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In my corner of the world, it’s been rainy for weeks on end. The days are getting shorter and darker, and we have some months to go before we see the first signs of spring and warmth.

But that’s ok. Last weekend I ran into D., a soul sister from my Kundalini Yoga teacher training program. We talked about our shared preference for solitude (our ‘lone wolf’ tendencies) and the heightened inclination to stay indoors and go deep within this time of year.

We also agreed that Vancouver is an amazing city. No place is perfect…but this is a pretty sweet place to call home. Seeing D. added lightness to my day and reminded me that there are surprises waiting where you’d least expect them. Our encounter was also a gentle prompt for me to move forward with my visions for teaching yoga workshops and classes in the new year.

As a child, I loved the rain. There was something so soft and feminine about it; the rain somehow understood me. These days, when the excess moisture becomes a bit much, I tell myself it’s what keeps our city so fresh and green – especially the trees of Stanley Park. (Oh, those trees…there’s nothing like them.)

And when the sun does come out to shine, the whole city positively sparkles.

It’s quite amazing to think that after generations of ancestors living in India and Africa, I was born here on the bountiful west coast of Canada. In the spirit of gratitude, I’m sharing some of my favourite photos of my hometown, taken on my walks over the years. Bridges, geese, and sunsets feature prominently.

Wishing you peace wherever in the world you are. Namaste.

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  2. The rain in Vancouver was very quiet. I’ve been there for a year and never seen thunder during the rain. Really miss that city.


  3. Pictures are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I love when people notice the beauty in nature. It is a form of enlightenment in itself. 😊


  4. Lovely images, Aleya! My wife and I were in Seattle area back in September, and we did a drive up to Vancouver and back. We had a lovely time in Stanley Park, but the traffic was killer that day! I had no idea, but I’m really glad we visited.

    Best wishes for some beautiful yoga shares in the coming year!


    • Hi Michael, so glad you got to visit our wonderful Stanley Park! Seattle is such a great city too. Yes, traffic is one of the, ahem, *quirks* of Vancouver – so that sounds about right. 😉 Thank you for the well wishes! Aleya

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    • Thank you so much. I love English Bay and I love the Island too. I feel very blessed to have lived in both places. The Island is especially powerful for me…truly a vortex…I wouldn’t be surprised if it calls me back again. 🙂 Blessings, Aleya

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  5. Thanks for the wonderful tour through your beloved city Aleya. I’ve always heard good things about Vancouver and hope to see it one day. And I’m glad you’ve found clarity in your path forward. blessings, Brad


  6. The photos are wonderful. My daughter, her husband, her son, his wife, and their daughter are in Vancouver this week. I have been nagging them to send me photos here in Tennessee, but no luck so far. So thank you for these!! A serendipity.


    • Love the serendipity!! I hope they are having a wonderful time…and that they brought their rain boots – it’s pouring out! 😀 Thank you for the lovely comment, Aleya


  7. Hi Aleya,
    Your city is stunning thanks for showing us around. Love the classic Canadian red leaves too! What I am learning lately is to let myself off the hook with all the planning and achieving and doing. What if we are already living on purpose? 🙂

    Much love to you and I do hope to meet you one day ❤

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    • Thank you Linda! It would awesome to meet you one day! Letting ourselves off the hook sounds great…I think 2017 will be a year of slowing down and getting back to be basics, for many of us – regardless of what the world outside looks like. Much love, Aleya

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