my lucky urban rabbit

A couple days ago I saw a rabbit in the most unlikely of places. I was walking my usual route to work, when I spied something scurry into the bushes at the foot of the bridge I always cross. I only saw its ears, but they were unmistakable. How could this be? As I got closer, there it was. A black rabbit.

It was so random.

my morning surprise

After my powerful women’s circle last weekend, I met up with my dear friend L, who is an amazing life coach. (Actually, life coach doesn’t begin to capture what she does.) We talked about life being a dance with the universe. About not trying to force and control things – actions which seem so natural to most of us, when we really want something.

I’ve always thought – how will the universe know what I want, if I don’t act in ways to show it? I’m beginning to feel – it doesn’t always work like that. I’m getting more comfortable trusting that the universe’s plans, intelligence, and love for me are beyond my mind’s capacity to understand.

Ok, I’ve known this for a while – I’ve been studying it forever – but something is softening inside. It’s subtly moving from a mental concept to a bodily knowing.

Sometimes there’s a sense that if we don’t ‘do’, we are vulnerable to the whims of the universe, where anything (unwanted) can happen. We feel the need to control, but it comes from a limited place. And this rigidity becomes habitual.

I haven’t been working with the universe, not really. I’ve been giving it lots of information…but assuming it will forget, or think I don’t want certain things, if I don’t keep reminding it. This isn’t total trust.

L also reminded me that the universe has a great sense of humour, and this is often how new and unexpected opportunities enter our life.

Perhaps this is why I currently find myself planning my high school reunion – something that originally started as a joke, but I’m now having fun with. Those who know me are surprised to see me in this role…but I can totally see a new career as an event planner! (Not weddings though.)


So, what does my random black rabbit mean? I started some Internet searching into Rabbit medicine, but then it dawned on me. Expect the unexpected. Watch for synchronicity. Keep letting go of the reins, unclenching your fists so that magic can flow to you, finding you in strange places.

Actually, when I woke up that very morning, I decided that it was going to be a lucky day. I even chose to wear a pair of lucky underwear. (TMI?) I didn’t know what that luck would look like, but I think my rabbit was its representation. An affirmation from the universe: Yes, I hear you. I’m going to show you want you want, but it might look a little different. Maybe you’ll even laugh at my ingenuity!

I like the idea of the universe always trying to tickle my funny bone. Surprising me. Being creative with me.

Thanks, Rabbit.


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  2. This is so where I am at….realizing that I need to let go. Release. “Give in to the Well-Being that surrounds me.” I can’t believe how much I’ve let fear gain a stranglehold on me since my life exploded in April and May. Now it’s mid June and I’m just now slooooooooowly started to unwind myself. I like the expect the unexpected. I’m going to message you about more of this.



    • we are both growing through big changes. that’s funny, i meant to write ‘going’, not growing, but it seems appropriate hehe. 😉 i also have to “give in to the well-being that surrounds me.” abe would laugh that this is such a challenging thing for us humans! but there is no choice. what i have been doing hasn’t really worked for me so…SURRENDER it is! aleya ❤


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  4. Ooh girl, you got me something gooood with this post. I swear you read minds and hearts! I love everything you say here and one thing sticks out for me: acting like the universe might forget. BOOM. That’s me and I didn’t even realize it!

    Thank you, thank you so for this post. Game changer. And that rabbit is so freaking cute 🙂

    Peace, dear one, always.



