact same situation as me – even works at the same institution! – and it seems many of us are in this place of knowing there’s something more but waiting till we intuitively know for sure the time is right to go. till then i try to exercise patience and gratitude. thank you for commenting, have a wonderful day. aleya


  4. This is so beautiful!!! Thank you for your insight. You are a blessing. Nature is the perfect teacher. Thank you for letting us all ride with you on your journey. I am excited to see what unfolds.


    • your brightness fills my heart! thank you for being part of this journey. i love what we are all creating together. big LOVE!! xo aleya


  5. This is so good and you’re spot on. The pressure of stepping up is mind altering. I feel your words. I’ve been the best illusionist by escaping from what the experience is trying to show me. So glad you have connected to the messages from the birds to help you.


    • thank you arifah. it’s been a whirlwind of a few days here. i’m exhausted and this month is running on high-speed…keeps getting busier and busier! i’m looking forward to times of rest and being with what IS. xo aleya


  6. Thank you for another beautiful post x I’ve been really noticing and appreciating the birds too! I noticed how I didn’t notice they had gone until they came back and now they’re here they’re so joyful and life affirming x And you write it so beautifully well how we can be so focused on THERE that we miss HERE – and yes, here can be not very nice, but its what we have to work with and we can catch ourselves every time we’re shutting down to what is and try to remain open or not…I’m a strong wanter I get caught in resistance really easily ‘cos I want it all now but the universe has its own rhythms doesn’t it? and everything really does happen with divine timing in retrospect…i’m beginning to see evidence of that again now I’m starting to come out of the intensity! x lots of love to you xxx


    • it’s been a relief for me to just stop obsessing about these big plans and just work with what i’ve GOT – which is actually a pretty nice thing.

      i lived in australia for a year and the birds were ALWAYS in the background – it was heavenly. so i know what you mean. when they make their reappearance it’s like a long-lost friend, one that is always cheery (but not in annoying way lol).

      it is about trusting that the universe knows our innermost desires and just backing off and letting ‘it’ do its thing, without our interference. easier said than done…but it is getting easier 😉 XO, sophie! aleya


  7. Hey Aleya, your post reminded me of that Zen saying “Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water, after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water.” 🙂 xox


  8. HI girl,
    I missed you but totally get it! Taking care of you is what matters most. I really love this post and I am also in awe of the sweet songs made by the bird chorus each morning. I am so blessed to live in nature! I am so glad you wrote about this topic, especially about the pressure to serve now and go all in! To me, the labels and expectations can be overwhelming. When I break my day down into little moments and notice the flow of love and light to me and through me, it becomes more manageable and less grandiose. The language we use can often get in the way of the message behind it.

    You did a great job here and I bet you do a great job at your job because You are there 🙂

    xx Linda


    • hi linda!! i love this: “When I break my day down into little moments and notice the flow of love and light to me and through me, it becomes more manageable and less grandiose.” YES. that is what it is all about, not the big plans. nothing wrong with big plans but they will stem more organically from that place of love and light. instead of shaking everything up i will focus on one thing at a time. like perhaps the j-o-b. (funnily enough i just won an award for staff person of the year.) with all this energy and time going so quickly there is (for me) a tendency for impatience and rushing but i have to remember it’s all unfolding perfectly and to just RELAX. ahhh. so much LOVE to you – have a wonderful day! xo aleya


  9. Lovely post, Alohayela. I can relate to so much of what you wrote. Living from the heart, embodying pure light… we are often misled (in my opinion, perhaps due to the ego’s insistent involvement) into thinking this means everything around us would be different. I think (for myself) that that desire relates to giving up the feeling something is missing, not necessarily with rearranging our lives. We’re here now, and the stress of trying to give a life a cosmetic overhaul that flings us into resistance or fear, that we may not be wholly desiring to do, to prove we’ve accomplished something just feels like tail-chasing. Can I sustain Love for even a single day without interruption? What does it matter what the dojo looks like where we practice THAT yoga? 🙂



    • hi michael, it’s great to hear from you. 🙂 i think the ego plays a big part in all this because it uses whatever it can to fuel it, including (especially?) spirituality. and with all the talk of energy and change and manifesting and living the life of our dreams, it’ll make us feel like there’s something wrong with us if we can’t make it happen (whatever ‘it’ is). the ego doesn’t see peace and calm with what IS as a measure of success.

      i can relate to everything you write in your comment. for me, going through the day in a state of consciousness and presence and sustained love is the biggest challenge of all. therefore anything to escape that is – well, escape. it’s all right here. and when i look at it from that perspective, it actually looks pretty good. 😉 thank you for your comment. i wish you a wonderful day! aleya


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