some very deep questions on blogging

I started this blogging adventure about a year and a half ago, and have yet to tell the majority of my friends and family about it. I’m kind of dreading the day that someone shares it on Facebook and my mom mentions it at the next family gathering.

I’ve written about this before but clearly it’s still an issue for me – why am I ok with sharing my innermost thoughts on the INTERNET, but not with those closest to me?

please don't find my blog

please don’t find my blog

I recently watched some Teal Swan videos on privacy, openness, and boundaries. They got me really questioning my need to keep my personal life so private.

A few months ago a good friend of mine (the brilliant Eager Beaver) joked that I am “surrounded by an impenetrable cloak of mystique.” Though we laughed and laughed at her choice of words, I wonder if there is a seed of truth in there.

Is it an ego thing? Is there a feeling of power and control in not letting people have access to what’s going on inside me? Does being ‘mysterious’ mean I can comfortably distance myself from others?

Are strangers less threatening than loved ones, when it comes to expressing my truth? Do I feel vulnerable in sharing myself openly with close friends and family because I’m fearful of ridicule, feeling judged, not being taken seriously, being misunderstood, or triggering/hurting/upsetting them? What is this sense of being ‘open to attack’?

It is essential to have healthy boundaries. We all know this. But what does that really mean for me, and have I taken it too far? Have I told myself that I am ‘sensitive’, an ’empath’, prone to ‘absorbing other people’s stuff’, to the point that I’ve walled myself off from them?

Perhaps I’m holding on to previous grudges and resentments where my privacy was violated, and it now feels unsafe to share the deeper parts of me. While that’s certainly understandable, how do I reconcile that pain with my desire for self-expression and LETTING GO of that story?

And what about the fact that we can never really hide ourselves anyway, because we’re broadcasting our energetic signals whether we want to or not? We are all interconnected, so it’s an illusion to think that just because you’re not reading my words, you’re not affected by what’s behind them.

How much of an energetic toll does secrecy take? Sometimes I feel like I live a double life – my blogger life and my day-to-day life. These split parts of me want to integrate and live life more wholly.

What it’s coming down to is integrity. If I’m going to have a public blog, I can’t control who reads it or not. All I can control is my intention, motivation, and the words I choose to express myself.

I’m not really speaking my truth if I’m purposely limiting my words to some people and not others. Perhaps it’s time to get more comfortable with, and honouring of, my truth. And trusting others with it.

While this doesn’t mean that I have to advertise my blog to everyone I know, it does mean accepting that whoever finds it, finds it. And as long as I am writing in integrity, there is nothing to fear.

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  1. Yes. I agree with the many other comments. A great post.

    This may have been said, but perhaps you should start trusting yourself (as opposed to trusting others, letting them into your mind).

    Trust yourself that you are being authentic (as ShamanicTracker wrote), that what you write about is the truth to you. When you become fully comfortable with these truths, you will trust that your words (thoughts and writing) are genuine. When that point is reached, then you could let all of the world in and you’ll just sit back and smile.

    One thing is certain in whatever you aim to do (whatever that may be), you will have to work on you (which you obviously do an excellent job of right now). You can’t change how a sibling interprets a post of yours. That’s beyond your control. You can control a cousin’s take on it, a parent or even a very close friend. The only thing you can control is your own thoughts, intentions and purpose in each new post. And from what I’ve read on your blog, there is nothing but love in that. And that’s something to be tremendously satisfied with, if not just downright proud of. 🙂


    • hi michael, thank you so much for this comment! one of the many things i love about blogging is getting perspective and insights from my very wise blogger friends! 🙂 writing posts like this also seems to fast-track things to another level. even though i wrote it only a couple weeks ago, i feel i’m in a totally different space. all this is about my comfort and trust in myself – nothing really to do with others. and this blog is centered on that relationship – the journey of truth and authenticity. thank you! aleya


