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After my powerful women’s circle a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with my good friend L. about our individual ways of knowing.

There’s no doubt that within the circle, I’d felt very connected to who I really am, to my essence. Moreover, it felt clear that my life’s work does not involve sitting behind a desk all day in a windowless office, coordinating processes and procedures that have little personal relevance to me.

But where in my body was I feeling this clear connection to self, this resonance with my truth? I didn’t necessarily feel it in my heart, or in my mind, or in any bodily sensation. It was just an overall feeling of…rightness. It was an absence of resistance, rigidity, and tension. It was Me, stripped of any outside roles.

I used to think that my intuition must speak to me in some really obvious way. I’d try to feel things in my heart, or in my third eye, or wherever else I thought I ‘should’ feel something – usually based on what others felt. And when I didn’t, I figured my intuition wasn’t very strong.

But as I told L after the gathering, maybe those aren’t my ways of knowing.

When I initially saw the women’s circle advertised in my Facebook feed, I just knew I had to take part, in the same way I immediately knew I wanted to enrol in a ‘Foundations of Conscious Leadership’ course offered around that same time. There was no second-guessing; my desire to participate in both was like a laser-beam. Sharp and focused, bypassing my analytical mind completely. No room for doubt. Yes.

These things excited me. There was a sense of aliveness and intrigue. And this excitement is my knowing.

Excitement moves things and shakes the universe up, irresistibly compelling it to work with us.

In a recent post I mentioned that, by total fluke, I’ve become the organizer of my high school reunion. (Let me be clear – I was not the party planner high school!) What literally started as a joke a few months ago has now become a hugely fun side project for me, sparking an interest I had no idea existed: I enjoy event planning!

I love making connections and seeing things come together. I like making s*** happen! I’ve been using my creative faculties in ways I wouldn’t have anticipated, and it’s because the universe put a cleverly disguised opportunity in my path – one I could’ve easily ignored.


So whenever I find myself saying ‘I don’t know what I want’ – and I’ve done that a lot, especially when I feel stuck in situations that don’t seem to be moving – I will remember these events of late. And know that I didn’t have to do anything to make them happen. In fact, I couldn’t have done anything, because they just kinda showed up unexpectedly.

I must follow my excitement and be open to things looking totally different from what I’ve been conditioned to believe is possible or likely. Opportunities can show up in the most random of ways, if we only have the curious eyes to see.

And we can trust that the universe is merely showing us what is already within.


Image credit: Rob Scharein, with my modifications

29 thoughts on “follow the excitement

  1. I so love this. We’re all programmed to spend our lives hammering things into place, working hard, and struggling. What actually works best is exactly what you say, follow your excitement, or follow your bliss. Brilliant. And you’re right…I want to put my hammer down and be surprised and delighted by the universe from now on, to free fall into the flow.

    Love, love, Love you!



    • YES, i have decided to take this summer off from trying to make things happen and just do things i really enjoy doing! i know change is happening for the fall, but i have no idea what it looks like. when i try to make plans or think too much, i feel resistance. it can feel very counter-intuitive to do less and not make plans, but it’s just our conditioning to effort so much. the real intuition will come through when there’s less mental clutter and trying so hard. xo aleya


  2. Aleya, a part of your post that really struck me was the period of time when you tried to have intuitive experiences of the type you thought you were “should” have. That type of self-defeating mentality was once crippling for me, and I have slowly (slowly) come to realize it is largely about doubting in who we are. Later, it is amazing how an irrefutable knowing can arrive bypassing the senses entirely, as if it simply flooded your mind like one of those monthly tests of the Emergency Broadcast System on television. Wham! When I read this post, I’m excited for you! Excitement is contagious… I think your line “I like making s#$% happen” is a hilarious and joy-filled counter to the half-empty worldview of “s#$% happens”. Your take on this is active and creative. The latter is passive and almost like a victim version of Murphy’s Law… 🙂



    • thanks michael! my reunion planning experience has been very interesting to say the least! it’s been insightful on many levels – not only trying something new, but asking people to pay for something, and interacting with people who i didn’t connect with back then. but all of that has been breaking out of my comfort zone and there’s a sense of accomplishment – and even healing. so it’s been exciting to discover these new aspects of myself. and finding my own mode of intuition has felt like big release. and part of the larger sense of not needing others’ approval or authority…knowing that there is room for all ways of knowing and that actually, Source really likes this variety! (and yes, making s#*! happen has been great and i plan to do more of it! lol.) aleya


  3. Yes, my knowing is getting clearer and clearer – now I’m honing the skills I need to let it all in 🙂 xxxx


    • i think your most recent experience of contrast must certainly have given you some wonderful clarity – wooow imagine what your vortex looks like now! 😉 xo aleya


