11 reasons i quit my comfy job

It’s sinking in that I’ve quit my job. There is no turning back; my employer has advertised my position and the wheels are in motion. Though I don’t regret my decision, I have my anxious moments! So it seems appropriate to remind myself why I made this choice.

rubbing juliet's bosom for luck in verona, italy.

rubbing juliet’s bosom for luck in verona, italy. work your magic!

1. ‘Reality’ was cementing. My day became a fixed routine, going through the same motions over and over. A feeling that ‘This Is Reality’ was lodging into my cells. I know that over time, it would have sunk in deeper. And it would become harder to leave.

2. Where do I want to be in a year? Questions like this have always stumped me, because I’ve viewed them in terms of externals…job, geographic location, living situation. Instead, I began to think about how I wanted to feel in one year. Vibrant. Vital. Proud. Excited about life. Energized. Staying where I was would only lead me in the opposite direction. It was already happening.

3. My body was telling me to leave. In the last year especially, I could feel my energy weakening and my body becoming tired and depressed. It’s always been much easier for me to listen to my head than my body. But it got to a point where I felt very strongly that if I didn’t leave, the decision would be made for me. And I didn’t want to take that risk.

I’m the only one who suffers when I don’t listen to my own voice and intuition.

4. I was stagnating. The comfy jobs can be the hardest to leave because there’s a long list of convincing reasons to stay. But when you’re reminding yourself daily why you ‘should’ be there, it’s not a good sign.

We have to be vigilant with what we tell ourselves, and where that voice comes from. Because ‘comfort’ can also mean lack of growth. And it’s a clever disguise for fear. What about uncertainty, the unknown…and the creativity, aliveness, and excitement that comes with it? I’ve forgotten what that feels like!

5. I have nothing to lose. When I really examined my fears, I realized they were all manageable and, in some cases, irrational (survival-based).

What’s the worst that can happen? I can’t pay my rent? I have friends and family that would take me in. I can’t afford food? Said friends and family would never let me go hungry. I regret giving up my job? Doubtful, but I would deal with it. (And, having that clarity, probably find something better as a result.)

6. I was living in creative and financial debt. When we’re not doing work that creatively fuels us, we compensate for it in other ways. We eat out, we drink, we shop. And the ego may be sneaky here – because we can over-spend on ‘healthy’ stuff too!

I’m tired of the hamster wheel I’ve been running for years. I am totally okay with living minimally, if there is authenticity, inspiration, and creativity to balance it out. That being said:

7. I’m allowed to ask more from life. I’m very aware of the negative self-talk I’ve been feeding myself over the years. Self-defeating thoughts such as ‘There’s only so much to go around’ or ‘Good jobs are hard to come by’ or ‘ Things could be a lot worse’ have only discouraged me from finding what would truly make my heart sing.

So many of us are affected by tired old self-sabotaging thoughts. And it has to stop.

time to feel some colour

time to feel some colour

8. I’m shifting with the cosmos. There’s so much talk about the expansion of consciousness and humanity during these times, and the assistance (seen and unseen) that is available to us in creating what we want. But do I really believe it?

Well, I’m choosing to believe it now. Trusting in the expansion, and surrendering to all the divine guidance that’s available.

9. I wasn’t serving in a way that felt good to me. I need to feel like I’ve made a difference, that the work I’ve done is meaningful and has had some positive impact.

I know that we can be of service in many ways, and that it doesn’t have to be some big grandiose thing. But my work must reflect who I am and what my values are. It can’t just be about me, me, me.

10. When this changes, so will all else. Removing one central element of life naturally recalibrates all other elements. Everything must shift to accommodate that change. This doesn’t mean things fall apart – they just re-organize. And probably for the better.

11. I was resenting my job instead of having gratitude. My job has been wonderful in so many ways, and I will always be grateful for the people I worked with. I don’t ever want to lose sight of what it clarified for me. I wouldn’t have stayed so long, if the people weren’t fabulous!


At the end of the day…this is not just about the job! Making this decision has applied to so many areas of my life. This is about ALL the beliefs and behaviours that we know we need to let go of, but haven’t been able to.

I can feel how much of myself I have been suppressing, and ultimately I’m relieved. And I must remember this feeling in moments of self-doubt.

73 thoughts on “11 reasons i quit my comfy job

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  3. I know you wrote this post many month ago, but today was the perfect day for me to read it! Thank you for your honest evaluation of following your inner/higher guidance. I would love to do the same thing. I was trying to make it as an artist about a year ago, but my head and heart where not in alignment with my joy. I had fear based thinking and listened to everyone else’s doubts. So, I found a regular full time job. Love the people and its the best experience I’ve had working in an office, but I am killing my spirit and do not like who I am most days; Insincere, tired, anxious, and sad. I am taking your post as a sign it is okay to make a move towards my happiness:) Much love!


