my new world of tweets, hoots, & loops

My first week of school is officially over and I am using this weekend (my days off are Sunday/Monday) to r-e-l-a-x. As much as I can, anyway – I do have homework!

So what’s it like to go from full-time cushy-job employment, to a student with no paycheque? I don’t know if it’s quite hit me just yet, as things have been incredibly busy since my last day of work just over a week ago. I’d had an amazing sendoff from my colleagues and friends – they really spoiled me with love, wine, and gifts (including a stunning mala bead necklace). Days later, I was sitting in my first class.

the gorgeous sunset on my last day of work, at my farewell party

the gorgeous sunset on my last day of work, at my farewell party

For my reader friends who don’t know, I quit my job and am studying Digital Communications for a few months, so that I can fully understand the realm of social media and incorporate that knowledge into a business I’m starting. Might as well put my social networking skills to good use! πŸ˜‰

But that’s the thing: though I have some of these skills, there’s so much more to learn. The social media world is fast-paced and requires near-constant keeping up with…everything! And there is a LOT of it going on in my city (the birthplace of Hootsuite!).

I’m having a great time learning about it all. My brain is pretty saturated with the influx of information, but it feels good to actually be using it for something new! Already I’ve been schooled in the worlds of SEO, HTML/CSS, news releases, social media (Twitter & Hootsuite), and using Final Cut Pro and GarageBand for video promos. (Side note: how’d it take me so long to discover the joys of GarageBand?!)

I’m even learning more about our good ol’ WordPress world!

And there is more to come. It’s easy for hours to fly by, immersed in all the different platforms. I must remember to take time away from the computer every now and then. And to be ‘real’ with what I put out there, instead of adding to the noise.


Do I miss my old job? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some sad moments. But in those moments it’s not really the job I’m missing. It’s the comfort and the familiarity (and the paycheque!), but mostly it’s the people: my awesome, loving colleagues; the best ‘boss’ ever; even the hot Whole Foods guy I’d see most days as we ordered our morning coffees (and who I went on one date with, but that’s another post).

I know I have made the right choice, and despite the moments of discomfort in this transition, it will all work out. My mind is opened to new possibilities. I’m encountering different people every day as I walk through my city’s business district to and from school. My body is happy that it doesn’t have to sit so much. And I’m finally starting to understand Twitter!

Most importantly, now that I’ve taken this leap, I’m inspired to think bigger and greater for my future creations. Why not? There is nothing to lose in dreaming big.

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    • it is so cool that you and others can feel that! well, my mind is certainly occupied with more interesting and productive things than it was just a short time ago…i’m very relieved about that! πŸ™‚ xo


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  3. Does that mean if I stop sitting i can return to smoking? Only kiddin” Seriously your post gave me pause to get up off this couch and move around more. I am so impressed with how quickly you transitioned from work to school. It is OK to miss your workpeeps. You will find your way.



    • i think it’s good there was so little time between work and school…made the transition much easier as there was so little time to think about it. and it’s such busy program that it’ll be over before i know it. and then i’ll have to work again, oh no! πŸ˜‰ but things will be different. i know i can’t sit all day, that’s for sure! xo aleya


  4. I love how you are stepping out of your comfort zone and trusting the universe to support you on all levels. You are soooo smart for learning more about the social media world. I could use some help in that department. Maybe I will take some classes! Thank you for the inspiration. I have had such an aversion to it for so long but I do realize the importance of it. You are an inspiration! Love you sweet one!


    • thank you sister ❀ it's a world i find fascinating…but being so immersed in it has also made me realize the importance of being GROUNDED. need more yoga lol! it's easy to get lost in all the chatter! maybe i will come down to LA for my practicum, and give you some in-person tips! now THAT would be amazing!! let's put it in the vortex! lots of love, xo aleya


  5. aloha

    Your post rocked my moment!

    From reading this I also missed your co-workers. It reminds me of some of my older routines in 9-5 land. Sitting for long periods can be hard on the body, one of the trillions of reasons I turned to bodywork.

    Lovely sunset picture!
    Much Aloha to Aleya


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