  2. Great post Aleya….judging by the comments I see it got a lot of people excited!!! I have so many mixed feelings about sharing, especially as I find I am prone to let things incubate awhile before sharing….mainly so that I sort out how I myself truly feel about my experiences, before opening them up to the words of others…but I have to tell you….I totally thought of you today because my mom visited my blog last night!!!!!!!! agghghghgh I had told her about it when I originally started blogging, because I was just posting about dreams…nothing personal…just what OTHER people thought about dreams…then it organically morphed into a place to open up a little bit, quite like it your space has for you…and from one blogger to another…that felt GOOD…and expressive!! …. especially as a fellow introvert. Anyway, I forgot my mom even knew about it, and then she popped back up when I least expected it! The funniest part was when I said to her “my commenters are some smart cookies, aren’t they, mom?” To which she said….”I’m not even going to TRY to join that club!” hahaha

    Hope the reunion went well!! Much Love, Amanda


    • hi amanda! this post certainly did generate a lot of discussion, and gave me greater insight on the topic too. i LOVE that your mom visited your blog and that you thought of me – hehehe. that’s one thing i have realized in reading these comments – we might think people are going to be a lot more interested/interactive on our blog than they actually are! as far as i know, most people still don’t know i have one, but i’ve released a lot of resistance to that and i’m just gonna keep on writing about the personal stuff.

      the reunion was GREAT, thank you for asking. definitely some positivity and healing happened there…a night to remember for sure. now that the excitement’s over i need to catch up on my blog reading. well…after i host an arts show on friday. phew. lots of love to you ❤ aleya


  3. ❤ your pic with the comment 🙂
    I find your writings very authentic, and your spontaneous sharing make your blog very attractive. I don't know if sharing our blog with those close to us is important (just like Sindy I find that not many are interested anyways haha) but it is important that you feel like you could if you wanted to. If that idea stresses you it is probably something to work on. We are never born into a certain family or society by accident… This is where we have the strongest ties, where we get love and support, but this is also where we typically have more than a few issues and patterns unresolved 😉 And unless we work on resolving them we can't evolve. One of the highest spiritual/shamanic practices is transparency. luv xox


    • the thought of sharing it has definitely stressed me out in the past. i believe it’s resurfacing now because something wants to move…evolve. and it’s true that most people may not even be interested and my ego might be like, whaaa? 😉

      “i could if i wanted to.” i like that. i don’t have a need to share it…but i’m not feeling such resistance to others finding it, because i know it’s inevitable. energy-wise, it’s not sustainable for me to hold on to that fear of being found out. i gotta take it to the next level! thank you ❤ aleya


  4. What a great topic! I started my blog to write my book and slowly people slipped in and started LIKING and commenting and I got kind of hooked. I actually created THIS blog that I am commenting from to kind of go ingognito while I wrote some personal parts of my book. And am just coming out of the proverbial closet and sharing more. Still don’t know exactly how much of my story I will tell but it is kind of addicting to hear other people’s feedback. And as people find my poems and ramblings worth their time, it is a gift that I don’t take lightly. I love your blog and the way you think. Sometimes the best kind of friends start out as strangers. Well, I guess we all start out that way now don’t we? 😉


    • isn’t it cool how people find us (and we find them)? blogging is kinda magic like that! the whole sharing aspect seems to be an organic process for many of us. we start blogging, we like it, a whole world opens up (literally!), it brings up stuff, and we feel our way through. and hopefully our blog(s) shifts and evolves with us over time.

      i am also very appreciative of the support i receive from readers, many of whom i now consider friends. i have even met a couple in person – what a treat! 🙂 thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your journey with us. aleya


  5. I don’t hide it, and nobody I knows cares or reads my blog. It is like they could care less. So???? If people you know care enough to read it, that would be flattering to me.