    • oh that makes me happy that my post came at the right time for you! reading your comment was also good timing for me. it’s been a couple of months now that i quit my job, and though i’ve had challenging moments, i know it was the right choice. a lot has happened in two months; i’ve met tons of new people and have learned so much through my school program, being out of my comfort zone more often, and thinking of different ways to make money! 🙂

      for the first couple weeks i doubted my decision to quit, but now that i’m able to be more creative with my time and my work, i can see a new world opening up. it can be stressful but it can also be very exciting. it’s all what we make of it. it sounds like you know what you need to do and it’s great that you know what makes your heart sing. those office jobs can provide wonderful perspective. all the best to you, let me know how it goes! aleya ❤

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      • Thanks Aleya! So glad you are having success!!! I think the challenges that come as we progress on our journey toward happiness is just us letting go of old thought patterns we have outgrown. I am also back in school. A big step I took for myself this year:) I cant wait to hear your updates. Thanks again for the inspiration and your beautuful blog!


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  5. Incredible article Aleya! Very inspiring for me personally, as I can relate to a lot of the feelings you described. I’m facing a similar dilemma and searching for the courage to make a big change as well. Look forward to following the next installment on your journey. Keep up the great work 🙂


    • hey josh! thanks so much for reading and commenting. so glad it inspired you! 🙂 it’s comforting to know that we are all on this journey of finding our true path, experiencing all that comes with that. best wishes for big changes!! aleya


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  7. How exciting, courageous and inspiring Aleya! Sending positive thoughts your way- excited to hear how all unfolds for you! Wishing you all the best, Laura.x


    • thank you laura! reading your posts yesterday shows me what blessings can come when we step out of our comfort zone! ❤ aleya


    • thank you for your well wishes! all the supportive feedback i’ve received is so encouraging…and much appreciated! it’s wonderful to be able to share this process. 🙂 aleya


  8. Yay, you did it! I know that you’ve been thinking about this for awhile now. I wish you peace, creativity, and vibrancy in this new stage of life. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for you.


    • your’e right, i had been thinking about it for a while! i love hearing those reminders, makes me know that it’s definitely the right time to move on. thank you! ❤ we'll see what unfolds…


  9. Wow, that’s a really bold move that you made…and you have my best wishes that it all ends up nicely for you. …
    I just read your post today because there was some problem with my internet connection which got repaired just yesterday. But, over the last 10 days I’ve had plenty of time to meddle with my laptop.You see, I’m a big tech junkie who loves to get his hand dirty with different software and stuff … and that extra useless stuff was slowing down my laptop. However, even when I uninstalled those software, they left a lot of cr*p behind. The best solution was to format my hard drive but that would mean a loss of my settings and other things. Backing up my data would have meant another few days sifting through huge volumes of data separating those that I wanted to backup from those that I wanted to discard. Hence, i kept postponing the decision of formatting the hard disc of my laptop.
    However, one fine day I simply took a plunge in the water without caring what I may lose. I knew that only few software and websites were really important to me and since I frequently used only those particular software and bookmarks I could easily install those software and make those bookmarks again after formatting my hard disc….which I did, btw.
    So..it’s true that I lost a lot of stuff (many unnecessary software which I rarely used, lots of documents that were occupying unnecessary space, and tons of bookmarks to websites that I no longer accessed etc. etc.) but the thing is – now that all the unnecessary stuff has been removed my computer is much faster and I have a lot for space for the stuff that is really necessary for me…
    I know that my story might seem unrelated to your post but you’re far too intelligent to not notice its analogy with life 🙂 . In fact you have already made the jump with full awareness about the possible consequences of your decision and action….for which I congratulate you and wish you all the best.
    God bless …



    • that is the perfect analogy! thanks. 🙂 i’m already feeling this ‘freeing up’ of space and though i’m a little overwhelmed with all the change that’s happening, i can see what a toll it was taking to stay where i was. i didn’t realize the full extent of that till now…it has taken up too much space in the form of energy, draining me and making it hard to pursue other things.

      i love all these comments and really enjoyed your 21st century digital analogy!! i’m ready for a major reboot haha 🙂 aleya


  10. From what you say it very much sounds as though you have made the right decision. I did the same myself a number of years ago, feeling instinctively that I should move my life into other territories, and have never regretted bringing about the change. Well done, and good for you; I am sure you will feel more contented.



    • great! i love to hear that others have made the same decision and not regretted it. i haven’t heard one person say they wish they’d stayed where the were! thank you so much 🙂 aleya


  11. Very well written and inspring Aleya. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the journey!


    • thank you, bridget! i appreciate your reading and commenting. 🙂 your journey is also very inspiring to me. so glad we have connected! aleya


  12. Loved this post Aleya,
    There are a couple of one liners in there that are like BAM! I especially liked “Comfort can also mean lack of growth…clever disguise for fear…” lovely job of making your insights clear and to the point, where they are the most effective. I will read this each time I start to feel the “fear”…
    Cheers to your new found freedom and the doors that it will now open for you!


