high school reunion pt. 2

For my blogger friends who asked for an update on my high school reunion last weekend – it was an amazing evening and one I’ll remember for a very long time.

As some know, in the days leading up to the gathering I was feeling some major anxiety. It was as though my inner 16 year old was speaking progressively louder, and I was almost frozen in that state. All the relationships and insecurities of my teenage years took centre stage, and I could only perceive the situation through that lens.

Even though I knew I’d come a long way since those days, I was afraid it’d all fly out the window in the moment!

I’m not sure what it was…perhaps meeting up with one of my best friends beforehand, or having read the encouraging blogger comments earlier that day…but most of my anxieties had dissipated by the time we actually reached the venue. I was feeling more intrigued by what might lie ahead. (Ok, maybe the red wine had something to do with that…hehe.)

I was immediately blown away by how many people had shown up. The energy of the room was electric…everyone seemed so happy to be there.

There is something about going through such formative years with others, that when you reconnect with them after so long, there is a strange sense of familiarity. Of course we’ve changed big-time, but we know each other on a level that’s hard to explain. There is compassion for the vulnerability and challenges we all felt as adolescents, which we now have the wisdom and perspective to see.

That’s how I felt, anyway.

I had conversations with people I hardly spoke to in high school – those who generally didn’t associate with anyone beyond their own clique. One exchange in particular struck me…a guy who had wished certain people would have come that night, so that he could apologize for being a ‘dick’ to them in high school. This interaction was probably the most meaningful and unexpected of my whole evening.

The night was particularly gratifying on another level, in seeing the tangible results of what I’d been organizing the past few months. I had many classmates express their appreciation for my planning the event, and this was very fulfilling. I definitely want more of that in my life…to create fun times and special memories for people!

I feel the universe now gently nudging me to get ‘out there’ in ways I couldn’t before. To know that it’s safe to be vulnerable; that I’m no longer a 16-year old girl riddled with feelings of self-doubt and inferiority. I can finally put that story to bed.

Whether or not we’ve actually gone to our high school reunions, I think it’s safe to say that many people do soften over time – including those we’d least expect.

And for those who don’t really seem to have changed…well, we realize we are not so affected by them anymore. They don’t seem as big and powerful as they once did.

The fact that the reunion happened on the summer solstice makes the experience that much more amplified. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity I had to step back in time. And I’m curious as to what universe will orchestrate as a result!

12 thoughts on “high school reunion pt. 2

  1. How wonderful, Aleya! Bravo to you for your brave engagement and energetic efforts to bring people together. That is such a gift.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for writing in such a touching way about the transitions we go through in time. I love your perspective about looking back on our 16 year old selves! Makes me think back on my own experiences with a tender heart.

    “And I’m curious as to what universe will orchestrate as a result!” – me too, me too, dear one! Keep rockin’ your soulful goodness. You are bringing so much light to those around you 🙂

    Blessings and peace, always ~

    Allison xxx


    • thank you allison, your comments always light me up. ❤ i am excited to follow your journey too! wishing you a wonderful weekend! xo aleya


  2. Giiiiirl my high school reunion is happening next weekend.
    You’re braver than me!
    Maybe I’ll go to the 20 year….. assuming I’m an international best-selling author by then, of course 😉


    • from what i’ve heard the 20 year is waaay better than the 10 year. a lot of change happens in those second ten years. 🙂 i highly recommend going if you’re even just the teensiest bit curious; it was a surreal experience and made me realize i’m way cooler than i once thought – lol! i needed that! thanks for reading and commenting, aleya


  3. Like every great chapter, it closes, fueling desire for the next. I just wanted to say I’m glad you wrote the follow-up post because I was curious to hear how it went. It must have been great to see people with a few more years of living and experiencing under their belts, to greet old memories and discover them tempered and matured. It strikes me as a metaphor for any fear we face, the way that fear can soften as our perceptions heal and we release them. Lovely!



    • hi michael, i wasn’t sure if there would be a part 2 as i had no idea what the evening would bring. it really was wonderful to see how so many people had changed, yet still see elements of our teenage selves. a wild experience for sure!

      the chapter has indeed closed – i’m glad i got to choose a different ending. so…now what? 😉 thank you, aleya


  4. Thanks for the update; I had been waiting with bated breath. I adore your joy-filled photos, the fun and laughter is palpable. I really was moved by the comment by the man who wished to apologize for his past bad behavior. I think hearing that directly that would have brought me to tears!

    So so glad you did this for you, gave yourself a precious gift. Also glad you wrote this for your readers. I have not been to one of these and don’t know if I ever will. But hearing about yours gave me some vicarious closure ( if that is possible 🙂 )



    • thank you linda ❤ i most definitely wrote this for all of us who had difficult high school years (which is a lot of us!). and it was a beautiful surprise indeed to connect with this particular guy. his energy has become so gentle and relaxed. now our class wants another reunion in 5 years! 🙂

      i always appreciate your loving and thoughtful comments. thank you again xo aleya


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