a brand new set of keys

In the past week, every key on my ring has changed. I have a new job and place to live, and even the lock at my parents’ place – my childhood home – has been replaced.

I can’t help but feel this is somehow metaphoric.

Those who know me well are not surprised by these life changes; my good friends find my constant activity highly amusing. Others have commented that I’ve experienced two major life stresses – moving and a new job – in a very compressed period of time. (I didn’t tell them about the relationship change too.)

The shifts have been stressful, but also exciting. And they feel different somehow; like there is new energy coming in, rather than recycling the old. In recent months, I’ve been longing for a place to truly call ‘home’. I now see that having to unexpectedly move out of my previous place several weeks ago was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me to find a more sacred, soul-nourishing space.

I’ve also been feeling the call to perform work I can be proud of, something that contributes to the greater good. For many years, I spent time in long commutes to jobs that, after a short while, stopped being inspiring and stimulating. I’m currently working for an organization whose vision and mission I am passionate about, and it’s deeply satisfying to be part of something that feels historic and groundbreaking.

But within these changes, I’m ultimately craving simplicity. In a world that’s going madder and faster by the day, getting back to the basics – discovering what’s truly important – is essential for staying sane.

In synchronistic timing, during all this transition I read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Kondo writes that putting one’s home in order can have dramatic, transformative effects in all areas of life. Like information overload clogging the mind, having too many possessions makes it unclear what we actually love…and so much of that extends way beyond material goods. If we don’t know what we love, how can we nurture it?

As I’ve sorted through clothes, books, papers, and miscellaneous items accumulated over the years, it’s become clear that holding on to belongings often stems from strong attachment to the past, or anxiety about the future.

And as I introduce items into my new space, I’m being very discriminating. Do I find it beautiful? Does it have some key functional purpose? Am I hesitant to let it go because I might need it someday? Will releasing it create room for something better (not necessarily a ‘thing’)?

One astrologer has referred to 2016 as the year of purification, and 2017 as the end of illusion. On a global level, it’s been said that horrific, unsettling events represent the darkness – the illusion of ego – coming to light. Will this pave the way for a golden age of humanity, as some suggest? I don’t know. There is a new age tendency to ‘acsension-ize’ things, and many ideas I once believed no longer resonate. My views on spirituality are transforming too.

Discernment, more than ever, is key. For me this means limiting my intake of the news and social media. I don’t think this is denial; it’s consciously being aware of fear propaganda and human programming. I’m taking more conscious responsibility for all my daily interactions and relationships, as this is where my real power lies.

My life experience is a projection of my inner thoughts and feelings…so if humanity truly is connected in oneness, I have faith that strengthening my piece of the hologram will have a positive ripple effect.

As I adjust to these new spaces, starting over again in many ways, all I can do is be easy on myself, trust that these changes are aligned with the greater good, and know that I am doing my best.

And enjoy opening some new doors.

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  1. You’re such a good writer. This future English teacher very much approves. I tend to make huge sweeping changes like that as well. However since my last clearing when I left LA, I have now accumulated as much if not more than I left behind. A good house cleansing is good. I must buy this book, Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Not only for me but for others. My Qigong teacher used to say that everything we owned held a small piece of our consciousness. That’s deep, meaning the more you possess the more scattered your conscious awareness.

    Oh and the ‘A’ word is way overused and abused i think.

    Love you!

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    • Aw thanks Ms. Sindy, I’m happy that you approve! Yes, Marie Kondo’s book is great. I can’t see myself implementing all her suggestions, but I must say that since reading it, my new place has not become cluttered, and I’m perceiving my living space quite differently than before. So that’s cool. I like what your Qigong teacher said about everything we own holding a small piece of our consciousness. Marie goes into that a lot in her book. Much love to you! Aleya

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  2. You are so totally my blogging soul sister!! Hehe, I too have moved and started a new job in the last 3 weeks!! And my friends and family joke about my wild ways as well :). I have been limiting social media and news-intake myself. I have noticed that there are so many sites pretending to be something other than what they really are (especially on Instagram) it’s kind of nauseating–I completely agree on the technique of discernment at this time, good call! Great post, thank you for writing!

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    • You’re so welcome! Love that we are on parallel paths here! And I hear you on the Instagram! Looking forward to catching up with your blog now that things are (sorta) settling down for me. (But I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more waves of change coming…hah) ❤ Aleya


  3. WOW! See we are in a similar cycle once again Aleya! 😀 I totally agree about the reduction of news, and awareness of the programming going on. It is intense- and truly mad at this point. I was finding it challenging to not randomly scream ‘none of it is true!’ to people on both sides of what’s being debated day in and out! (Instead, I chose to take a step back, disconnect and breathe!) I also believe discernment is KEY. May we all, as you say, take ‘more conscious responsibility for all our daily interactions and relationships’. Much love.x

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  4. Omg I could have written so much of this blog! In fact, I have one partially written along the same lines. I finalized a divorce 1.5 months ago, started a new job today, and am moving Saturday! Clearly you and I are supposed to “meet” via our blogs! 😂

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    • Wow!! Congratulations on all the big and wonderful changes! Yes, just yesterday I was again contemplating how so many life situations changed at once. To some degree it feels like I had little control over it all. When the timing is ripe for change, and the other factors/people are ready too, the universe will align and help support the new actions we are taking. Thanks so much for stopping by and I wish you the very best with all the new-ness!:) Aleya

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  5. Simplicity is good. I’ve moved so many times, I’ve learned that each transition is another opportunity to lighten up.
    Enjoy the freshness of your new beginnings.

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  6. ‘acsension-ize’

    Is that your way of ‘demon-izing’ ascension?

    Huh. And you were doing so well there, up until … your very soul mission – dissed, demonized, made into a taboo… by you.

    *shaking head* LMAO


  7. Kudos on consciously moving through all these changes Aleya. I find simplicity to be a helpful base, though not a cure-all for finding what matters most. And discernment is very important and still evolving for me as I learn to listen from the heart. blessings on your new work and home.

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  8. Working for an organization whose vision and mission you are passionate about, well this is really awesome, for me it sounds like a dream becomes true.Awesome! Congratulations 🙂 I love to hear about people, especially people in my circle of friends (virtual reality and real life) who thrive. I belief that this can happen for everyone (including me 😀 ), as life is happening FOR us and not TO us.Namasté

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    • Thank you so much. Yes, it’s wonderful to find, and be part of, those organizations doing good work – and it’s come after many years of searching and doing so many different things, going around in circles. I do believe change is the new normal, so I’m sure things will continue to evolve – but I’m excited about what’s happening now. I love what you say, that life happens for us, and not to us. This is all part of what we project outward…what we believe we are worthy of will surely manifest. Namaste, Aleya

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  9. I think moving is fun. Atleast better than getting stucked at some place. And yaa, it depends on people too. Whether they like to move on to different place or not is their own choice.😇

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