a compassionate february

I have been waiting for February. February feels like fresh air and moving forward. Not ‘moving forward’ as in doing a bunch of things; in fact, as I write these words, I feel utterly exhausted. I can barely grasp the gravity of what’s happening in the U.S., and the tragedy of the Quebec mosque shootings. It’s all slammed me in a way I wasn’t expecting.

Which is why I’m taking extra care to be aware of, and conserve, my energy as much as possible. 2016 brought into sharp focus the consequences of not honouring my energy. So much of my attention was directed outward, and I felt the severe financial, emotional, and spiritual impact. What I thought made me feel good was actually draining my life force, slowly but surely. By the end of 2016, I was running on empty.

It’s hard to imagine 2017 being more intense than last year – but it likely will be. How are we going to handle it? I don’t tune in to social media or the news, but that’s not necessarily the solution. This isn’t a time to bury my head in the sand. (It wouldn’t work anyway; I’d still feel what’s going on globally. We are interconnected.)


January was about wrapping up loose ends and completing, or moving forward with, projects and commitments I’d procrastinated on. At times it felt like a bit of a slog…but I’m glad I took care of these things, because the more I clear the energetic cobwebs, the greater space I have within. And the better equipped I am to handle what 2017 will bring. The good, the bad, and the ugly/beautiful.

On another note – or maybe it’s completely related – I recently attended some mental health training sessions as part of my new job. Though I registered in these courses to assist those I work with, the training unexpectedly helped me on a very personal level. Not only did I come away with a greater empathy and understanding for those with mental health issues, I felt self-compassion and insight into my own journey.

We never know what’s going on in someone’s interior world. Our assumptions, wounds, and projections are so strong that we can completely miss the humanity in another (and in ourselves). These past few weeks I’ve realized that I often assume others are ‘okay’, when maybe they’re really not. This all feels very timely and relevant to the world stage.

Many of us are grieving. Collective healing begins with self-compassion; when we acknowledge our own vulnerability, we recognize it in those around us. Compassion dissolves our hardened walls. When we cut out the superfluous ’stuff’ of our lives, we draw on our inner resources and share them with others. We become creative in totally new ways…creative with people, love, and relationships. We become leaders in our own lives.

Reaching out to others is courageous; it’s much more comfortable to stay in our cozy little spaces. But withdrawal and isolation won’t work. Our survival as a species – if that’s what we want – hinges on the awareness that we need each other, now more than ever. Baby steps quickly become leaps and bounds. Compassion is the way.

I wish everyone a peaceful February.

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  1. I always felt it’s critical to attend to your own needs before helping others …otherwise what use can you be?
    I know it feels heavy and dark in the world …for me it helps to know there will always be light. ❤ There has to be, right?

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  2. I keyed in on one statement you made, you have too much energy outward. That is the key. Maybe I’m ignorant, but I keep my energy close enough that I can pull it back. Global situations, tv, facebook, politics, no thanks. I focus on my world and my people, that’s enough for me. That’s just ME though


    • That is a very wise way to live. It ebbs and flows for me… I have my moments where it all gets to me, but thankfully I’m able to pull it back. Thanks for commenting!

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      • Certainly the same for me. A work in progress. But I have been able to develop strong Mindfulness, it’s been the key to staying centered along with Acceptance and Gratitude

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  3. Well written post Aleya! It is like the opposite of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In our polite generation, we are sometimes nice and helpful to others while not compassionate with ourselves. In our competitive world, we think we’re getting ahead but in reality, we’re putting ourselves last when we give ourselves no rest and no room for mistakes. It is an exhausting way to live but so many of us get caught up in it and struggle to get out.
    Glad you are finding your way out of the maze and finding calmness in all of this noise.


    • Thank you, Priya. You’re right, it is truly exhausting to live in a competitive world when we have little self-compassion. It also makes it hard, if not impossible, to generate an authentic state of compassion for others. I am grateful for the peace and calm that comes with self-care and kindness…

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  4. The need for rest and self-care has been at the top of my thoughts too, Aleya! Compassion for others starts with compassion for self. I have been needing so much more rest and relaxation than usual and had to stop some inner talk telling me I “shouldn’t be tired” and instead take the naps I need guilt-free. As you say, this worldly ‘disruption’ is coming through our nervous systems whether we are looking at articles etc or not. Self-care and kindness is definitely key. I also agree when you say “withdrawal and isolation won’t work”, this is the part I am finding difficult because it is so true yet being able to stay in my ‘balance’ while out in the world is requiring so much energy at the moment- at times it feels like more than the amount I have (despite also knowing energy is infinite- so contradictory!!). Anyway, I really just wrote to say I am sending you wishes for relaxation and peace too! Much love.xo


    • Thank you, Laura – I totally relate to what you write! I too am finding that being out in the world requires so much energy and is quite taxing on my system. So I am spending a lot of time in my own space, and not feeling the need to engage in social groups so much. I think many of us would like to be in community, but it’s almost like starting from the ground up…finding those true connections and growing our circles/communities from there. Otherwise, being around people for the sake of ‘being around people’ is not authentic and will probably burn us out! I love that you are listening to your intuition and taking care of your needs. Whatever we can do to remain in a calm and peaceful state is a huge contribution to the planet right now. Much love, Aleya

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      • Yes! That is exactly how it feels for me too. Despite knowing community was the next step for a while now, it has only been in the last two months that something has shifted and I actually want it. So, I think I was putting a kind of pressure on myself to ‘find it already’ now I’m open! It really resonates when you say ‘starting from the ground up’- which may take time. I hadn’t quite voiced that to myself, so thank you for that!

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  5. Much of change is uncomfortable, but these temporary discomforts can also be seen as catalysts for positive change. Humanity is finally beginning to wake up from its myriad distractions and the hypnotic trance imposed by its former controllers. Humanity is finally beginning to stand up for and create the things it believes in.

    We are one race, one people…and this moment is our chance to shine. And none of us is ever alone…just keep on being the best “you” you can possibly be. We can…and ARE doing this!

    Love Always,


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    • Thank you for this reminder. ❤ I do feel these changes are necessary and ultimately positive… but these recent events have hit me hard. So it's wonderful to have the support of this blogging community to help me remember the beauty in all of this, and the bigger picture. You're right, we are doing this! Much love, Aleya (PS, Kryon and Amber Wolf are coming to my city soon. I'm excited!)

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