the power of the women’s circle

Today is the final day of a 3-day sacred women’s circle I’m part of. I didn’t even know about the event until just a few days ago. It popped up on my Facebook wall (on the Full Moon, hmmm) and, despite my recent resolve to not spend money on retreats and workshops for the next little while, I knew immediately that I had to go. Not only would I be connecting with women in my own city, we would be learning the steps to facilitate our own women’s circles – gatherings where women come together to connect with each other deeply and authentically.

josephine wall, 'spirit of flight'

josephine wall, ‘spirit of flight’

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of leading women’s circles, so I trusted the divine timing at play and signed myself up before the doubting inner voice could talk me out of it.

After two days, what I know is this:

Few things are more powerful than women coming together in sacred circle to heal (individually and collectively).

Women can really go there when held in a trusting environment. Our emotional depth and our capacity to self-express makes my head spin (in a good way)!

It feels amazing to sit with a group of conscious women and feel truly seen and heard. Feeling that total acceptance is like coming Home. When judgment does come up, it is usually acknowledged (internally or externally), and dealt with.

-When women create sacred space with intention, magic happens. I mean real, palpable magic. The energy is electric. The power we can tap into when we are united is astounding.

I live two different lives: the one I present to the outside world, and the one in circle. In sacred space with my soul sisters (yes, even those I’ve only met two days ago!), I can relax and be truly Me, with no pretense. I can say things I would never ‘normally’ say out loud. Women can allow this for each other. It is possible. And when it happens, it is fucking amazing.

-Our society is set up such that women are often in judgment and competition with each other. It’s ingrained in most of us, and it takes constant conscious awareness to override this programming. Not an easy task when our triggers get activated and the pain runs so deep – not only in our present life experience, but in our ancestors/genes (DNA).

It is what it is for now, and it’s much more manageable when we have support and can see the bigger picture.

Women are waking up. And a lot of us really want men to be along for the ride, by our side, the Divine Masculine to our Divine Feminine. Both men and women can rise to a level of greatness that Planet Earth has not yet seen. The road to get there is not for the faint of heart…but it’s OH-SO-WORTH waiting for!)


I didn’t know the importance of authentic connection with women, or how much I needed it, till I experienced it for the first time a few years ago. A whole new world opened up.

This is where the Divine Feminine happens – when women gather together with the intention to awaken her. She is found in the real, raw, uncomfortable, deep, soulful, exhilarating, hilarious gatherings of women in our communities, in our backyards. The effects of those gatherings ripple out and transform all.

I’m driven to do this work…it’s exhausting and out of my comfort zone, it’s messy, and it brings up a lot of unpleasant stuff. I certainly can’t say it’s fun. But I feel alive when I’m doing it. I feel I’m tapping into something so Real in the midst of a grand illusion. This stuff matters. And I want more of it in my life.

And so it is.

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  3. I agree with you. So happy you have had the experience. I have surrounded myself in my later years with women who are spiritually powerful, positive in aspect, and nurturing in behavior. It works beautifully for me.


    • thank you – i’m very grateful to have had this experience, and made those connections. and i am looking forward to making many more. i’m feeling the call! aleya


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  5. Thank you Alohaleya, for sharing so much of yourself! I can easily see/feel you facilitating sacred space for women…and for men as well! What a blessing that would be for us all!


  6. Dear Alohaleya,

    It really means a lot to me that you recently stopped by my blog and ‘liked’ something there. That gives me a sense of acceptance (that I’d love to pretend doesn’t matter to me, but it does!). The fact that you did that simple act – creates a palpable connection. That’s the magical word I pulled from the two posts of yours that I read this morning, as my understanding for your writing: Palpable.

    Thinking about your lucky rabbit: Makes me think of the rabbit from the hat… it’s the experience of knowing how to reveal what you want to see in your experience, like magically pulling a rabbit from a hat.

    You are touchable, and you can reach out to touch others. Thank you for sharing how challenging it can be – to connect, as well as, how you are doing it any way! What a blessing it is to meet yet *another* amazing woman! I find connecting to be a thing that can bring me great anxiety. Did I write too much, or too little? Did I not overstep anyone’s boundaries? My own or another’s? That’s the truth. Words on paper, words in the air, once written/said…. YIKES. *feels* so serious.

    Aloha, Ka

    P.S. From when I was in Kauai in 2011… I started saying Aloha all the time (in non-blog life). It’s been my voicemail greeting ever since, and it’s been my “goodbye” to those who know what I mean. It’s the flowing sound of continuous movement in love. I adore it.