    But I understand your hesitant discretion. Some of the things I write about would be judged by some family and friends. Oh well. 😀


    • yeah i’m still figuring it all out. of the people i have told about it, most don’t read it. hmmm…what would abe say? just keep doing whatever makes me feel good and know that ‘things are always working out for me’ and let LOA take care of the rest. hehe i can handle that! love aleya


  6. I can so relate. I feel the same way, but I had to make peace with this early on as it’s tied to my art business! It feels weird to reveal so much to people who know you. And at the same time, don’t really know you. It’s a lesson in being consciously authentic, vulnerable, and mindful of your intention for sure. But I was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback I received and ultimately I gained more confidence from it. I think the same will happen for you! I’ve been terrible about blogging lately. I think I will be getting more back into soon, though! It is for sure an amazing tool for ME, and bonus, I get to connect with other lovely souls like yourself 🙂

    Much love and hugs and kisses!



    • hi jackie, i do hope you start blogging again, i love your passionate and inspiring posts! i agree 100% that it’s a lesson in being “consciously authentic, vulnerable, and mindful of your intention”. that’s what speaking our truth is about! writing this post really gave me more insight all this as did reading all the comments. now i know i won’t go out of my way to share it unless i feel called to, but i don’t feel such resistance at the thought of certain people reading. as long as i’m in alignment, it is all good. love to you sister ❤ aleya


  7. I was in another site a few years back for a long time. Too long intact to be incognito. The usernames are all fictitious; only a handful I came to know personally via other techno watchamastuff. Even during my training I was still on it… and the switch happened after. It was a strange switch – heartbreaking to leave it behind but nonetheless felt the right choice. I guess it was heartbreaking because it became a comfort zone. And that’s just it – the comfort zone, whether site, blog, yoga studio, work area, whatever and wherever, once we get too comfy, we cease to grow. I was hooked to it as an addiction to express myself freely. Really?? I asked myself. What’s free in masking oneself with a fictional name and face in the virtual world where no one in the real world knows who I am and what I write? The words may bear truth; but to what extent?

    Then I came here. And I believe my very first post is about introducing myself with my new legal name. No hesitations. No hinges. Only bare facts.
    And it was the onset of feeling free…

    I even have my blog site here on my yoga business card. This is as close to the truth as anyone can get towards me. Of course there are some we leave to ourselves, or perhaps share only with intimate relations… but that’s not what we are talking about here no?
    It’s about who we are, the gist of our nature (or natures since I feel I talk to three different me’s in conversations even! haha), the myriad of character we are, the mosaic of personalities we can become… this, sweets, we have every friggin right to share to the world – with two rules:
    1 – It helps you.
    2 – You help the world.


    • wow very interesting. when i tell people about my blog and that i use my name and share personal stuff they often ask me if that’s safe or if i get worried. and all i can say is that from the start i’ve felt totally ok with it. when i don’t feel ok, i’ll stop or i’ll change something. but obviously it still brings up stuff – otherwise i would not have written this post!

      ah, the comfort zone. we can keep ourselves safe and private, which is fine, or we can pay attention to that little voice that tells us it’s ok to show people who we are. i’m still walking that line, and it’s all good. the awareness is there and things will move as a result of that. thank you for sharing here and on your own lovely blog, dear maia! i am happy to know the myriad of loveliness that is you! xo aleya


  8. This is a big one to face, and sometimes that’s all that’s necessary; your awareness of this perception you’ve created around yourself. What you’ve written here is beautiful. Don’t beat yourself up…how you’ve described yourself, in my perception, is false. It’s not who you are, or what you’ve been doing here. Be very careful, honor your voice, and the work in this blog. This is the deepest form of love, and to describe yourself as lacking integrity….well that’s to me feels very, very wrong. That’s the ‘old voice’ and a defense mechanism possibly. Maybe even a childhood wound that’s causing you to communicate as a child.

    There is no disrespect to others, or a lack of integrity, or living a double life. It’s about capability. You ARE a WOMAN. YOU are a VIBRANT ADULT. You have the right to live and speak from, and as, a woman of your choosing, and no you don’t have to apologize. It’s from self-love. We have to build our internal love, our spiritual foundation, our muscle….then when it feels stable enough to stand on, then we can face others. You’ve spent this blog nurturing you. That’s fucking awesome and to be congratulated. If there’s love, the real deal, in your relationships they will feel that love and emit it back to you. If there’s issues that come up, well now you seem ready to deal with that outcome. You weren’t before. Now you have the tools to cope with what comes. Now do you see how far you’ve come? Much love, A xoxoxoxo


