goodbye city, hello island

Just two days after returning from London, I moved to a smaller city on an island a few hours away from my hometown. A day after that, I started work at a local university – the same university I attended fifteen years ago. The past couple of weeks have been a surreal trip back in time. I’m remembering places and streets I’d forgotten, and discovering new ones.

August was a complete whirlwind: wrapping up one job and starting another, packing up my old apartment, temporarily staying with friends in my new city, and of course the transformative journey in London. I’ve now found a place of my own to live in October…so I’m going to relax and enjoy the rest of September in a beautiful beachside property owned by a family friend, assimilating all that’s occurred.

morning sunrise

morning sunrise

This move happened very quickly. One day I had the thought of changing cities, and a week later I had a job offer and various places to stay. I had no time to ‘think things over’; all I knew was a screaming yes! from within.

I can’t say for certain why I’m here. Merely weeks before my UK trip, I’d moved into a new apartment in my hometown. For the first time in a very long time, I felt like I’d found somewhere I could breathe, relax, put down some roots – or at least hang some art on the walls! I’d finally found the sanctuary I’d long yearned for.

And yet, something wasn’t quite right.

I was done with the city. I was tired of the noise, stimulation, sirens, the daily grind. I told myself the outer noise was reflecting my inner noise. But I couldn’t get ahead of it to quiet it down.

I believe that wherever you go, there you are – no matter how far we travel, we can’t escape ourselves – but sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what’s needed for a reset. To cultivate new habits. To shake up the system and connect more easily with one’s inner truth.

Here, on the Island that’s my home for an unbeknownst period of time, things aren’t quite so convenient as in the big city. I haven’t had immediate access to all I ‘need’. (What?? You don’t have wifi here?!) It’s been an adjustment, and annoying at times, but I have to laugh. It’s exactly what I asked for.

my new commute

my new commute

I enjoy being in motion. Whether I’m on a long walk or a ferry, plane, or train, I love travelling to new places. It’s often where I feel most connected to Source – where I receive my insights and downloads. Being in new neighbourhoods, discovering new terrain, excites me.

Nevertheless, as I lay in bed last week, I doubted this very fast turn of events. Was I running away? Did I give up a good gig in my old city? Did I make the wrong decision? I woke up to a voice asking me: What would make this decision worth it? And I realized that wherever I am is the perfect place to be. Because, ultimately, I’m not looking for the ‘right’ job or city or house – even if I think I am.

I’m looking to strengthen my relationship with spirit, with myself – to go within, to find the love within and without, to meditate, to practice yoga, to be more in nature and discover the peace that is my true nature. Those things aren’t necessarily contingent upon external circumstances. But I’m grateful for the Island air reverberating in my cells. And its gorgeous trees, water, and slower pace of life. The elements are supporting new habits and ways of being.

I’ve heard, and I sense, that September is a very potent month. What we do with all the delicious, available energy is up to us. I’m choosing to not squander it on fear.

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  4. You sound so much like me when I didn’t mean to but ended up moving to India for a year. I didn’t stop to think too much about it. And my focus was far from jobs, housing, location. I’m not plugging my book – but I really think you might find a lot to resonate with. I’ll send you a free copy if you’re interested. We seem to live our lives in similar ways. : )

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  5. There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.

    John Lennon

    Excited for you my darling! What island R you on?????


    • Ah, I love those words. I’m going to post them somewhere, so I am reminded of that often. Like I did with the wonderful cards from Tulum you organized – mine’s on my fridge! xo Thank you


  6. I just took a quick peek at your chart because I was wondering why would you make 2 moves in such a short time. I think this is fortuitous for you, just don’t react when overly emotional if possible. With Aries rising, impulses are strong, but just sayin’

    Working in a college setting is perfect for you, until it no longer is perfect for you. Your photos are gorgeous and wherever you live, it feels lovely.

    Keep us posted and keep working on you, with plenty of love ❤

    hugs, Linda


    • Thanks for looking into my chart Linda, I’ve been chatting with dear Ka about astrology but don’t know much about my current transits etc! I’ll try not to be overly emotional hehe…but I’m a Pisces, remember? 😉 Kidding aside, I feel quite sequestered here. With all the intensity ‘out there’ I feel the trees are very calming, so I’m tapping into that soothing energy as much as possible. I wonder if my fondness for academia has something to do with my Sag moon? 🙂 Sending love, Aleya

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      • Sag moon adores academia and the gypsy lifestyle. I was raised by one and the other parent has moon in the 9th house ( the Sag-Jupiter house) so trust me I know what it is like living gypsy-style 🙂 Jupiter is currently bringing you new experiences regarding home and family and overall nurturing. Enjoy!

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