  4. You are such a beautiful writer. You convey the message so beautifully. That all resonated with me so deeply. Have you ever listened to Bashar?? He talks about following your excitement. We are beginning to do just that. We are moving beyond fear just by our awareness of following our excitement. I think you are great at making s*$t happen!! Sending love always…


    • i haven’t watched much bashar but what i do watch is pretty wild, in a good way. i did see a youtube of him a while ago where he said ‘excitement is the organizing principle’ and something just clicked…so it inspired my post! thank you for reading and for your beautiful words…i hope life is well for you and i do hope we can meet again this summer. it’s going fast isn’t it!? love to you dear sister ❤ aleya


  5. Thanks for following me!
    Love the photo of sand & rocks pattern- awesome!
    I share your opinion of the power of women. Just yesterday thought am going to try to get together a local consortium for sharing of ideas for women entrepreneurs so they have a “team” for support.
    Namaste On ~


    • thank you! that photo was taken in tulum, mexico a few years ago – a labyrinth at a yoga retreat i did. love your idea of bringing women women entrepreneurs together. that will be very powerful, and a win-win-win situation. have a great day! aleya


  6. Beautiful. I can see/feel the changes in you from last year. It’s quite significant. Are you aware of it?

    And yes, I couldn’t agree more. I too have noticed how the intuition speaks differently from different places. It’s like there’s different ‘guides’. I can now tell when it’s my ‘ego voice’ vs the ‘real deal’. I’m so thrilled to see you in this space. Much joy my friend…A


    • it’s wonderful to have friends like you who’ve followed this journey and who can show me what i can’t see – thank you, arifah, for all your support! i hope that i’ve been able to do the same for you.

      discerning the ego from true self is huge and we need to appreciate just how huge that is, not only for ourselves but all of humanity. that takes courage and so much awareness.

      interesting that you use the word ‘guides’ too; i remember hearing that somewhere…as we evolve so our guides change to meet us in this new space. (our guides being different aspects of ‘us’, our broader self.) much love, aleya ❤


  7. “I must follow my excitement and be open to things looking totally different from what I’ve been conditioned to believe is possible or likely. Opportunities can show up in the most random of ways, if we only have the curious eyes to see.”

    The perfect close to a beautiful and inspirational post. I don’t know what it is exactly, Aleya, but I totally vibe when I visit your blog and read your words. I think it’s because you love your journey and it inspires us to do so as well. And we sync! I woke up today with nothing short of excitement for writing and sharing. And what is better than following one’s excitement? It feels like the flutter of wings!

    Enjoy your day and thank you, as always, for sharing your wisdom and journey.

    Peace, dear one,

    Allison xxx


    • i love it allison, because i totally connect with your writing too! and talk about excitement – your blog vibrates with enthusiasm and passion. i’m very excited to see how our journeys unfold and i’m very happy we have connected in this blogosphere!! thank you! xo aleya


  8. Great post! Lately I find myself tuning in to signs from my body for cues. When I’m trying to make a decision on whether or not to do something, I notice whether I feel tense or anxious around the idea or whether I’m feeling open excited. Invariably my body reactions tell the story. Intuition comes in so many interesting forms once we become aware of what that looks like in each of us individually.


    • i agree! we each have a unique energy stamp so it makes sense that we will feel the universal signs or cues differently. the challenge for me is quieting the monkey mind long enough that i can actually perceive those ideas/inspirations that are coming from intuition – and not the general chatter. (hmmm don’t think i’m alone on that one – lol.) thank you for your comment! aleya


  9. Aleya,
    You are quite talented 🙂
    I prefer signs that I can review over and over again to be sure I read them correctly, but ….

    I will get flashes or read something and I immediately know it is for me. The words are screaming off the page or screen to me and it is immediate!

    With Aries rising and Jupiter right on your Ascendant, you are a charismatic leader in the best sense possible and you exude enthusiasm and drive when at your best. For myself, it is not as clear, but I strongly see we are both looking to make our marks for the highest good.

    You have my support and friendship as you walk your path.
    xx Linda


    • linda, you are so kind. ❤ i love that the messages speak to you! and thank you for reminding me about my chart. i want to focus on those things that excite me and when i'm doing things that DON'T, i feel very drained and 'off'.

      i think you and i are both in situations of wanting to be patient with timing etc., yet knowing time is always NOW and that our truths and life force don't want to wait much longer for their perfect expression! i want to incorporate mine in all areas of my life. that said, i do trust it is coming together for us. we're just refining things as we go along. thank you for your support and friendship, and know that you have mine too. ❤ aleya


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