    • wow arifah…you’ve given me another perspective on this! i really didn’t think i was beating myself up in this post! really interesting what you have shown me here. to be honest there are a lot of situations where i feel i’m lacking in integrity – but more and more, i’m seeing this objectively, with a knowing that it’s the interplay love and fear (ego/childhood conditioning) happening within and outside me. the lack of integrity i feel is my cue that, in some situations, i’m operating from a place of mind and fear. it’s habitual, auto-pilot; and i really don’t need to do that anymore. hallelujah! it’s a really good feeling. 🙂

      i love and appreciate that you show me what i don’t always see. i totally agree that as an adult woman i can choose whatever i want, with no apologies. YES to that, and i’m feelin’ it baby! i do see how far i have come because that woman inside is speaking louder and louder, affirming her strength and knowing that what she has to offer can only benefit those around her. so much love to you ❤ aleya


      • Maybe ‘beating yourself up’ is harsh. What I mean is we’re figuring out this ‘integrity’ thing and we’re constantly evolving ‘up’ our view. I’m glad you don’t do it anymore…sorry I missed that part.

        As for the rest…WOOHOO! much love.


  9. Its an interesting line isn’t it, where to keep public and private worlds from crisscrossing and what persona to show. I started blogging because my publisher said I needed to have a more “public” presence. Still struggling with this, as self promotion is really not in line with my preferred mode of operation – I would prefer to be hiking in some quiet, remote forest or climbing a mountain. Also the idea of “labels” comes up a lot. What “label” do I want to use to identify myself to others in the public world, in more private circles, and so on. Thanks for the post – some interesting ideas to ponder


    • it is an interesting line, one that i’ve pondered since i started blogging. and it’s becoming heightened for me lately. why now? for some reason the public and private don’t want to be so separated. the enjoyment i get from my blog seems to be heightening the lack of connection i feel to other aspects of my life. there’s a disconnect, a tension there that seems to be growing. (in a good way.)

      regarding the self-promotion, it’s not the most natural thing in the world for a lot of us, esp introverts. but we live in an age where ‘branding’ seems to be key to establishing a strong ‘internet presence’. what is our unique voice? how am i different from everyone else? oh my, well that’s a whole other post haha. thank you for your comment. congrats again on your book! aleya


    • You may have considered all of the following already, but I felt moved to put my 2 cents in.

      I wonder if you’d enjoy blogging short posts about your time doing those things you love to do, and perhaps one thought on how it relates to what you wrote or are writing, or an occasional unrelated sharing on your writing.

      Whatever you decide to blog about, if you decide to blog, really needs to suit who you are and share what you really want to say. Not everyone is going to be the personal, bare-it-all type and that’s how it should be. Show the “you” you enjoy showing!

      Doing anything else would drag you down and be unlikely to bring the kind of results you want anyway.

      Best wishes!


      • i like the idea of writing about those things i love to do. i’ve started to get back into my kundalini yoga practice, which is certainly one such thing! 🙂

        blogging has shown me the importance of authenticity and integrity in my self-expression. have i been true to me? – with the knowing that ‘who i am’ changes all the time, and that’s fine. a lot of this is about being comfortable in myself. a calling i can’t ignore, and blogging is the perfect vehicle to bring this about! thank you! aleya


  10. Awesome! You and I are “cut from the same bolt of cloth” which, if that expression is foreign to you means we are kindred spirits. I look forward to your posts each week. You are an incredible presence in this world. I wish you lived nearby so you could come over and have a cup of coffee with my wife and I and our two lovely little dachshunds, Elsa and Ludwig.


