you do not understand your features

you do not understand your features

susan seddon boulet, ‘venus’, with my modifications

13 thoughts on “you do not understand your features

  1. We are damn beautiful! Hahaha

    It’s not that I dont have the words. But that’s just it! I don’t want mere words; i totally want to act on it! But there is this waiting period lol. I know I am not making sense. I do have a target date: March. Things need to be rolling then.
    Thank you, sweets! xoxo


  2. How do you react when someone calls you beautiful?
    How do you react when someone tells you you’re beautiful?

    Sometimes we are taken by surprise with people who see us differently from how we see ourselves. And these folks??
    They’re for keeps.
    Just like you, beautiful sweets! xo

    PS: I still haven’t given a comment to the one post you had – Blog? What blog? I may be purposely deviating from it by pretending to be ignorant about it – what a set of words huh?
    I’m treading my feet on something, and it is huge. So huge that I purposely (again and again) ignore. Your post then is like a whack… so know that your words are in my heart and I’ll let you know how it goes. =)


    • aww ❤ thanks! i'm honoured that you read my posts and take the words into your heart. i also love your comments, but i totally understand if the words aren't there – i'm not the most prolific commenter myself! 😉 your presence is enough on this here blog. and, oh guess what – you're beautiful! aleya


  3. Hey Aleya,

    A comment seems somewhat superfluous in light of the illumination that these beautiful words bring. If the name Yogi Bhajan had not already appeared on the image, then one can only imagine that these thoughts really were inspired by the guiding presence of Isis this morning 😉


    DN – 24/01/2015

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      • Hey Aleya,

        It certainly sounds like Isis is turning your entire world on an axis of Love. What a beautifully inspired feeling that must be! Is it little wonder that you shine as you do and were given the name Aleya meaning “ascender, highly exalted, heavenly flower” 🙂


        DN – 24/01/2015


        • i do feel her guidance very strongly and it feels beautiful. though she certainly likes to shake things up! esp these last few months. haha. 🙂 thank you again! and for noticing my name meaning too. have a wonderful day!

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