    • kim!! thank you for reading and your lovely comment! there are growing numbers of us out there, stepping into our fear and trusting/knowing there is something infinitely better waiting for us on the other side. we are on an exciting journey! ❤ big love, aleya


    • as a culture we’re not really encouraged to follow our joy or expansion. so it can be hard for those of us who want to break the mould and follow our heart’s desire.

      but it is possible; since writing this post and talking to others, i’m finding that people who’ve taken the leap don’t regret their decision, and things always work out – and for the better. but we have to get to the point where we’re so tired of the way things are, that the only option is to step into the unknown. thanks, aleya


  13. What I have come to realize is the more we trust and free ourselves up, follow our heart and intuition, the more expansive we can be. You are brave and are trusting yourself, I really honor that in you. Life is truly amazing, I would have never dreamt my life would be as wonderful as it is, when I was surviving and hanging on to my awesome rent control apartment in Los Angeles.

    I would never go anywhere or do anything as most of the money I earned went to pay for my apartment, cable…blah, blah, blah. I really loved that apartment but it became my gilded cage.If my Higher Self had not told me straight out to leave, I don’t know….I think I might be dead. But because I summoned the courage to actually leave as my HS had directed I now have a new life, an ever expanding one.

    This is from a meme on FB, “Some days you just need to jump into the Vortex and let the Universe do its job.”

    I believe in you~ and so do you~


    • sindy ❤ i love this comment…you say "I really loved that apartment but it became my gilded cage" and that's how i'm feeling about so many aspects of life, esp now that i've given my notice.

      now that i've tasted freedom i realize how much we confine ourselves, and convince ourselves that it's ok! and when you say you might be dead, well i get that too – like the life force would be slowly leaked out of me.

      i can feel your expansion in your words, and it is so inspiring. thank you my dear! xox aleya


      • I am so pleased ❤ 😀 You know something happened once I committed to the decision to leave Los Angeles, which I loved, all my friends, who I love, everything, so much to miss in LA , that it would be a long list:apartment, friends, extreme diversity, churches, the Farmers Market, the Korean Spa, the ocean….but I do not miss the congested, impacted energy, the dirt, smog and noise. I ramble on but the point I was getting to was I experienced this emotion that was close to bliss and I couldn't recognize it. That emotion wasn't strong in my data base, it was freedom. I was like "Whoa, what is this sensation?" It is The Fool in the the tarot, (for me anyways) he is on the road traveling light, just ready to jump into that Vortex, and with a smile on his face.

        I am excited for you, truly. It is a time to trust and manifest for us all, you are just one of the conscious ones that knows it is time. It is time for us to claim or power and our destinies……

        I really rambled on. lol

        Much sister love sister


        • oh this was all such good and sweet rambling, i do not mind at all! i LOVE this: “I experienced this emotion that was close to bliss and I couldn’t recognize it.” YES to FREEDOM!

          your words are truly inspiring to me right now and much needed after a bit of a rough day!! so glad you have shared this with me. thank you dearest sindy!! xoxo aleya


  14. This has been a baggage to you since I’ve known you. And here you are… letting go of what no longer serves you. Other people may feel less inclined to your decision. A lot will be said, so a lot you will hear. But this is about you, your life, what makes you happy – and not pleasing anyone else. You felt the stagnation… this is the worse part. Not only in jobs, but in anything else, relationships even more! When growth has ceased, and no amount of watering and sunshine can make it grow… then it is time to plant yourself on other ground.

    Now how am I supposed to visit you now? 😉
    Take baby steps, sweets… no point in rushing at this stage. xo
    And i apologize for not reading this sooner…


    • whaddaya mean, now i’ll have more time on my hands than ever for a visit! lol.

      you’re absolutely right, i’ve been struggling with this for a while and things were not going to change. all i can do is know that, and trust what my body was screaming at me!

      you nailed it: “this is about you, your life, what makes you happy – and not pleasing anyone else.” AMEN sister. it’s that simple. so why’s it so frikkin’ hard sometimes? sheesh. 😉

      thank you, and no worries about reading! it’s summer, and life, and all that – i myself was away for a few days and working my way thru WP. hope all is well. xo aleya


      • Bahaha! Touché! I love it how you were able to swing that around. =)

        Love that photo, too… I remember you telling me about it and how I strongly asked you rub her belly for me, too!

