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I was very inspired and moved by the supportive comments from my last post on quitting my job. It seems there are many of us who are disconnected from our work, and we are longing for something more.

I was also happy to discover those readers and friends who’ve jumped the employment ship and never looked back! I’ve heard stories of challenge and uncertainty, yes…but not one of regret.

One thing’s for sure – quitting my job has definitely brought up my up core beliefs surrounding money.

I often hear things like ‘Money is energy’ and ‘We live in an abundant universe’, where ‘There is more than enough to go around’ and ‘It’s our birthright’ to have everything we desire. Being a big Abraham Hicks fan, I’ve found myself thinking and speaking these same thoughts. And I have felt the freedom, joy, and expansion in them.

But in many moments I don’t feel this way and I wonder…on a deeper level, do I really believe these concepts? I mean really, truly believe them?

I’m being very aware of my money stories – those deep beliefs I’ve carried my whole life – because I’m so vulnerable to their powerful influence right now. Beliefs like ‘There’s only so much to go around’ or ‘You can’t get paid for doing what you love’ or ‘To have a lot of money isn’t spiritual’. And ‘How can I ask for more, when most others have so much less?’

It’s as if there are two Aleya’s battling it out inside me. The one with the limiting thoughts, and the other who sees those thoughts as reflections of old consciousness. The latter me would like to believe that as we evolve and transform, so do our views and experiences of abundance – not just individually, but for humanity at large.

When we live in scarcity consciousness, it permeates everything. But scarcity is not just about money. It is also about love, trust, and security. ‘Not enough’ becomes our dominant paradigm when something fundamental – beyond the material – is missing in our lives.

Noticing and appreciating all my abundance, in its many different forms, is essential. For example, last week I received a ‘random’ email from an acquaintance offering me a complimentary invitation to an event featuring women discussing shakti (divine feminine energy, power) and ahimsa (non-injury).

I brought my notebook and took notes as each woman spoke. I felt inspired and in awe to be in their presence. I would love to do more of this, I thought. To find similar events and interview such women, sharing their wisdom and insights.

As soon as my mind turned to how I could ‘get paid’ for this, I tensed up. And I realized that in doing more of the things I love – enjoying them for the actual experiences and not the result – I probably wouldn’t focus so much on money per se. And this, in turn, would allow more of these experiences to flow into my life. Money can never substitute for the deep meaning and satisfaction that comes from feeding our soul.

It’s good to examine our core beliefs. But there comes a point where we’ve exhausted our analyses, and we know that nothing new or revolutionary is going to come from repeating our old stories.

I don’t know that my core beliefs can disappear overnight, but I’m hoping that shining a spotlight on them releases their hold on me.

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  1. Yes!! Ahhh. Those old beliefs in our collective consciousness. Its almost as if they were planted to keep us worrying about what will happen if we aren’t running on the hamster wheel. We are doing it girl! Stepping out of fear and into love. Thank you for the reminder to take the leap and trust. I think we have done some great work on changing a lot of those belief systems. We have come so far. I am proud of you and happy for you! Xo


    • “Stepping out of fear and into love.” yesss that is what it is all about. so happy and blessed to know you. can’t wait for our next in person meeting. big love and big hugs ❤ aleya


  2. love the post….I am working hard now to find that balance and allow myself to not get too overwhelmed with the ‘idea’ of money. It’s a challenge, but I think it can be done. thanks for sharing your experiences! 🙂


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  4. Hey Girl, just a quick ‘hi’ to say I am back and thinking of you. It seems like it’s been a hell of a summer for you – I mean it in mostly good ways 🙂 . I know that this may be challenging right now but it is simple: just trust that things always work out! They always have and they always will 😉 Sending you rainbow hugs and sunshine kisses and looking forward to catching up xox


    • heeeeeyyyy welcome back!! ❤ wow where did this summer go?! yup it's been quite a ride and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. you're so right; things have always worked out and they always will. and it feels good to have a little thrill and excitement going on! well, sorta. 😉 haha. glad you are back 🙂 and looking forward to your sharing. xo aleya


  5. Thank you so much, Aleya, for sharing your journey! I think of you so often these days as I know you are going through major transformation in your beautiful life right now. I am so grateful to read your words, they inspire me so greatly. I was reading Marianne Williamson’s The Gift of Change this morning and it is becoming so clear to me that the world as it is, gripped in fears and hatred, is changing. We are awakening to who we truly are and the power of love to heal all fears.

