year of the jellyfish

It’s my 4th WordPress anniversary this week, and since we’re in a New Year month, it seems fitting to re-blog my very first post from 2013.

I had the sense, back then, that a new world was opening up. And now, 4 years later, with friends made around the world and so many stories shared, I have a newfound appreciation for those early words.

Reading that first post, it’s clear that I was feeling hope and relief in shedding some long-held beliefs; something had shifted within, and it was palpable. Looking back now, it’s like the stage was being set for me to discover just how deeply ingrained these beliefs were in me, and in my family, culture, and ancestry. These past few years have been about diving down, exploring, and uprooting.

I also see that my journey has taken on a new dimension since 2013: self-compassion, humility, and forgiveness have grown. I’ve learned that spirituality is not all ‘love and light’, and that spending time in the muck is an essential part of healing. Also, after years of resisting, I’m becoming much more comfortable with silence. Stillness speaks volumes.

Happy Anniversary, Happy 2017, and Happy Year of the Rooster! No doubt this upcoming year will be monumental. My intentions? To breathe, meditate, feel all my feelings, and remember I’m not alone. And oh yeah, to blog. 😉

Sat Nam, Namaste, Aloha. Thank you for reading!


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a few years ago a relative told me i reminded her of a jellyfish.  i was confused and she explained: she saw me as translucent, a pearly bubble ready to burst with all the colour and potential and goodness inside me.  she said i couldn’t see it, but she could.  it was a sweet conversation and one i remember once in a while.

maybe it’s all the end-of-2012 talk, but lately i’m beginning to feel those colours emerging.

something has shifted. like i’m breathing a sigh of relief. like i made it to the other side of something. i don’t feel quite so intensely compressed, like i’m a tube of toothpaste and someone is trying squeeze every last bit out.   although everything looks the same, something unseen and profound feels to have taken place.

i can’t hold onto anything anymore. i can’t blame anyone anymore. i…

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20 thoughts on “year of the jellyfish

  1. Congratulations on 4 years! I enjoyed reflecting here with you – Kindness and compassion is so worth growing. I think now more than ever. It seems to be increasingly important, why wouldn’t it be? How is it that self-compassion requires such focus? At least in my experience, it requires focus, regularity: practice. Our habits improve, even when maybe it doesn’t seem like it. We are forces of nature in the midst of it, surprisingly ourselves. Thanks for the thoughtful prompt! ❤ lots of love, Ka

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    • Thank you Ka, it’s a joy to share the journey with you! I also find that self-compassion takes practice; creating a ‘new normal’ of treating myself and others instead of responding to life by default, i.e., self-doubt and negativity. Seems like these are ancient patterns shared by so many of us and I am hopeful/thankful the clouds are dissolving as more of us discover this essential self-compassion… Much love ❤ Aleya

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  2. Happy Anniversary Aleya! I have loved following your journey and look forward to reading more of your inspiring thoughts and beautiful insights. Wishing you huge love and joy for 2017 and beyond!x

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    • Laura, thank you for following my journey! Your kind words are so appreciated… to connect with others is the funnest, best part. I look forward to sharing and reading more, and I too wish you lots of love and happiness. Namaste, Aleya

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  3. Kudos Aleya on your anniversary and letting more of those colors out into the world. You’re a beautiful being. 🙂 And I like your intentions for 2017 with maybe a little play added. 🙂
    blessings, Brad

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