        Change is a wonderful thing! Scary… but heck! It is what makes you feel alive and not simply surviving each day. I went through a rut with work, too… but my therapist (ever the practical one), managed to have me see work differently… not saying I like to stay forever there… but long enough to… sheez… I dunno! Lol!

        Let’s just say I take each day as it comes. I can’t see far ahead really. Just today in a meeting, I was asked how I see myself 5 years from now…
        I replied – Are you friggin kidding me?! i can’t even see myself what I’ll do after work! So much to do, and all I can say now is it’ll hot me when I’m there!

        Kinda wild and crazy… but that’s how it is for me lately. And well, I’m happy. =)


    • ok, i like that title! glad there are growing numbers of us out there. i’m sure we’re going to create some fabulousness! 🙂 aleya


  15. I felt the same way when I quit my comfy job four years ago… Even though I was in debt. Looking back it turned out to be the perfect decision. As my brother says: “There’s no such thing as a mistake in existence – only limited vision.”


    • it’s so great to have the perspective from someone who’s been there before, and can affirm that things do work out – for the better! love the quote too. takes the pressure off ourselves to ‘get it right’. it’s not about right or wrong, but experiencing and growing. thank you, aleya


  16. You have answered T. S. Eliot’s question, “Do I dare disturb the universe?” with an affirmative, an affirmative that always requires an action, not just mental “action” as I am wont to offer up. I admire your courage.


    • ohh that is so good. it makes me sound like a bit of a rebel hahaha. 🙂 i’m going to share that one with a co-worker who’s saying goodbye too. she will like it. thank you, lew! aleya


  17. I have been struggling with much of what you mention in this post. Thanks so much for sharing, you are making a huge difference in so many others’ lives by speaking your truth and following your heart. 🙂


    • thank you, ilona, this means so much to me. i’m glad that we can inspire and support each other as we learn to walk our true paths. we’ve been conditioned to believe sooo much…layer by layer this is being stripped away…and it’s wonderful and uncomfortable and exciting. namaste, aleya


  18. Awesome post Aleya, thank you! As I was reading it, I was telling myself, this isn’t just about the job. What she’s sharing here isn’t only applicable to quitting a job but to life in general. And when I got to the end of your post, voila! So true. “At the end of the day…this is not just about the job! Making this decision has applied to so many areas of my life. This is about ALL the beliefs and behaviours that we know we need to let go of, but haven’t been able to.” I can totally relate and thanks for the reminder and validation! Infinite Blessings…Namaste… ❤ ❤ ❤ NadineMarie ❤ ❤ ❤


    • hi NadineMarie, i LOVE that you picked up on that. i myself didn’t fully realize it till after i quit, and i started looking at other things in my life differently. like a domino effect – they all relate. it’s been a bit head-swimming…which i guess is a good thing. 😉 i’m happy you could relate to these words, and i look forward to reading more of yours. thank you! ❤ aleya


  19. Very “powerful” and empowering writing, Aleya… Thank you “more than words” for sharing yours!
    Even with your “moments” (like we all have…especially when we take “leaps” =understanding smile= ) Your clarity and purposefulness that you’re expressing is deeply resfreshing…and highly inspiring! May these words serve as nourishing reminders on your journey…and may they inspire others to be as clear in their own hearts as they find their version of “leaps” they may need to make! Richest heart-blessings to you, Aleya…as you learn how best to “fly”…the skies of your spirit…and finds “worlds” of amazing “you” you never would have discovered had you not gotten to know your heart-wings and embraced them in flight! =warmest, blessing-wishing-est smile=


    • hi steven, thank you for your kind words! i have been inspired by many writers in this blog world, so if i can add to that wonderful mix, then that makes my heart smile. 🙂 i think we are each doing what we can to pave the way to a world where we are all more aligned with our hearts than our heads…and there is no turning back now! aleya


    • thank you, ka! that pic is one of my faves. i believe it was a full moon, too – just before the september solstice last summer. xo.


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  21. Dear Aleya,

    I needed to read your words! You have captured so very much of what’s inside of me that I think I’ll re-read this a few times. It is a major decision and step forward into the universe. I just know amazing things are happening and will continue to happen for you.

    I wanted to tell you, I’ve been offering a little prayer to the Universe that goes like this: “Love, bring me into my beloved work.” I’m sending some of those vibes your way, girl 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It is wicked inspiring.

    Big love ~

    Allison xxx


    • allison, thank you for sharing your prayer! i love those words and i feel the power behind them…the power to move mountains, which i know is in YOU. i have a feeling we will create some magic together in the near future – i mean, in addition to what we’re doing now. haha- love ya! 🙂 aleya


  22. Aleya, good for you for making your decision so well. Best wishes on finding continuous wonder with your life. Brett


    • thank you, brent! i appreciate the support and encouragement…and i love the words “continuous wonder”. it’s a great perspective. 🙂 aleya


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