  11. This seems to be a theme as of lately for myself as well. What do I share? How deep do I go? Who will judge me? And further more, will it help or hurt my business? I have come to the conclusion that sharing more of who I am on and off the page is what I am being called to do more and more. My lessons teach others and remind so many that we are in this together. I have family members who read about my journey and while I shiver at the thought of sharing some things, I know I am not able to really be me if I don’t. Keep going, keep writing, and slowly the veil will fall away. 🙂


    • i relate to everything you have said. “sharing more of who I am on and off the page is what I am being called to do more and more” – this is how i feel. it’s like there has been a split within me, and those parts now want to come together and be consistent in all aspects of my life. i want to walk as a full being. it’s paying attention to how we feel and knowing when it’s time to let go of fear…and when it’s ok to be a little self-protective. either way, things are shifting! thank you for sharing your wisdom here, and on your blog – you have so much goodness to share! 🙂 aleya


  12. Dear Aleya,

    This is a tricky thing indeed. I can relate in the sense that when I first started out I didn’t tell any of my family or friends about my blog. I wanted to find my groove first without having to clutter my mind with what I ‘thought’ some people ‘might’ think or say about what I was doing. I’m glad I did that because it allowed me to stumble and succeed on my own in my own way, free of what the people close to me may judge me for.

    I also did NOT want any patronizing! I knew that if someone gave me a fake “Aww, what a cute little hobby you have.” I’d have to slap them. Writing for me is so deep, it’s my insides, it’s my breath. Any I won’t put up with any one stepping on it with nonsense, even those close to me. Maybe that was another reason I kept quiet. I don’t think there is anything wrong with protecting and defending something that is so precious to us.

    Once I was ready, I started sharing in the sense that I didn’t keep it a secret but I also didn’t push it on anyone. It has given me a deeper more calm confidence knowing that I sort of ‘came clean’ with people close to me. And it feels good to know that I am ok with them taking or leaving it. I’m pretty sure most leave it – I have some family members who dig my work and read often but don’t comment, some just don’t really care, and once in a great while one of my posts will touch their hearts. It’s been a learning experience and a great one. I’m learning how my talents and passions fit into the world, my world.

    What’s happened that is actually kind of funny is that some really enjoy my blog and some (most) couldn’t care less about it, haha! And I’m cool with that. It’s more freeing to know that I put it out there and I still write my truth, regardless of how people react to it. I guess it just depends on whether you feel in your heart it’s the time to share. Not just because of what it will do for other people, but for what peace of mind it may give you to feel aligned.

    You may be very surprised and delighted and touch hearts close to you that you never would have guessed. That will make it worth sharing indeed, that’s a real gift. Your words are inspiring and beautiful, and truly a gift. Thank you for sharing them so generously!

    Sending you vibes of peace, my dear one 😉 Listen to your spirit 😉

    Allison xxxx


    • allison! i remember the feeling of starting my blog and realizing that it was one of the few things i created that was totally ‘mine’ and mine alone. it quickly became such a blessing in my life, and i was very protective of it – defending my little baby hehe. now that i feel more confident with it – found my groove – i’m more willing to let others in on this creation. slowly slowly i am telling more and more friends about it – testing the waters. and the response is either really positive – or not much interest at all. which is ok. a nice little reality check for my ego. 😉 it certainly hasn’t been negative.

      i’m just feeling the call to really own my voice in a way i haven’t before. to be proud of it, be confident in my experience and insights, and not hide who i am anymore. but i will do what feels really right for me, and if that means keeping quiet for a while, so be it! i can feel that even writing this post and reading the comments has opened things up. thank you for adding your wisdom and passion to the discussion! xo aleya


      • “i’m just feeling the call to really own my voice in a way i haven’t before. to be proud of it, be confident in my experience and insights, and not hide who i am anymore.” Can I just get an Amen!!! This is one of the most beautiful statements I have ever read! This world is so damn blessed to have you – all of you. 🙂

        Big love – Allison xxx


  13. On the contrary, I am the one who loves to share at least with all people who I think understand me and respect the difference of opinion. I feel sharing helps self growth much faster. Perhaps, online network was never developed with a though to replace the physical one. it was meant just to increase the circle beyond limitations of time, distance and relation. You have a great blog. In fact, you are the only one whom I read the most among others. It is a gift you are carrying and it must reach out to more and more people. It makes communication so easier when you are not comfortable in face to face, you know… Understanding grows and the perceptions change towards reality. In other way, there is nothing original in true sense, one thing is inspired from other and so on… so where is the privacy? Its only in mind. The first thing to let go is “fear” of any kind. Thats a good beginning!!
    Best wishes



