a letter to isis (the goddess)

Dear Isis,

Of the many Facebook posts I’ve seen this last week, not one has mentioned the glaring affront that your Divine Feminine name has been co-opted by a demented consciousness intent on displaying the darkest, most depraved aspects of humanity.

Is it mere coincidence that a force so antithetical to you who you are – to your infinite grace, love, and compassion – has assumed your holy title and mangled it with hatred and fear?

Of course not. The Divine Feminine is rising, and she’s being noticed. My sisters and I feel you, Mother. The world is experiencing the brightest light its ever felt, a light blazing shining love on all corners of the planet, exposing the darkness that could once hide…behind closed doors, swept under the rug, festering inside minds and bodies. The light is unearthing the shadow of humanity.

Susan Seddon Boulet, Isis & Osiris

Susan Seddon Boulet, Isis & Osiris

I tell myself that all the drama playing out on the world stage is the bigger picture game of light vs dark. That the patriarchy is being dismantled, and it’s fighting back with a vengeance. That all this carnage is part of humanity’s evolution; the density of 3D duality cannot exist in higher realms of consciousness. I tell myself that ascension is not necessarily the blissful, ecstatic experience we thought it would be; it’s the most terrifying, identity-pulverizing thing we’ve ever done.

And then I tell myself I’m crazy.

Am I just as delusional as some of the nut jobs I judge on Facebook? Am I dismissing unfathomable pain and suffering with my sheltered, new-age mumbo jumbo? Am I the one sweeping things under the rug because I myself can’t deal with how real this shit is getting?

And then I stop, and sit, and breathe.

And I tell myself, NO. When I doubt myself, things unravel. When I deny your presence, Divine Mother, I become weak. I can’t ‘see’ you like I see the images on my computer screen – looping, repetitive images intended to program fear into me. But I feel you. I feel you when I’m walking down the street and sense roses streaming from the sky, the ground pink beneath my feet. How can this be real? I wonder in awe. But it’s the most real thing I know.

My sisters and I have long been called ‘crazy’ for seeing what can’t be seen. We’ve let the shame, the ridicule, the name-calling – the fear – weaken us. We’ve kept silent, separate from ourselves and divided from each other. And we’re now saying NO MORE. There’s too much at stake, and there’s no time to waste.

Do I truly know why things are unfolding the way they are on planet earth? No. I can only know my own perspective in this grand game. And it compels me to heed the ferociously loving call to stand strong in what resonates with my soul.

Your feminine guidance is needed now more than ever, Divine Mother. Use me as your channel. Help me see myself in those who are the most reviled. Help me see oneness where my ego is most convinced it cannot be. Help me love the hate within.

I am your daughter in service.

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  1. I know this is an older post, but I love it. Great Post! These words of Isis are inscribed on the Temple of Sais, Egypt- “I am all that is, was or ever will be”.

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    • Dear Leon, thank you so much for taking the time to read my words today, and for your beautiful comment. It is an honour to connect. Many blessings, Aleya

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  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful and powerful post, Aleya. This mirrors exactly my thoughts and feelings over the last few months. “My sisters and I have long been called ‘crazy’ for seeing what can’t be seen. We’ve let the shame, the ridicule, the name-calling – the fear – weaken us. We’ve kept silent, separate from ourselves and divided from each other. And we’re now saying NO MORE. There’s too much at stake, and there’s no time to waste.” I read this as though Isis were speaking directly into the core of my being- and from my being! I feel myself getting stronger and more capable of talking about all these things, caring less and less about being seen as crazy. There will always be people uncomfortable by my power. I acknowledge on a deeper level every day, it’s not my job to make those people comfortable, it’s my job to be honest and Truthful and to act with integrity in every moment for ME, no one else! Thank you so much for this beautiful message. We are all connected and united in love!x


    • I love this: “I read this as though Isis were speaking directly into the core of my being- and from my being!” YES! She’s coming through so many of us and we are all drawing on each other’s strength in saying what needs to be said – how we truly feel – without the immobilizing fear we had before. This post felt very powerful to write and yet I was still felt vulnerable in sharing it – but I’m so glad I did because it’s helped me see that I am far from alone. As you say, this is not about making people comfortable or dimming our light because we’re worried what others will think. Even if we feel vulnerable we can speak our truths. Thank you! ❤ Aleya

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    • Thanks Brandi, I’m glad it helped. Since I wrote this post I’ve seen so many others coming forward to reclaim the Divine Isis’s name. I love that men are voicing this too, as it’s about the divine feminine and masculine coming together. I think she is working through a lot of us right now and the shift is indeed happening. Aleya

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    • Thank you, dear sister Ka! Isis was with me when I was writing this. I could feel my blood warming and heart rate accelerating. I love that more and more people are standing up and reclaiming her name! Her love prevails. ❤ Aleya

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  3. feminine energy has already surpassed masculine energy and we are here to heal that masculine energy, also; to transmute it.The dark is scaring us back to the light, the stars are right-placed for all this. And I have just said everything you already know and have already written. LOL

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    • Yes, yes, and yes. Divine Masculine and Feminine are being called to heal and transmute together! There’s so many of us stepping up. The light prevails! Thank you for visiting and commenting! Aleya

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  4. She is the most real thing I’ve ever felt in my bones, too. The misappropriation of Isis’s name in acts of blasphemy pisses me off too. I love how the feminine’s rising is inevitable.

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  5. Great post!

    Although I don’t perceive it to be so much a “dismantling” of the masculine as its return to a proper and harmonic balance with the feminine energies. Both will be necessary for the creation of a New Earth and, consequently, both should be equally respected and honored.

    We can only grow and move forward in balance when we accept and integrate ALL aspects of Self, for they (and we) are all truly divine creations of the One.

    But (sigh), I’m with you–and so are many, many others. It seems to be such a frustratingly slow process, doesn’t it?


    With Love,


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    • Thank you! Totally agree that this is about balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine. It’s the dismantling of the institution of patriarchy I refer to – the entrenched power imbalance/ideology that’s governed much of our planet for eons. It does seem like a slow process but at the same time, things are changing very quickly. I think the next few months are going to be huge. Much love! Aleya

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  6. You are the living prayer, Beautiful Aleya. You are the Love, the Peace.

    I’m honored to hold the Light with you, soul sister. We will heal. We are healing.

    I’m off of Facebook for a while. I believe there is violence, too, in our fixation on violence.

    Peace, Angel. I am so grateful for your light. ❤️ Xx

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