about me

i see myself as ever-changing, growing, and expanding.  from a young age i’ve felt a deep desire to know my true purpose here on planet earth…and what our collective purpose is.  i would describe myself as a yogi, philosopher, mystic, tantric, wanderer, seeker, searcher, lover of freedom…all that good kinda stuff.

i am someone who inhabits many worlds, but doesn’t feel completely at home in any one.  my ancestry is indian, though my parents were born in africa and i in vancouver, canada.  i was brought up in a small sect of the muslim faith, but never quite took to organized religion and am most drawn to the spiritual teachings of india, the vedas – my ancestral roots.

i believe life gets better and better as i cultivate more knowledge and insight.  being ‘different’ used to be a source of anguish; now i am fascinated and curious about myself.  and others.  this blog is another step in my process of self-expansion; putting my thoughts and musings out into the digital world, for all to see.  or maybe only two to see.  (does it really matter?  hmm…)

self-expression is a very, very cool thing.


154 thoughts on “about me

  1. I like that you’ve a lot of mind & soul here, it brings us to a reflection of not only your inner self but ours too. Your Blog’s cool though.
    Victoria ❤️️

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  2. Aleya, I just want to point out that your blog and any online attention you get from it are also feeding your ego and causing unnatural dopamine production. I do not say this as an assault on your character but just as an FYI. I respect you for recognizing the ill effects and taking steps to become a better person, but be careful not to fill the hole left when you quit Facebook with attention and approval form your blog, or instagram, or any other form of unnatural ego stimulation ad dopamine production. Best of luck and take care!



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  4. Such a fascinating blog, driven by a talented and passionate writer… Looking forward to readnig more of your posts! 🙂 – Cezane


  5. Thanks for visiting my blog (Dancingfaith) I have appreciated a brief wander through you works, and have enjoyed how it intersects with much of the work I am doing. Thank you


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