    Looking forward to reading more! 🙂 ❤


    • ka, your comment really warms my heart! i wish i had more time to read and like and comment on the blogs i enjoy because it really does create such a feeling of acceptance and connection. and that connection really really is important! that’s why when people start blogs, a whole new world opens up. there are people everywhere who relate to us! and i know what you mean about it feeling serious – because we’re putting it out there on the INTERNET and so many different people are reading and we don’t know who, or how it will be perceived. it takes courage to put ourselves out there, esp if it’s a personal blog.

      and ok- THANK YOU for making the connection between the rabbit and the magic hat!! i knew there was something i was missing about the magic of rabbits, and there you go. i love it. 🙂

      i also have a connection to hawaii. i’ve never been to kauai but i would love to go. hawaii is a very special place and i gave myself the nickname ‘alohaleya’ a few years ago as ‘aloha’ mixed well with my name. i don’t know it’s the best name for a blog as it can be hard to remember/spell, but oh well. it’s me.

      thank you again for your lovely words. much love and aloha, aleya


  7. Would love to join your circle. I did one of these for my family members and it was a bit rough but good for the souls. Sending you so much love dear angel.


    • it would be very powerful to do this with family members…wow. i’ve never done that. i would love to sit in circle with you. the seed has been planted – one day! 😉 xox aleya


  8. Great post- I am always amazed at the strength and depth of women. We have such power inside and when we use that power together- the energy of transformation is simply amazing!! I see this power emerging in my teenage stepdaughter and it is something to behold.


    • i love that you can see it in your stepdaughter. i wonder what it would have been like to have it noticed in me at that age, and nurtured and encouraged. many of us are now taking our life wisdom and experiences to discover and channel this power. it is pretty awesome!! 😉 thank you! aleya


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  10. Aleya!!!! wow! so beautifully written, honest, and powerful. the real magic part makes me happy, it really is true. Look forward to a women’s circle being created and sharing what we experienced. I love you!


    • anna!! the magic continues! i love you lots and look forward to co-creating some major together power on planet earth. xo aleya


  11. Reblogged this on kayers21 and commented:
    I love this idea, I have thought about being part of creating a women’s circle that could meet in our community!!!


  12. This is so weird because I have had an idea, or a message to make a woman’s circle in my community. I have space, I just don’t know how to market it and run it monthly with speakers or be a facilitator, by making vision boards, and how to reach women. I teach yoga so I can reach some. This post was exactly what I was thinking of. Amazing women need a safe supported nonjudgmental place


    • i absolutely love this comment because it just shows that magic of it all! you found this post!

      i’ve never planned or facilitated my own women’s circle but in those i’ve attended it’s always seemed like just the right women show up. somehow they find the circle and are called to do it. yoga studios are a great start to market, as is facebook…and of course word-of-mouth. it is awesome that you have the space. you know it and can make it sacred, which is what makes the circle so incredibly powerful.

      vision boards are a great idea. we did so many different things in my 3 day circle that i know the possibilities are endless. when i do my circles i will have a theme and guiding intention, but a lot of it will be trust that something higher is also guiding us, and to allow however it unfolds.

      i am really transformed by the experience last weekend and i am so relieved that women are doing this for each other.

      please keep me posted on how yours goes! exciting! and thank you for the re-blog too! much love, aleya


      • Thank you for responding, my yoga classes are held in a church in a large room and sometimes people feel that it will be religious when you have classes, though as you say it usually is guided by a higher power, that is not the initial intention. My inner voice too says oh that won’t work you won’t have anyone no one has ever done this, but then I say why did I find your blog, why do I fight my fights, why do I feel this tug, it must be for something. Ty again, much love and so happy for your transformation those times are precious keep the bliss


        • i hear you! this is all part of it…hearing our inner voice (not the inner critic), learning to trust it, and following through with its guidance and wisdom. and even if two people show up, the magic will happen and it will grow. thank you again! aleya


  13. You are soooooo special! I imagined being in a sacred circle with you as I was reading this. Feeling your potent powerful healing words coming through. Feeling that longing for connection to the Sacred Sister. Recognizing deeply that women like us are the vessel in which the Divine Feminine is awakening. I am there with you in the Rent Tent my dear. So much love to you…


    • there is no doubt that the awakening of divine feminine is getting stronger and stronger. i’m blown away by what happens when women gather needs to happen more. and it will…maybe one day we will create something together.

      i love you sister and can’t wait to frolic with you somewhere, anywhere. how about hawaii? 😉 talk about divine feminine energy! we will be over the moon hehe. ❤ aleya


  14. Thank you for this post Leya!

    “it’s exhausting and out of my comfort zone, it’s messy, and it brings up a lot of unpleasant stuff. I certainly can’t say it’s fun. But I feel alive when I’m doing it. I feel I’m tapping into something so Real in the midst of a grand illusion.”