    You, my dear friend and vessel of light, are embracing this wondrous change and I am SO grateful to know you! I love how you say you are shining a spotlight on your fears surrounding money – I can’t think of a braver more transformative thing to do. We should ALL be so brave. Take good care of yourself, I can only imagine this time is also tumultuous for you.

    We need more people working for the light, not the darkness. Hold fast my dear, we are so blessed for your energy and spirit. 🙂

    Big love,



    • allison! ❤ ❤ ❤ thank you for your words of love and support, they mean so much to me. you are beyond fabulous! it is indeed a time of huge change, of putting into action those things we could only speak or think about before. feels like more and more people know it's time for some major transformation…there's a kind of 'now or never' electricity i'm feeling in the air. phew!! 🙂 tons n tons of love to you. aleya

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  6. Money is the root of all evil – we often hear. When we get caught up with it, the material stuff, we lose a part of us that exclaims joy because greed comes in, anxiety, frustration of not getting what we want from lack of that part. And it will keep sucking away, taking more from us, eventually affecting not only ourselves, but even those around us.

    Do I sound like speaking from experience?
    Hell yeah…
    It’s not a joyful place to be. Least even fun.

    So I dropped that. Let it all go. I’m not rich; I get by.
    But am I happy??

    I’ve never felt freer in all my life. And that sweets, is heavenly joy. xo


    • it is all about freedom for me! now THAT is how i want to feel – heavenly joy! i’m not against money but as you say, getting caught up in it. that’s when we become chained to it, i.e., our soul is constricted and we are not free.

      what i do know from my experience is that feeling ‘broke’ and doing uninspired work is a baaaad combination and when it gets to that point, it’s a no-brainer that something has to shift. 😉 xo aleya


  7. Thank you my dear friend! You wisdom is so encouraging. Our “core beliefs” are tyrannical and just do not want scrutiny but finding the courage to approach them is redemptive.


    • whew those core beliefs are stubborn aren’t they! and they weasel their way into everything they possibly can!! hah. sometimes the only thing we can ‘do’ is be watchful and continue to shine light onto them. they’ve been with us a looong time. thank you lew! aleya


  8. Huge awakenings, Aleya. You are, indeed, evolving and transforming. Holding powerfully wonderful intentions for you as you transition forward. Chin up… with a smile. 🙂


    • hi eric, thank you so much for your comment and encouragement! it’s so great to feel the support of fellow bloggers who really ‘get it’! 🙂 it feels good to allow the evolving and transforming. that’s what life is about! aleya


  9. Great post, Aleya….

    The basis for all spiritual movement, or growth, is understanding forms of influence. It simply doesn’t matter which “belief” we align with, spiritual or religious. The influences flowing within us are ever present and active. The inner influences that are in play at any given moment often escape us….we are too distracted by the perceived “external” influences. Awareness is the expansion of consciousness that engages the inner influences continuously, with every breath. As such, we create the opportunity to realign those “core” influences that have dominated us throughout our life. It is n essential process because way we influence the Cosmos, particularly through thought energetics, is determined by the inner influences that dominate us.

    Just a thought….enjoy the day 😉


    • thank you, rob…i recently started my yoga practice again and wonder how i let it lapse for so long. there is little else that takes my attention away from the external and right back into ‘me’, where everything is going on. and which, through making that time for my practice, i have the most control over. or maybe ‘control’ isn’t the best word – as you say, it’s the opportunity for realignment. it’s not always easy – but much easier (and more peaceful!) than attempting to control the countless external factors that swing me around like a yoyo! 🙂 thank you – hope you are having a wonderful summer! aleya


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