    • hi purnima, thank you for lovely words. you found me (or i found you?) early on in my blogging days, and i am so appreciative of our connection. i agree that sharing our truth helps us to grow. for me, it’s now about trusting my own truth and knowing it comes from a place of goodness and love. that’s my intention, even though ego tries to get in the way.

      sometimes when i write about personal situations, i have to be very careful that i’m not venting or blaming or sharing info about others without their permission. my blog is about taking responsibility for my own reactions. i’ve worried that others won’t interpret it that way…and this is why truth and integrity are so important to me. because through honesty and integrity we can share and learn from each other in a way that is non-harming – even if the words don’t always come out right. i agree that there is ultimately no privacy ❤ and that letting go of fear is key ❤ thank you again and much love, aleya


  14. Great post and I know how you feel. Exposing your inner most thoughts takes a hell of a lot of courage! And I believe that it takes a lot more courage if you are not 100% certain as to the reasons you are sharing them. What is your primary reason for blogging may I ask?


    • my reasons for blogging seem to reveal themselves over time! i don’t know what the primary reason was when i started…i just wanted to get something out from within me, and it has evolved on its own from there. now i realize how much i love writing, communications, spiritual matters, connecting with people – blogging is such a great vehicle for this. we’re all on this human journey together, in very potent times and in a technological age. this has never been done before! i think i wrote this in a previous post – i see us (bloggers) as individual points of light, connecting to each other and powering up the planet. it’s exciting! thank you! 🙂 aleya


  15. Perhaps this is more a decision based on discernment than sensorship. If you have had an experience where you have shared your innermost self and had it misunderstood or even ridiculed, why not the shelter or preserve those parts for those who would understand. Even if it is on the internet. I question whether you are hiding yourself or just choosing your audience differently. Hegel said something like that which is familiar remains the most unknown. Can some of our loved ones really know us if we are too familiar? Do our friends really see us or do they imagine who we are through the veil of past experiences and judgements. (Can you see my own grappling here through recent experience lol).

    Your writing is so honest and sincere. Your internet audience here is loving and supportive and they get it. Our loved ones may love us but they often don’t “get it”. My answer is based on the decision I made based on some of the reactions I got after I shared my blog but I see you asking also about whether you want to just let go and be and not care who’s watching. Like that Rumi quote about wanting to sing like the birds sing and not care who is listening. There would be great freedom in that. I hope I didn’t confuse you more 🙂


    • that’s exactly the dilemma i find myself in now. those who are closest to me will filter my words through what they already know of me. as i probably would too, of them – it’s hard to switch that off! with anonymous readers we are a clean slate, there are few preconceived notions about us. it feels so much easier without all that extra ‘stuff’.

      but now i am feeling the weight of hiding this part of me. i’m starting to wonder – what’s the worst that could happen if more people i know read it? maybe it’s the next stage of coming into my own truth and embracing it. feels scary for sure, but also exciting. what could that open up for me? maybe i would feel really free. hard to know until it happens!

      you totally didn’t confuse me hehe. this whole thing brings up so much, for many people as i’m realizing through these comments, and i am just exploring these new insights emerging for me. i don’t know how things will unfold, only that my soul is calling me to soften. thank you for the rumi quote and for your inspiring posts! ❤ aleya


      • Yes the subject seems to resonate with many of us. I’ve read recently that if something feels exciting then that’s a sign that it is a prompting of your spirit vs ego. Good luck, I’m sure it will all work out. 🙂


  16. Hi Aleya,

    Awesome post. Someone had to say it! Ha! I have thought about the same issue quite a bit, and have been blogging now for about a year and a half myself. You described much of my personal experience to a tee, although I did let both parents know about my forays into this realm fairly early on. I think the reality is that when we are exploring this inner world, we are starved for contact with others who are navigating similar vulnerable, tender, dark, exciting, life-releasing territories. My guess is that you may have felt similar types of conflict long before you started blogging, however? Wishing you could share more of the most important things going on within, and found it awkward to do so with some people more than others? I think this is just part of living and growing.

