why canada’s new leader matters

Canada is abuzz with the recent election of its new Prime Minister, Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau. I’m not sure if this made major headlines outside the country, but from my perspective, it is a huge deal.

I don’t follow politics closely; though I understand each party’s basic platform, I generally stay away from the news and mass media. However, I do know what I feel, and that is deep gratitude that my fellow Canadians came out in record numbers to exercise their right to vote – to say NO MORE to a right-wing government rooted in separation, fear, and division.

This post comes from my heart. I won’t say a lot about the politics of Canada’s exiting Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Only that when he was first elected, I felt a profound sense of dread and foreboding, which intensified when he was re-elected in 2011. It saddened me that his win reflected the dominant vibe of my country. Regardless of whether or not the majority of Canadians actually wanted him to win (and various factors indicated they didn’t), the election results were our collective responsibility.

Beautiful red October leaves

Beautiful red October leaves

A couple of years ago, I sat with my cosmically plugged-in friend AM at a coffeeshop in Vancouver. We shared our dismal feelings that our beloved Canada was changing right before our eyes under a repressive, conservative regime. At the time the 2015 election seemed so far away and we shuddered to think what could happen in the meantime. But we knew we could not slip into passivity. I’ll never forget that conversation, because it seemed so much bigger than the two of us.

In the days leading up to last week’s election, the momentum in the air was palpable. It wasn’t about a particular candidate, it was about the masses coming to life: sensing the possibility for change, and feeling the power to create it.

I may be painting Stephen Harper as the enemy, and that’s not my intention. His government’s actions throughout the last 9+ years have prompted me to examine those places in myself where I’ve identified with their patriarchal, traditionalist views. I’m able to see where I’ve been apathetic to important issues. Harper’s initiative to ban Muslim women from wearing the niqab in certain situations triggered my own conflicts with being Muslim. I can’t point fingers. In doing so, I take the responsibility off myself and my contribution to the whole.

That said – enough is enough.

I know it’s far too early to be over-confident about Canada’s progressive new leadership. I know that no political party is perfect and that many politicians never follow through on their promises. I’m not envisioning Canada as a golden age utopia that Trudeau will restore in the next four years (ok, maybe I’m fantasizing about that one a little).

I know that Canada wasn’t perfect pre-Harper, that Trudeau himself has supported controversial bills, and that politics is ultimately another duality-based game. I know that many Canadians are not happy about this decision.

But I love the fact that our new Prime Minister identifies as a feminist. I love that he brings youth, energy, and vitality to the political arena. I love that the woman by his side, his loving wife Sophie, understands that “Humanity longs for more compassion, more emotional intelligence, and less ‘ego-driven’ super powers.” I love that Canada’s Parliament now has a higher than ever number of Indigenous members (and hopefully many more leaders to come), and will soon have equal gender representation.

Canada’s new leadership matters to me because it represents something much greater: a shift in consciousness towards more balance, harmony, and inclusion. I hope with all my heart that Trudeau follows through on his promises. But it’s up to all Canadians to build a more compassionate, caring Canada. We are that powerful.

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  2. Love this post, and as an American I continue to hold hope for our country as well. Beyond our two countries I hold hope for the entire world that we may begin to shift our viewpoints toward ones that come from compassion. Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you! I also hold hope for the US…that the new president reflects what is best for all people. Something is happening worldwide where people have had enough of tyrannical oppressive rule. And even though most people don’t give much thought to Canadian politics I know that this election was a step in that direction, reflecting humanity’s longing for (and ability to create) something much ‘higher’. I have faith in humanity – we will definitely get there – eventually. 🙂 Namaste and thank you for reading and commenting, Aleya

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  3. Even I heard whispers over here, of Canada’s new progressive Prime Minister, and I tend to stay away from msm too. There must be something in the air, because our awful, backward, right wing Prime minister has just been deposed by his own party, and replaced with a moderate. Thank goodness.


    • Ohhh thanks for letting me know about that because I do think this reflective of something on a much larger scale. Transparency and the truth coming out, and the masses waking up. Time will tell…it’ll be exciting to watch it play out elsewhere. Thank you Sara, ❤ Aleya


  4. I like that you weave in the bigger picture within the election of Trudeau. I keep seeing his picture and keep thinking how cute he is, like Clinton was in the 1990s. Call me shallow, its all good 🙂

    I am happy for Canada and like how you added a picture to represent Canada’s flag. Your country is beautiful. I have only been there once, but loved it and love how yours is a more generous country with healthcare, etc than mine ( US of Capitalism).

    Having said that, I tend to avoid the media too, except for elections. I love learning about the various characters and checking out there astro charts and taking it all in. We have our election season gearing up now and it is quite a show. The macro always informs the micro and vice versa.

    I hope he really makes a positive impact for Canada.

    love, Linda

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    • Hehe Linda, you’re not shallow. It’s hard to overlook the fact he’s pretty easy on the eyes, on top of everything else! I took that photo of the leaves last October and there it was, sitting in my WP media library, waiting for the right post to attach itself to. Thanks for noticing. 🙂

      I’m happy you’ve visited Canada and loved it here. The nature is so important to many of us, and that’s what hurt so much about the previous government as it didn’t seem to be a priority. And oh, I’ve seen a lot about the US elections despite the fact that I don’t have cable etc. We hear so much about America, much more than vice versa! It will be very interesting to see how all that plays out in these times of transition. Thanks for reading and commenting. I too hope Trudeau is good for Canada and that it ripples out to all. Sending love, Aleya


      • BTW, you are so right on about media coverage. If it wasn’t for FB and WP, I would not even heard about Canada’s election. And there is a new regime in the UK too. US media covers mostly the US and always the middle east. Been that way since I was a child. My country has its merits but it is not the center of the universe. We are the center and every space on and in between in the cosmos.
        But you already knew that 😀


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