feel it all

I love these words. So often we put pressure on ourselves to be positive and think happy thoughts when we really don’t feel that way. Being a human being on this planet means feeling the full spectrum of emotions available to us. This is what makes us multi-dimensional, authentic, complex, wise, compassionate, and oh yes – soooo much more interesting.


28 thoughts on “feel it all

    • thank you arifah! yes it’s been a while hasn’t it. i have really fallen behind on my blogging but hope to catch up soon. life’s on warp speed at the moment! hope you are really well. aleya


      • I’m the one that’s fallen behind. The lovely thing is the support is still there. It’s like I didn’t leave. Yes things are moving much faster than I can muster. I am doing better thank you…hope you are well xx


  1. ❤ I have no words to express the fact that… I completely agree with this quote. It can be a challenge to *allow* the experience of all the emotions, and allow. allow. allow. Beautiful Aleya ❤ Aloha

    P.S. I saw the green scarab beetle again! It came out of nowhere, again! There's so much for me to contemplate these days – words are more like molasses at the moment (sweet thoughts but viscous) and the beetles are fast flying and *whew* – Yay!


    • thank you, dearest ka ❤ that is sooo amazing about that green scarab beetle!! it's a really potent time right now, the air is full with signs and i myself have just had massive information come in about my ancestors. trying to keep up with all the processing – whew indeed!! lots of love ❤ aleya


  2. I needed this! Thank you for bringing this to light; we are indeed meant to experience a wave of emotions and they won’t always be the ones that make us feel happy. Much love to you!


  3. Dear Aleya,

    Beautiful image to accompany the master’s words. I grew up in the Middle East and as a result I relish in Persian and Arabic story-telling; there is so much beauty to the Middle Eastern traditions. I attended a Sufi poetry reading once and my favorite story was that of the seeker/soul-traveller as Chickpea. At first the Chickpea was scared of the fire and begged the chef to leave him, the little chickpea, as he was. The chef comforted the chickpea and told him, oh little chickpea, do not be afraid. We need to heat you, we need to season you, we need to cook you up! Your flavor, your character, comes no other way!

    Thank you for reminding me of a beautiful memory and also shining your light (and truth!) so brightly here for all to see.



    • amanda…thank you so much for your comment. i LOVE the story of chickpea. it actually brought tears to my eyes, so clearly there is a message there for me. ❤ i think i will name myself 'chickpea' for the rest of today. speaking of names, mine is arabic but i have to say that's a side of myself i've never really explored. perhaps chickpea will inspire me. thank YOU for sharing your beauty with all of us. love aleya

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      • Dear precious Chickpea, I am so honored that you resonated with the story – my heart glows!! I did forget to tell you the best part!! The chickpea falls in love with the pan, with the heat, the chickpea falls in love with her pain and the wisdom its seasoning brings. I am delighted to hear your name is Arabic as hearing Arabic spoken has always deeply soothed my soul. Take care little chickpea…Much Love, Amanda


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