      • I love it too, no kidding! And may I say that YOU are effing fabulous as well 🙂 Ya rock my world – keep shining your light, we are so grateful for it! xxxx


  5. Now all I want to know is what the lucky underwear looks like and what has occurred to prove this underwear lucky? Sorry but inquiring minds want to know. Should I go ask Alice? 😉


  6. The Universe has a sense of humor…run with it, rather hop to it! LOL! I love the space you walking in. I feel you becoming lighter, playful, more yourself….this allowing is a beautiful thing. Love, A


    • thank you, kimberly. i’m happy to hear you can relate. it feels like relief – the nervous system settling down and learning to relax. xo aleya

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  7. Embodying the magic – Bravo Aleya! I love this post and echo Linda’s sentiments that your writing style is quite lovely – inviting and magical – not overdone or pretentious, just magically simple! Also love love LOVE the idea of a synchronicity journal! I experience many instances of synchronicity and sometimes when I try to recount them to someone I trust, the sheer magnitude makes me giggle. Keeping them all in a journal sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. xXxAmanda


    • thank you amanda for your kind words. the synchronicity journal is pretty cool – not only does it make me pay attention to synchronicities, the focus on synchronicity makes me create more of them! and pay more attn to what i’m thinking! i bought a very small one so there would be no excuse in carrying it around – and putting them on my phone is just not the same. thanks again, so glad you are on this journey! xo aleya


  8. Until I read this, I couldn’t quite put my finger on the mechanics — what was being manifested — of what I had actually been going through. But it’s exactly as you describe. A force moving from a mental concept to a knowing in the body…which is really just “feeling” that which we learn. Another good word, I suppose, would be “becoming” what we come to learn and know.

    I guess that’s why the body goes through physical changes during this growth; the eating habits, sleep, etc. Even our physical habits start to subtly change.

    A wonderful post, Aleya. Thank you. 🙂


    • thank you michael! i suppose the body feels/integrates the changes when it’s ready and there’s no way for our minds to know when that will be. there’s so much going on in the body/energy body that we’re not consciously aware of. all we can do is keep doing our best and pay attention to all those shifts, esp the subtle ones that might be easy to miss. as abraham-hicks says- we have to care about how we feel more than anything. 🙂 thanks again, aleya


  9. It seems very clear to me that your spiritual journey is bearing fruit. I love your writing style and how it takes complex concepts and transforms them ( alchemically?) into tasty bite size magic morsels. I read a great article today on Spirit Library about signs that you are receiving signs from the Divine. One way is to see or read a common theme. Perhaps today I am getting a sign because your post and the article beautifully reinforce each other, hmmm….



    • ah, THANK YOU linda! that is really lovely. i just found that article and read it. love the synchronicity and the message to watch for things out of the ordinary. a couple of weeks ago i started a synchronicity journal. it’s a little book i take with me everywhere and write down all these random things that happen, finding links to something i said or thought. it is pretty wild and convinces me more and more that there really is something fun at play out there!

      sending you well wishes for feeling better soon. hopefully it’s been a restful weekend for you. lots of love, aleya


  10. It is always amazing to witness how the things we’ve studied for so long, and to which we once thought we had given ourselves to fully, start sinking in viscerally. This has been happening for me, too. Oh, so THAT’S what that meant… 🙂 Your line about thinking we need to somehow reinforce to the Universe what we desire really hit home. How crazy is it to think the deepest part of us isn’t listening when we speak our desires?

    Expecting the unexpected is a great thought… In reflecting upon this, I think part of the reason we may not do this out of habit is because we tend to think the unexpected won’t necessarily be a good thing… We have a plan, and the unexpected is probably going to be something we didn’t want, rather than an even grander version of what we did… Or, we’re afraid of tragedies we can’t control, and so we shrink down to a relatively safe and repeatable “normalcy.” You have inspired such rich thoughts this morning!



    • yes, that is exactly what is happening. something has clicked where a deeper part of me gets it on a visceral level. i guess it comes with time; we eventually learn that the world is not out to get us, that we can surrender and trust more. that it’s not going to slam us with something negative the second we turn our backs! it’s a beautiful thing to get to a point of real trust and letting go, but seems to happen at its own pace regardless of how much reading or studying we do, how much we ‘know’ better. not something we can force or rush. the relief of it sinking a little deeper is sweet. 🙂 thank you michael, for your always-thoughtful and insightful comments! aleya


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