(re)emerging into the blogosphere

It has been a long while since I last posted. Blogging, which had once been a big part of my life, slowly became less of a priority these last couple years.

Some reasons are obvious: I discovered a new creative endeavour that quickly became an obsession, occupying virtually every minute of my spare time. I began co-habitating with my significant other, and didn’t have the focus I had when it was just me in my own space, doing whatever I wanted, whenever.

Other reasons for the pause were less obvious. Mainly, I felt I was just sharing too much, a theme which had already surfaced in some of my posts. I felt overexposed, somewhat fragmented, and vulnerable…in my perception, open to attack.

Much of what I wrote about in my four years of blogging concerned spiritual matters, and even that was feeling less authentic. I’d consumed so much over the years – spiritual readings and philosophies, self help books, psychics and teachers, personal growth workshops…and something inside me said – enough. This wasn’t a conscious decision. But it was time to unplug.

I wanted this blog to be inspirational, uplifting, and to help people…but that felt forced, these last couple of years.

I’ve long viewed the planet, and the current state of humanity, as undergoing a cleansing and purging period – the unveiling of the shadow, the age of Kali Yuga. And for years, my inner optimist viewed that as positive: humans would eventually wake up, see the light, and usher in a new age.

I no longer experience that certainty, that optimism. Maybe there will be a golden age of humanity, but I’m not as convinced I’ll see it in my lifetime. I am getting glimpses of it, however. (And as I write this, I suppose anything can happen…wildcards, miracles…) How to detach from the ultimate outcome, without becoming passive or apathetic?

For a while I thought about starting a new, anonymous blog, where I could freely write about all the thoughts that plague me, and not worry about oversharing or being perceived as negative. But maybe I will write about those things right here, because I know others are feeling what I do, and there is comfort in that.

Through writing, maybe the positive will be revealed. And really, when it comes to positive/negative…it’s not that simple, is it? There is peace and contentment in accepting all my emotions, without self-judgment or comparing myself to others’ emotional states (which I can never really know). Pretending to be ‘love and light’ when I’m feeling dark and surly only makes me feel worse.

And speaking of judgment, another reason blogging became difficult: the self-imposed perfectionism! I wanted every post to be well-written, perfect grammar, poetic, deep, lots of likes. It took the fun away from it.

Where am I now? I’m still obsessed with making jewelry. But that can be a very solitary activity, and I do want to connect to kindred spirits. In these times it’s so tempting to crawl into my little cocoon and hide out there indefinitely.

I say a big hello to all my blogging friends, and hope and trust you are all well.

8 thoughts on “(re)emerging into the blogosphere

  1. So good to see you again. I was worried about you and hoping that you would resurface. Your fears, doubts, and insecurities mirror mine. Bless you…and keep digging into your heart and you will continue to find courage. Just a thought. Shortly after I read your post this morning, I stumbled upon something in a book by Sharon Blackie, “If Women Were Rooted,” she said that the sense of belonging in Old English meant, “Not be out of place.” I’m resigned to always being “out of place” in life and am learning to live with it. You encourage me. Thanks.


    • Thank you Lew, with everything that’s happening on our planet now I think it’s more important than ever to be real in how we’re truly feeling, if only to ourselves. The more conversations I have with people the more I realize how many of us have a sense of unbelonging, being ‘out of place’, regardless of our circumstances. Social media in general is not helping us feel connected, and I’m glad blogging provides the space for real sharing. Thanks again, Aleya

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  2. Hi Aleya,
    So happy you re emerged! Perfect for a Mercury retrograde cycle. I understand the need to regroup and take a break. Your voice is very authentic and distinct and so so needed to be heard.
    Your jewelry is exquisite and I am happy for you! Congrats on your new venture. Those earrings are calling my name 🙂
    BTW, I followed a hunch and discovered today is not just another day for you. I wish you a stellar happy birthday full of blessings and joy for the year ahead!

    Welcome back my dear!

    love, Linda ❤


    • Aw thank you for the bday wishes Linda, ya I didn’t really plan it that way but evidently the stars aligned!!

      I am more than happy to give you a friends and family deal should you ever wish to purchase something, just shoot me an email if so. ❤

      Thank YOU for your voice and your presence here. Love, Aleya

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  3. I’ve really missed you! I think you knew that, because I told you. All your reasons for pausing (or stopping for a while) were/are great, valid…etc. Your reason for returning? To share your supercute boots? Because they are…

    You are so you that you will always be authentic. I am grateful to have a window into your life my soul sister. I am with you on beliefs waxing and waning. I am with you on surrendering perfectionism (when possible). I am with you on “all the things.” 💗

    Be dark, be light, be the whole range, be silent if you want… I am with you! Be here now! 👋⭐️ I am with you!

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  4. Welcome back! I think everyone takes a blogging break now and then and most blogs shift or broaden focus as they go. That’s because our lives shift, too! Great to see you return.


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