human teachers, spiritual honeymoons, and lone wolfs

A few weeks ago I published a post sharing some websites that I’ve been following for a while. Since that posting, Jenna Forrest has removed the majority of videos from her YouTube channel. In a recent message, she explains that she continually receives new information, and that some of her teachings (particularly those on twin flames) may have done more harm than good.

Jenna’s videos brought me much hope and comfort, and I was a little surprised that she took so many down – but I applaud her integrity and in some way feel relieved. We can easily become dependent on spiritual teachers, investing ourselves in those who are going through their own processes and who may not have the answers we seek.

if your presence doesn't work, nothing works

I believe that as a collective, humans are becoming more open to receiving knowledge that was once reserved for a select few (or intentionally kept secret). We’re realizing that we all have access to this information; we don’t need a spiritual ‘authority’ as an intermediary.

But this means there are a lot of people out there saying a lot of things…and without discernment we can become easily influenced and eventually disillusioned. Learning from each other is essential – but we’re still human beings with egos, motivations, and intentions we may not be consciously aware of. (Spirituality and yoga are big business.)

In general I’m finding that messages I was once very drawn to now hold less pull. I’ve written about spiritual information overload, and honouring the inner teacher, before – and this theme is only getting stronger in my life. With so many teachings at our disposal, our own voice can get lost in the noise.

I’m certainly not discounting teachers or teachings as a whole! I’m very grateful to those who have shared their knowledge with me. Kundalini Yoga in particular has helped me tune into my inner knowing in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I’m nearing the completion of my teacher training program and, since last October, I’ve meditated, practiced, and breathed more than I have in my entire life! At many points along the way, my mind, karma, and beliefs have felt more claustrophobic than ever…but then there’s an opening, and I find an expanded state.

I’ve met some amazing women and men, and seeds have been planted for future collaborations. I’m trying to not think too much about the future; many times I’ve gone through spiritual honeymoon phases, becoming enamoured with a particular teacher or teaching, only to have it fade away as something new is revealed. I wonder if this will happen here…and then stop myself. For now, I am enjoying this process immensely, and with much gratitude.

One theme that has repeatedly come up in our training: the time of the lone wolf is OVER. For humanity to evolve, it’s all about group consciousness. This can be tricky for those of us comfortable in our private little spaces, the introverts who are just fine going about this spiritual journey alone, thankyouverymuch.

This has been one of my main challenges but I’m slowly learning that it’s safe to come out of my cocoon and connect with others. It’s a vulnerable, uncomfortable, beautiful thing. I’m not saying we have to give up our privacy completely – but we do need to know when we’re isolating ourselves to a degree that’s not serving our highest purpose and potential.

Just some random thoughts. Life has been very busy with work and wrapping up my program. The next step is teaching an actual class! Pretty amazing to have reached this point.

Sat Nam (Truth is my identity)

[2017 update:]

37 thoughts on “human teachers, spiritual honeymoons, and lone wolfs

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  3. Wonderful post again, Aleya. The idea we are moving away from the time of the lone wolf and into community through discernment really resonates- and makes me go ‘uhhh’ too! 🙂 I have realised over the last couple of months how I need to engage much more in building community and finding my ‘pack’ rather than being the lone wolf I’ve been content to be for so long. Thanks for the reminder- I hear you, Universe, I’m working on it!! 😀

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    • I know, it’s not the easiest thing. I’m feeling my lone wolf tendencies very strongly lately! I’m also learning to find that balance between honouring my own needs yet knowing that it’s time to push myself out of the comfort zone just a little bit more!

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  4. Glad i found your blog through Karins blog. never followed a “teacher” read lots as a seeker, yet all in perfect timing seeing our being come home to accessing everything as “one” heart to heart Robyn I live in Maui by the way.

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    • Glad you found me through Karin too! 🙂 Yes…we’re all emanations of one big heart, teaching and learning from each other. I love Maui – Hawaii is so special. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Aleya


  5. I am also finding this to be true for me. Sites that use to hold an interest for me no longer resonate. I feel because when we are no longer a vibrational match for a certain type of information like with most things it will naturally fall away. I am also tuned into my own inner knowing deeper each day. I have been feeling the same way about needing to connect with others, though my alone time is also needed. Like you say a balance is needed. I so enjoy reading your sharings.

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    • Thank you Durinda, for your kind words. Seems there’s a lot of us whose resonance is shifting! I feel like it’s happening so much faster now. I enjoyed reading your blog posts…it’s clear that you are tuning into your own inner knowing. I could relate to what you wrote about morning messages! Thanks again and have a beautiful day, Aleya


  6. A great post Aleya… and there comes a time when we just cannot read another book… Watch another video and only bathe in the waters of our own creative juice. Our own quietness and action is so important now to focus on. It is all that matters. Love to you and thanks so much for being you. Love barbara x

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  7. Hi Aleya, I hope you are well! Thank you for sharing your insights on this subject as I recently also wrote a post on this very subject for those asking me for help. I believe we all can be guided by our higher selves. I relied on a Kundalini “teacher” when my energy first rose who currently has blogs on Kundaline. People whose K energy first rise are so confused and vulnerable during this time. Because of twin flames articles I read,including Jenna’s, I thought this teacher was my twin flame as he engaged in sex with and also sexually assaulted me, and later, I found out he also engaged in sex with others. Now, I encourage others to seek their own path, follow their own intuition, and learn to access their higher selves for guidance! Sending love and light to you always!.

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    • Hi Brooke, thank you for sharing your experience so openly here, and for being a beacon for many people. Spiritual ego is toxic and creates so much karma – that’s one thing I’ve become so aware of, in myself and in others. It goes so deep and probably has been operating in humanity for eons. Kundalini itself is so misunderstood (as is the concept of soul mates/twin flames), and studying it only makes me realize how much I don’t know. Just yesterday Jenna posted a video that really spoke to me – about the inferior/superior complex, and the need to feel special (for example, as teachers). We so easily give our power to others and though it’s all part of the learning process, it always comes back to us. We have our own connection to spirit and we always did, it’s a matter of finding our way back to that.

      Sending much love to you as well, thanks again Brooke. Namaste, Aleya

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  8. Thank you for sharing your process and your insights.
    I can relate to the phenomenon of being drawn intensely to a certain topic or teacher for some time and then the interest vanishes. I think that is a normal pattern of learning.
    I can also relate to the pull for introverts to connect. I am one of these introverts, totally content with just reading, journaling, and walking alone in nature. But somehow that is not enough according to the push of the inner guidance.
    Best wishes for your yoga class,

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    • Thanks Karin. I’m like you – really content in my own space, walking, reading and writing – but there is something telling me there now needs to be more balance here. It’s getting a little too comfortable. I’m glad I have taken so much time for/with myself but I sense the next step is to be more interactive with people. I guess teaching a yoga class will give me a taste of that! 😉 Blessings, Aleya

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    • Thanks Brad. It’s been wonderful to meet so many kindred souls in my training – such kind, fun people who value authenticity and teaching with integrity. It makes me look forward to coming out of my shell and creating with them. 🙂 So great that you are listening and discerning too! Blessings, Aleya


  9. Hi Aleya,
    Yes there is definitely too much information overload, as well as overdependence on teachers. I also relate to the honeymoon phase. I like my little bubble, but am more and more happy to expand my circle and build community.

    Best of success with your class and being You. ❤

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