(spiritual) information overload

Back in March, a dear friend invited me to a new moon/birthday celebration where we were treated to a heavenly meditation in a salt cave, divine live music, and a beautiful despacho ceremony.

As part of the evening, we also chose angel cards and shared them as a group. I picked Archangel Metatron, whose message for me was ‘Prioritize’. Ugh, how boring, I thought. I would’ve preferred something much sexier, like ‘Cosmic Power’ or ‘Twin Flame’…but looking back on the past few months, I see just how apt this card was. I’ve lived in three different places since then, and life has been an ongoing process of clearing out, paring down, and de-cluttering.

It hasn’t just been about physical ‘stuff’. Over the summer I began to feel overloaded with commitments that my heart wasn’t into anymore. Thinking about all I ‘had’ to do left me feeling drained, with little drive to pursue any of it. So bit by bit, I let certain responsibilities go. It wasn’t easy. I felt guilt that I was letting down people whom I’d committed to. I felt like a flake.

But now, settling into my current living space, with minimal possessions around me, clarity is sinking in. I can see that I’ve been whittling away the outer noise in response to my soul’s desire to be heard.  I’ve chosen to bring with me the things I find most beautiful…the colours and books and art I truly love, that harmonize with me.

One of my favourite images, from my trip to India

One of my favourite images, from my 2010 trip to India

There’s a lot of information out there about a new earth – a 5D paradigm we are collectively awakening to.  Sitting here in my temporarily Internet-less apartment, I know I’ve been on information overload. I need to digest rather than consume these spiritual concepts. I’m understanding that this new world can only be created from within me. I need to feel that world in my body rather than compute it in my head.

I’m also seeing themes of sloppiness versus integrity in my life. Where have I been cutting corners and settling for ‘good enough’ when I know more is possible? Where can I take greater personal responsibility and create a higher standard in the way I interact with others, myself, and the planet?

And when does taking personal responsibility morph (in my own mind) into being ‘too hard’ on myself? Am I really being too hard, or am I being brutally and lovingly honest, sensing my divine potential to live more compassionately, joyfully, powerfully, simply?

Since registering for my Kundalini Yoga teacher training program, I’m feeling all this more intensely. I’m nervous, which could be a good sign. I sense I will be confronted with things I won’t be able to ignore, numb, or justify. I know the training will take me deeper into myself and enable me to stand more firmly in my own truth, as it is being revealed. For this I am grateful, excited, and hopeful that the world(s) I discover within will manifest without.

Now to find some wifi…

33 thoughts on “(spiritual) information overload

  1. Love your writing, you always have such a loving, and honest approach to sharing your journey. All the new world, 5D stuff is speculative, but I enjoying the process of becoming limitless, and undefined, you appear to be fluid, which is good, right?

    I like the quote by Deepak Chopra, “Forget thinking outside the box. Get rid of the box.” Or something like that.

    Big Love
    Happy New Moon 11/11
    Set intentions



    • Thank you for your kind words, sistar. ❤ That is a great quote, and so fitting of the limitless 5D…it is a fun process to walk into. I'm looking forward to the 11/11 new moon; I was just invited to a Kundalini Yoga new moon women's gathering. Yay! It's going to be uber powerful. Much love, Aleya

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  2. There’s a lot of information out there about a new earth – a 5D paradigm we are collectively awakening to. Sitting here in my temporarily Internet-less apartment, I know I’ve been on information overload. I need to digest rather than consume these spiritual concepts. I’m understanding that this new world can only be created from within me. I need to feel that world in my body rather than compute it in my head.

    This quote really spoke to me Aleya in a strong loud voice! I have felt bombarded with mostly internet originated “data” about 5D ascension, etc… I don’t see my mind as being the go-to for integration. In fact, I am wondering if our brains are more “besides the point” in all of this. Thank you for addressing your ideas here so freely and passionately. You provide a great example for many.

    Namaste my sister,


    • Hi Linda, thank you. I’m back online now and have mixed feelings about it – hah. That was the first time I didn’t have internet and actually enjoyed the reprieve. Usually I’m in withdrawal. So now it means taking those times away from technology to connect with my own channel.

      I also wonder if the brain is besides the point. The online info has opened me up to new ideas and inspirations and possibilities – but it’s fundamentally taught me that nothing is more powerful than the guidance within – and over-consumption of the online ‘stuff’ fragments what we already know to be truth. Love, Aleya

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  3. Hahaha… wifi!
    Whatever happened to that ‘am I being… … simply?’

    I’m doing my Ashtanga training sweets. We have lots to share with both out trainings. xoxo


  4. Prioritisation has been on of the most brutiful and useful tools I have used over the last few years. It’s really about tuning into your deepest self and having your outer life reflect that. Interesting that you mention the new 5D reality – that has been a daily topic of conversation between my mother and I this past week. I get the feeling that what we think about it is beside the point, and that perhaps we don’t think about it at all…just breathe, be aware and keep clean and clear.


  5. It is a bit interesting…..some people actually engage the process of inner observation….and that is precisely what happens: The revelation of self and the dominant influences thereof…..each revelation is a self-contained path that requires an action, leading to the next path. Some paths we engage and some we let stagnate…..but those paths remain….waiting….unavoidable…


    • Thanks, Rob. This action (the yoga training) feels like the biggest one yet…ten years in the making and it’s bringing up all kind of stuff. It’s not an understatement to say I feel a sense of fated-ness to this particular path, like I’ve been preparing for it all along, and it’s now time to heed its call. 🙂 I’m also feeling ‘receptivity’ as a powerful action in itself; that there’s so much happening on levels unseen and I need stillness to allow the physical manifestations to take root. Aleya

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  6. Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a stage of withdrawal into the metaphorical cave for meditating. Like the caterpillar going into the cocoon.
    How powerful to have this coupled with a yoga techer training!

    I can relate to the withdrawing phase. I cut away many social responsibilities at that time just to make plenty of space for alone-time.
    Best wishes for your journey,


    • Thanks, Karin. There’s been a lot of activity these past few weeks, so settling into my cocoon sounds pretty divine!! I’ve been enjoying my Internet-free space, which has been a pleasant surprise, as in the past I’ve suffered major withdrawal symptoms. I’ve been reading actual books and relishing the quiet. There’s so much mental and energetic stimulation in being online and I’ve struggled to find a balance.

      I was just talking to a friend yesterday about the days of meditating in solitude in a cave. Sometimes I really miss those lifetimes! Namaste, Aleya

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  7. You’re doing a Kundalini teacher training!! I’ve only practiced Kundalini a few times, and found it to be such a cleansing practice. Those kriyas are intense! The fact that you’ve been paring down on your personal belongings before your training seems to say that your training has already begun…at least on a subconscious level. Great things will come from this, Aleya!

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    • Thanks so much! Yes, Kundalini is intense. My arms hurt just thinking about it, haha. And definitely cleansing…if I start it up after being away for a while, I get flu-like symptoms. It is one swift detoxifier! You’re spot on when you say the training has begun. I’m feeling it! Have a great day, Aleya


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