the lady in the painting

In honour of Mercury Retrograde, I’m re-blogging a post from my early WordPress days. An extra fun twist is that I now work at the university I mention in the post. I’m loving this trip back in time.

Happy equinox-full moon-lunar eclipse!


Years ago I bought an art print from a poster fair that would visit my university a couple of times a year.  I was so drawn to this painting, which featured a woman sitting at what looked to be a Parisian cafe, a pensive expression on her face, quill and half-glass of wine on her table.  I loved everything about this piece: the setting, the colours, the subject matter, the painter’s technique.  I didn’t even look up the artist for some time, or explore the historical context of the work (which is strange, considering I was an Art History major).  It spoke to me, and that was enough.

The Cafe, Tsuguharu Foujita (1949) The Cafe, Tsuguharu Foujita (1949)

I felt an affinity with this woman, and I wanted to be her, but her world and life were so far away from mine.  This painting created a tension within me.  Of admiring, of relating…but also feeling…

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9 thoughts on “the lady in the painting

  1. Hi Aleya,

    That is really a beautiful painting… I love the waiter’s moustache poking out, and the wavy lines that create the shape of her sleeves, her handbag, the waiter’s shirt… And the way her right eye (from her perspective) is drifting, so beautifully shows that she is lost in thought. Is it me, or is the note in front of her a pool of ink, as if she scribbled over what she was about to say, and now she has succumbed to a tide of emotion she can’t quite whittle down into words…? Lovely…


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    • I love all those details that you’ve noticed, Michael; it makes me appreciate the work’s layers and nuances even more. It makes me very happy that others are as taken with her as I am! Thank you! Aleya

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  2. This is really a sexy piece of writing
    I must admit when I first saw the name of the topic
    I thought it must be connected with those “The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo” book series xD

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