    When I began working, this was particularly intense- balancing the need to become and to share what was becoming, but finding myself in an environment where interpersonal communication was a challenge at best… 🙂 I think I’ve learned part of this is my need to be recognized or known in a certain light, which is unnecessary in some settings. When I give up the need to be seen in a particular way, I can just be with others wherever they/we are at. If I can’t do that, I start judging (either myself or another) when I get uncomfortable, which is no good… I don’t think it’s selfish to meet others where they are at, free of judgment, and also free of the need to bare the soul. I also think that if others really wanted to roll up their sleeves and “go there” with you, you would probably be having those conversations with these persons who don’t know about your blog yet, or would have been having them all along, and the issue of sharing your blog would be a non-issue…? When they DO find out, then they may realize there is more to Aleya than met the eye. Some will be curious, and some won’t. I’m not sure it matters…

    I think I am discovering that the integration you wrote about desiring near the end is, in part, about being okay with what is happening, with being with people in a way that is comfortable for the both of us, and with not “needing” anything from any particular encounter. If I’m already comfortable and integrated in my own skin, I don’t need a particular type of encounter to enhance it. I say this, as if I am able to pull this off on an ongoing basis, which is hardly the case… 🙂 But the other piece remains- the hunger to connect on a deep level with other beings.

    When I started blogging I thought it was because I had something to say, but I’ve realized it’s more like shooting up a flare that some others on a common wavelength might recognize. I think that in addition to what I just wrote, it is VITAL to have places to express what lives at the heart of our being. We have to find a way… or we’re sunk. Social media gets a bad rap, but I think there is something that “lives between the lines” of social media, that isn’t in any of the words, that you recognize when you find your tribe of like-hearted, like-minded…


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    • wow thank you michael for your comment! it’s funny, i’m trying to remember what the heck i did before blogging and it’s all kind of fuzzy. now that i know what a positive effect it’s had in my life, i don’t know what i did without it! writing in my journal? sooo not the same thing. there’s something about putting it out there for all the world to see that shows we are validating our own voice, our own story. and when others find us and support us – like a flare as you say, others on that wavelength responding – that brings such a sense of relief and hope. (and how freaking cool is it that we’re all over the world!?)

      i’d been contemplating blogging for months but had no idea what i would actually say until the words started coming out. and all that was timing – one day i just decided it was time to write that first post. and now i’m at another phase – knowing that everyone in my life should have access to what i say, not necessarily because i think it’s important to them, but because it’s ‘me’ and ‘me’ wants to share her truth from a place of love. the walls just aren’t feeling so good these days. (now, if my friends/family read and have no response whatsoever…that would be strange. let’s see how my ego handles that!)

      i totally agree with you that it is vital to have “places to express what lives at the heart of our being”. i’m very thankful i dipped my toe in the water last year and i know the insights will keep coming. thank you again! aleya


  17. You raise some excellent questions. Recently my mom learned how to use email and asked to see my blog. I gave her a link to one post and hoped she sis not explore too far. For myself, I know how my family in particular feels about many of my ideas, interests, views etc and they judge me for them. So why encourage more criticism and judgement? I find public blogging liberating because I tend to be so reserved and private. So many folks out there appreciate my worldview. But not many who are connected to me by blood or geographic location ( neighbors, etc) or profession ( coworkers)

    Hope you find the balance that is right for you ❤


    • thank you linda. ❤ i suppose i also worry that if friends and family start reading, i'll start to censor what i say – or i'll be overly cautious of it anyway. and i really don't want that to happen! blogging has been such an amazing way to self-express…it's done wonders for me and i feel very protective of that! i just have to accept that this is where i am at now. and there has been a shift in that i am feeling like it's time to open up some more. so we shall see where that takes me. and i definitely appreciate your worldview!! 🙂 xo aleya

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