    This feeling of aliveness – this parting of the veil – feeling the Goddess – the Journey of the Hero! So glad you found some fellow heroines to celebrate Her energy…within the circle, within yourself. xXxAmanda


  15. Beautiful. I relate. It’s only in the last couple years that I’ve paid close attention to my female friends and started noticing the ones that were supportive and the ones that were not. Surprisingly, I had some clearing to do. That’s was on me, my choice to allow women (well they weren’t really women) into my life to bully me. It was hard work but I’m glad I did it. Because in flooded the type of women that I’m honored to have in my life. They support me with no judgments, and it’s not a few. I have several.

    There’s nothing like a sisterhood. So glad you’re able to be YOU! Love you xx


    • there is nothing like a sisterhood! and when you have a taste of it, no less will do. i’m also very conscious of who i allow into my life now. i have quite a few amazing women in my life and the number grows as i take part in these gatherings. women can create monumental change together and i owe it to myself and the planet to be focused on nurturing these kinds of supportive and empowering relationships. LOVE xoxo aleya


  16. This is such an important post. I think the flourishing of feminine consciousness is the single most powerful development in the world that I have seen in my six decades. And though I am a male, I’m so pleased that the Universe created me so that I’m not a “standard-issue” male and can appreciate the beauty of the feminine. Even more so, I can appreciate the beauty of the female…and love it…and respect that she is more than the sexual and emotional designs that I bring to her. Thanks. And thanks for dropping by “literarylew” again!


    • thank you lew! i really enjoy your blog. 🙂 and i completely agree that “the flourishing of feminine consciousness is the single most powerful development in the world”. i know that more and more women are realizing this too and even though it’s easy to miss as we go about our daily routines, in these circles it is very apparent to me that it is happening. i’m reminded of that quote: “You might not see things yet on the surface, but underground, it’s already on fire.” thank you for your support…aleya


  17. YES! That reminds me…we really need to talk about the mastermind group thing. And just catch up.

    OH how I wish I could be in your group. I need this right now. Big time.




    • oh you were with me in spirit of course. and yes for sure we can talk about mastermind. funnily enough, mastermind came up in discussion yesterday. 😉 something about women being powerful manifestors ;)) just let me know whenever you want to chat. xoxo aleya


  18. This is a MAJORLY important post. Bravo Aleya and thank you so much for this deeply spiritual work you are doing. Thank you for sharing it with us, and changing our worlds as you change your own. Beautiful!!

    Peace always,

    Allison xo


  19. I have experienced a very strong connection with many women of all ages and backgrounds while studying shamanism and in shamanic circles. And it really surprised me, in a good way, as I was always the one to rather hang out with men. Women can love, understand, support and hold each other in some really amazing and transforming ways. I am really happy you had such a positive experience and that you want more of it. Yaaay 🙂 xox


    • yay indeed! 🙂 it surprises me too because it is very different from what i experience on the outside. so i am inspired to take part in more of these gatherings, as well as bring the deeper understanding to my everyday life. knowing there is something much grander beneath the surfaces that we’re all presenting. xox aleya


  20. I am so happy and excited for you. You did a beautiful job illustrating the complexity of the feminine ( divine and otherwise) in today’s culture.
    I encourage you to follow you calling and form your own group!



    • thank you linda!! i am inspired for sure. that workshop kinda came out of the blue and now i can’t imagine not having done it. it is amazing what women can create together when there is integrity, love, sacred space, and shared intent. xox


  21. The power of women working together never ceases to amaze me. I’m always both humbled and awed when I have the good fortune to feel that connection- it is so very empowering. Your post really resonated with me- thanks for sharing.


    • i am also humbled and awed. we just don’t connect this way on a day-to-day level, so when it does happen, i’m inspired to create more of it. because under the right circumstances, it comes so naturally and easy to us. thank you for your comment! 🙂 aleya


  22. If women understood the dynamics of their collective power, the depth of influence over men would experience a paradigm shift.


    • i couldn’t have said it better myself, rob. i’m in awe of the past few days and will be integrating for some time. thank you, aleya


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